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Special Edition – The A-Team

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In 2010, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… iFanboy.

This week Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick take a look at Joe Carnahan’s The A-Team! Does it do justice to a beloved 80s TV classic? Find out now!

As always, from here on out, in the podcast and comments, you have been spoiler-warned.

Running Time: 21:26


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  1. You know, the karate kid was based on a comic……..

  2. @Gabe: No, it wasn’t.

  3. I had no idea that you guys were going to be doing this.  Cannot wait to listen tonight. 

    I loved the movie.  Sure it was ridiculously implausible, often predictable (not the action sequences, though), and had plot holes that the super-cool van could have driven through, but the characters and the action sequences were fun.  Murdock stole the show for me.

  4. @Conor  Over the credits of the original it totally says based on the DC comics characters…

  5. @Gabe That explains why the second of the movie has him fighting the Time Trapper

  6. @Gabe: Nope. It thanks DC Comics, who allowed the filmmakers to use the name "The Karate Kid", which they owned the copyright on.

  7. The more you know

  8. And now, back to THE A-TEAM.

  9. Man, what a great time! It had a little bit of Shoot Action Scenes Too Close-itis, but balls to the wall is certainly the correct term. A blast.

  10. "Mr. T was no Laurence Olivier" – This is almost exactly what I keep saying to people who criticise Quinton Jackson.

  11. I never got into the A-Team when I was a kid, I dunno why. Guns, explosions, mohawks, cigar munching, girl kissings, you think would be perfect for a 10 year old kid.


    But no. I was into The Love Boat.

  12. Oh, I was ALL about the A-Team as a kid. And Knight Rider.

    Saw this this weekend, and I’ve gotta agree with Ron and Conor. This movie, despite some ridiculousness and some cheesiness, was just plain fun. In movies like this, the plot serves to string set pieces together, and it worked here. As the guys note, the cast just had a lot of fun, and on top of that, I’d actually say Carnahan’s direction matched those performances. What they ALL brought to the project was a real sense of energy. The movie…moved. I had fun.

  13. I understand that Mr. T wasn’t a fantastic actor, but he was Mr. T dang it!  I think Jackson did a fantastic job at the fight scenes, but I just didn’t buy him as BA.

    I didn’t like the choice of Bradly Cooper as Face, but he nailed it once I saw it on the screen. 

  14. Another retro aspect, aside from the van at the beginning, was Hannibal’s rifle.  It was the same old carbine that they used in the TV show. 

    Also, the guy who played Pike was good as well.  (I don’t think that he got a mention in the podcast)

  15. Weirdly, my dad didn’t want to see this.

  16. ron richard says "almost not enough welding."

  17. I had no interest in seeing this until I heard you two gush over it. So I said "what the fuck" and plopped down my $6.50 for the matinee yesterday.


    Thanks so much, gentlemen. This movie was a blast. A big, dumb blast. And an extra thanks for the heads up on the closing credits.

  18. In case you were curious, I too liked this movie.

    Why didn’t Jessica Biel have to wear a military uniform in Baghdad?

    Not important.

  19. @josh: The podcast isn’t officially over until all three iFanboys weigh in. I second your concerns over the lack of authenticity. Almost as bad as Jessica Alba not being nude in Sin City. Hmph.

  20. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them concerns. At the end of the day, that stuff didn’t bother me.

  21. you guys were not kidding. i had so much fun at this movie! great! so much fun!!!! that tank scene was both ridiculous and aweSOME!

  22. Just saw it…I think you guys almost raised my expectations too high for this. Like someone else said, the action was REALLY bad at times–like, there were moments where I thought, "I could understand what was going on more in Transformers 2 then this." Overall, the best I could say is that I was vaguely entertained. I would say The Losers did a far better job of being this kinda movie.

    I wonder how much of your enjoyment of the movie was from nostalgia–because I’ve never even seen an episode of the original show. 

  23. @DarkKnightJared: No nostalgia involved. We thought it was a kickass summer action movie. You didn’t. That’s fine.

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