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Pick of the Week #187 – Batman and Robin #1

Show Notes

Pick of the Week! Book of the Month! More books than we know what to do with. And it just might be getting hot again. Somehow we also very briefly talk about Die Hard, but who knows how that came up?

Running Time: 00:58:32

Pick of the Week:
00:01:30 – Conor didn’t know it, but everyone read Batman and Robin #1, and Josh made it his Pick of the Week.

00:11:28 – In Chew #1, chicken is an elicit substance. Who knew?
00:15:49 – Great art and great story on The Mighty #5. Why wouldn’t you read this?
00:18:17 – There may have been some man tears for The New Avengers: The Reunion #4.
00:22:18 – Let’s give it up for the letterer on Ultimate Spider-Man #133.
00:27:45 – Conor finally gets a chance to talk about Irredeemable #3.
00:30:05 – That’s some mighty fine ‘staches on the cover of Astro City: The Dark Age – Book 3 #2.
00:31:45 – Sometimes Josh forgets that he really likes House of Mystery #14.

User Reviews:
00:33:30 – robbydzonar loved Final Crisis: Aftermath – Run! #2, even if he got the guy’s name wrong.
00:36:25 – JesTr isn’t the only one digging Jonah Hex #44.

Book of the Month:
00:41:30 – Josh declares I Kill Giants the Book of the Month for June, because it’s just that good.

00:49:02 – Tu-Kwon wants us to pick the best of 3 writers.
00:52:20 – Sin Muse asks: DMZ or The Boys?



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  1. Sweet, Chew!

  2. Glad to see some love for "The Mighty."

    Just read the first four issues a few hours ago, can’t wait to read issue 5 at the end of the month.

  3. great issue of scalped this week…whats new!

    i guess you cant talk about it every month

  4. AVAIL sweet

  5. the art for the girl bucky is by Rafael Alberquerque. he did art for blue beetle, superman/batman, and the back up story in agent orange

  6. I wanted to get the I Kill Giants trade this week but my lcs sold out 🙁

    and it’s 11 pounds here in the UK! 10 bucks for you guys!?

    that is such a steal.

  7. @jing

    No it’s $17. 

  8. And yeah, I’m definitely going to pick up Mighty and Irredeemable in trade.

     Good to see the Chew love. I had so much fun for what was essentially a setup issue.

  9. Likeable leads as a requisite? How American.
    That’ll be all.

  10. I dont know if the music is appropriate for the POTW issue.

    If that’s how you pick the music anyways lol

  11. @miyamotofreak: It’s $10 with our deal with In Stock Trades.

  12. You guys have read Flex Mentallo right? Whenever I think about Morrison’s "here’s this sentence that’s really cool in this one panel plus that’s working on some meta level and is gonna wrap around back to some point I’m making when you pick up issue #5" style of writing I always flashback to that series. 

  13. @MikeHaseloff: I don’t know if its a requiste, per se.

    After all, I doubt anyone would claim liking the main character in Irredeemable, though that books doing quite well in terms of readership, and critical praise.

    But it helps.

  14. @heroville: I think it’s why most of his stuff reads better in trade.

  15. 1. Bendis.

    2. Millar.

    3. Kirkman.


  16. @JamesSeals You’re a credit to the force!

  17. I don’t get why anyone thinks we’re not supposed to like Damian. GM has Alfred explain to us that his cute snarkiness is just superficial bluster covering over his genetically inherited courage, determination and desire to do right (he’s mini-Bruce). I think we’re supposed to love him to distraction and be totally invested in watching him achieve his potential.

  18. so, i noticed that as Batman and Robin gained more pulls on the website it’s POW precentage decreased.

    Is the POW percentage relative to the number of pulls that specific book received, the total pulls on the website or the total number of POWs actually allocated on the website?

    Josh? Conor? anyone? Dave, maybe?


  19. @sistermagpie: I definitely think we are not supposed to like Damian now, which will make it all the more fullfilling when he finds the good person inside him.

    But if you like him now, hey that’s cool. You’re head of the curve!

  20. Im not trying to sound like "hey you guys are pansies and Im brave" but what was the big deal about the last page of Batman & Robin being so super creepy? I looked at the page and was really unmoved

  21. Imagery doesn’t have to actually scare someone to evoke a feeling of creepiness.  Maybe you are the world’s one true hope, a soul of bravery and unflappable courage in an age that sorely needs it.  Or you’re dead and unfeeling inside.

  22. Oh come on, Ive read a lot of comics, and Im sure you’ve read even more than I have but this is definitely not the creepiest thing we’ve seen

    To be honest I thought the second to last page was kind of funny, in a black humor sort of way in that it was over teh top that I didnt know if it was trying to serious but it got a chuckle out of me

  23. @DKD: Everyone has different opinions and viewpoints. I thought it was creepy; you did not.  And the world keeps spinning.

  24. I thought it was very creepy. 

    And looks like I’ll get IKG from Instock.

  25. You mentioned it on the podcast; but that usually is the case on why I am nitpicking on Quitely’s pencils. I’ve always liked his work, but some of the faces he does for the characters look like silly puddy at points.

    That wasnt really the case for this comic. The main characters looked spot on and didnt have the pudginess to them. However noticing at the end, like ron mentioned, that girl’s face looks total Quitely….for better or worse. Actually I notice even more that Pyg’s henchmen’s mask all have those pudgy faces.

