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Pick of the Week #238 – Captain America #606

Show Notes

Ron Richards is back from vacation and just in time to join Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick in discussion of this week’s comics as well as the Book of the Month: Wednesday Comics. So what does all that have to do with Vaudeville, Baron Zemo and Casey Kasem? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out.

Running Time: 01:09:07

Pick of the Week:
00:02:07 – Captain America #606 shows a return to form with the welcome addition of regular penciler Butch Guice, enough to make it Conor’s Pick of the Week.

00:12:31 – You’d think Conor would have picked Batman #700, but he didn’t.
00:16:17 – Ron and Conor wrestled with S.H.I.E.L.D. #2.
00:18:39 – All the guys gave Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #1 a try and liked what they saw, for the most part.
00:22:22 – Oh, the insanity is back with X-Men Forever 2 #1 and Ron is giggly and confused.
00:26:06 – Chew #11 was really strong with the jumping point for a new arc.
00:27:28 – G.I. Joe: Cobra #5 takes a turn away from what Josh and Conor liked so much about the series, but it wasn’t that bad despite a call back to our childhood with “Cobra-lalalala”.
00:29:40 – Josh was delighted with the distraction of Eric Powell’s Buzzard #1.
00:31:36 – The best thing Marvel has got going for them, according to Ron, continues with Uncanny X-Men #525.
00:34:17 – Although Ron made Cowboy Ninja Viking #6 his Pick for the Week.
00:35:28 – Josh wanted to try something new with James Paterson’s Murder of King Tut #1.
00:36:49 – We delighted over the art of Chris Sprouse in Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1.

User Reviews:
00:39:21- FraggleUprising is continuing to enjoy Batgirl #11.
00:40:44 – sakuuya had some criticisms for Justice League: Generation Lost #3.

Book of the Month:
00:44:50 – Conor delivers the Book of the Month review of Wednesday Comics, right on schedule!

00:51:19 – Sean (InfectiousFunk) wants to know if we think DC has dropped a bit and now Marvel is better?
00:55:52 – Joseph C. from Texas has some problems with comics that jump into the future.

01:00:37 – The winners of the first two Limited Edition Iron Man 2 Fandango gift cards are… Sam Conte & Joseph Trahan!

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  1. I did not expect a pull off of White Crosses.

  2. Wow, none of my 5 star comics this week even got a mention this week. I guess you’ve run out of ways to say how awesome Ultimate Spidey is, which is more than fair enough and I think only Josh reads Unwritten, right? And yeah, I also know that you guys don’t like Secret Six so that omission was obvious too. I am suprised that Conor doesn’t read Booster Gold though. I know that he’s a big JLI fan so all I can say, Conor, is that I would be surprised if you wouldn’t love the hell out of this issue. Unlike those last two minis, Giffen and Dematteis revisit the old JLI through time travel but infuses the humour with a sense of melancholic nostalgia when you consider all that has happened to these characters since then. It is, all in all, a great companion to JL: Generation Lost and, for this week at least, it was even better.

    Otherwise, I’m really enjoying the show as always guys. Especially the usual GI Joe lunacy,


  4. Awesome outro 🙂

  5. You guys must love me. Ending the show with the funniest thing ever done in anything.

    “Where are those pictures I ask for!?”

  6. iFanboy needs to have that community vote thing (Locke and Key, Deadpool, and Secret Six being the winners then, though Deadpool is never a winner) because you guys need to read The Goon. Seriously.  KNIFE IN THE EYE!

  7. Hahaha! It’s Ron from the birthday dedication and the gadget question from last week. I was so surprised! I thought I was hallucinating when you said my name, as I was listening to it while laying in bed half asleep. While, not still in high school anymore, (24 on the 17th) the clip at the end of the show cleared up the reference! Hahahaha! Thank you so much guys! That was really nice. 

     Oh, And great show as always! 

  8. I have no idea who the outro guy was. Guess I’m not old enough.

     Great Podcast. You guys made me buy Wednesday Comics, and it’s beautiful! Thanks!

  9. Re: DC vs. Marvel creatively

    If you look past the heavily promoted stuff they are both doing pretty well.

    Marvel has Casanova, Scarlet coming out soon from their Icon imporint which im looking forward to. ANd dont forget they have Powers, the 3 Hickman books, as well as giving the Agent of Atlas another go which people seem to really like.

    DC has Daytripper, Unwritten, Sweet Tooth, Joe the Barbarian, an upcoming Gail Simone Vertigo series, Return of Bruce Wayne, Tom Strong as well as putting Paul Leveitz on 2 Legion books, resurrecting Birds of Prey, a biweekily series for the JLI guys and Geoff Johns keep on doing his Flash & GL tihing.

    Yes, Brightest Day does t realy feel like a big event (despite banners being everywhere) and Heroic Age is just a marketing thing but the big two both have amazing stuff coming out at the moment for all sorts of audiences.

  10. Ron’s back w/ avengeance!

  11. Thanks for reminding me that Batman 700 was out this week (thought it was next week).

    Looking forward to that Jonah Hex episode.

  12. Jonah Hex was my POTW. Awesome self contained 2 short stories that are very accessible to new readers who watched the movie. Go check out my review http://www.ifanboy.com/reviews/JesTr/dc_comics/jonah_hex/56.

    Listening to Kasem go off was funnier than hell. He reminds me of John Siuntres for some reason. I’d love to hear John do an impression of Kasem or Shaggy for that matter.

    John: "Like jinkies Bendis we’re all outta weed man!"

    Bendis: "Ruh roh!!! Rets ret rome Rick-Fil-A!"

    Also if you want some Jonah Hex Flap material then picture him as Mushmouth with Fat Albert and the Cosby kids. "Iba cuttaba myselfa shaving Fata Alba."

  13. I’m getting those CNV and Batgirl trades after listening to this over here.

  14. Next time someone is off i would love you guys to get Vince B on, just give him some notice to get to the comic shop that week and sure the podcast would be twice as long but it would be great

  15. what is that at the end. is that some radio guy losing it on air or something?

  16. The amount of people who don’t know who that is in the outro saddens me… and I was born in 1989.

  17. I downloaded this only now. I was doing Vaudeville.

  18. LOL @ the bonus content at the end. Almost as good as the Buddy Rich tapes. 

  19. well…are you gonna tell us losers what it is, or are we not cool enough to know?

  20. @GloriousGodfrey-Ron mentions it during the show. It’s Casey Kasem losing his shit.

  21. It is shocking that people don’t know Casey Casem. I mean, Rick Dees? Who cares, but Casem? Wow.

  22. "Rick Deeees and the weekly top fooooorteeee!"

  23. Great episode, and loved the Casey Kasem bonus material.

    Next week, can we have Rudy Giuliani talking about ferrets? 

  24. I second Ilash’s recommendation of last week’s Booster Gold, Giffen and DeMatteis are kicking it out of the sunny stadium with this run, begun last month. There’s one page, in particular, that JLI boosters will love.

    @josh, I don’t see anything terrible about people not knowing Casey Kasem – some people don’t read end credits, or have the kind of trivia head to retain names of the Don Messick and Janet Waldo variety. Heck, I never get the sports or music refs – it just depends on interest and attention span.

  25. It’s not that people should know, but at least to Americans, he was synonymous with radio. He was the ubiquitous DJ. It’s the radio equivalent of not knowing who Johnny Carson was. Other than by being young, I don’t see how you could not notice that.  Now, I’m talking about Americans. No idea about the rest of the world.  But you all know who Shaggy is, don’t you?

  26. Oh yeah, but Shaggy is more prominent than his voice artist. And I know Johnny Carson via DC Comics’ Johnny Nevada take-off. But I kick against the idea that there are people you can’t ‘not know’ – as if there’s some natural canon of shared knowledge – because it implies that if you don’t know  something, there’s something wrong with you. Some people aren’t into radio, for one thing.

    Great show, by the way, as ever!

  27. I’m both (relatively) young and non-American and I knew who Casey Kasem was, and recognised him from the end.

    Just saying.

  28. @Mart: He is much bigger than radio. He is a cultural institution here in America.

  29. @Conor – can we swap you the Queen for Mr Kasem? I’ll throw in Russell Brand.

  30. Fantastic Intro Music guys!

    It really correlates well with The Invisibles.

    I’m definetly buying the album now.

  31. oh okay. well, i’m from england. so i still have pretty much no idea who this guy is. some radio bloke. musta got lost in translation…oh didi he do the voice for shaggy in scoobydoo or something? well that’s kind of obscure for english people so that’s my excuse for being out of the loop… now i don’t feel so bad about being left out.

  32. I still don’t know who Bill Oddie is.

  33. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    We’ll take Russell Brand. Of course we will. Just like Neil Gaiman and John Cleese.  

  34. Nah, we’ll have them back, they’re talented and likable.

  35. Late on the ball this week, but thanks for the awesome episode, guys.

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