  26. So silent issues make the ads stand out more then if you are takeing the time to look at the.  I’ll have to check out the new book of the month now.

  27. Avail! So awesome!!


    And I"m glad you guys gave Chew some serious air time. Really excited for that series!

  28. Leave it to Ron to ask whether Batman and Robin was in continuity…




    Easy, but then I’m a little bias towards the kick-ass beard.

  29.  For me its.

     1. Kirkman

    2. Bendis

    3. Millar

  30. 1. Kirkman

    2. Millar

    3. Bendis

    I’m sorry but Invincible is better than any superhero book out there. And The Walking Dead is fantastic. That choice was easy. 

    A real tough decision would be Kirkman vs. Brubaker. 

  31. What I dont get about Quitelys art is how All Star Superman took him so long even with its minimalist art but this book that packs so much into every panel is on time. But then again for all we know he started working on this book right after Superman, lets hope the next issues arrive on time but even if thats not the case who am I kidding, his art is worth the wait

  32. hello? anyone? POW percentage?

  33. My favorite DMZ trade was volume 4

  34. One of my favorite parts of this was "I’m forgetting someone else…oh yeah, Paul." Who loves ya, buddy? Apparently not Josh, ha-ha.

  35. @edward~  I don’t run the site or anything, but the POW percentage is most likely just based upon the number of users who made it their pick vs. the number of users who make picks overall.  So, if the first person picks it, it has 100% of the user picks, but as more people make other books their picks, that percentage goes down.  

    I don’t think the number of people that buy the book has anything to do with its pick percentage. 

  36. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Josh who? 

    It happens.   

  37. I agree with Conor on the 3 author question.  There’s too many factors involved to be able to give a straight up answer.  For my money taking the question at face value?




  38. I have attachments to all 3 though.  So if the question were best of 3 for emotional attachment to characters it would be Kirkman.  If the question were solid all around writing and the ability to diversify it would be Bendis.  If the question was for strong action writing, it would be Millar. 

  39. I’m sorry Paul!

  40. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Whatever, four-eyes. What. Ever.  

  41. I like how Paul uses outdated, vintage insults.

  42. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    A pox upon you, dweeb!  

  43. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    And your little dog too!

  44. In retrospective, I’m a bit disappointed that Tu-Kwon didn’t add "and which one would win in a fight?" to his question. 


  45. *retrospect

    And now the desired effect of my post has been lost.  What a horrible start to the work week.

  46. The tears shed during New Avengers: The Reunion…happy tears or sad tears?

  47. @DarkKnightDetective: Quitely’s "on time" because he’s had several months to work on this. He’s done nothing since All-Star Superman finished last year. We’ll see if issue #3 has to be pushed back or not (hopefully not!). Oh, and yeah, I agree with you about the ending of the issue to not really be that creepy. However, I think to complain too much about that would be as much of a mistake as overpraising it for its creepiness. It’s not Morrison’s fault that many people are, in my opinion, really overreacting and overestimating how creepy that senseless stuff is. I don’t really have a problem with the ending. Sure, it feels a little like cheap, senseless creepiness with no real substance behind it–creepy in the same cheap way that the puppet villain in the Saw movies is creepy–but so what? It ends the issue well enough, period. If other people want to invest so much emotion in it and heap so much praise on some imagery that’s kind of cheap/passe, that’s their business/problem. In my opinion Pyg hasn’t really done ANYTHING for me to say he’s much of a worthwhile character for any reason whatsoever, yet; but if other people look at the two pages he’s on and decide to state very loudly with much conviction that "Professor Pyg is the scariest villain EVER!"–that’s not my problem, or Morrison’s fault.

    @Sin Muse: If you didn’t have a problem with DMZ through the first few trades, I wouldn’t stop reading now. I’ve only read (in single issues) through maybe the fifth trade, but I never noticed any opposive anti-Bush angle. Not that I’m a fan of the guy (at all, ever, for anything), but I have zero liking for any and all recent art that’s of the mean-spirited anti-Bush variety; I think those sort of pot-shots are just uninteresting and usually as simplistic and stupid as they say the former Pres himself is. That said, I never had one iota of a problem with DMZ. Sure, it has politics in it, but 1) I always found the story to be significantly removed from real-world politics, and 2) It always seemed pretty reasonable–not mean-spirited, not too ideological–in its political angles. I stopped reading the series because it got a little too boring for me, not because of politics.

  48. I fell asleep listening to the show last night.  I guess I have to start it all over again now?  SHIT!

  49. 1.) Kirkman
    2.) Bendis
    3.) Millar

    Thanks for the podcast, guys!

  50. dmz is brillliant!

    havent read the boys

  51. @josh @paul- See that’s all I wanted, a lil’ dorky name calling and weird curses thrown around to resolve this. Anyway, @comicBOOKchris I can’t speak for the staff, but it was joy on part. Oh, and I think the Reunion cover Josh was getting picked on is a metaphor for the 2 not being able to return to their old life as a couple. He is not this Ronin character!

  52. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Well, I have a good 32 hours and 5 minutes that I wasn’t going to do anything else with, so I went ahead and requested "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell."

    My list of audiobooks to listen to seems to now be longer than my list of trades I want to read.  You guys are killing me with the good suggestions!  😉

  53. IDK, I think DMZ fell off.  I couldn’t finish volume six and I’m a Vertigo nut!

  54. DMZ rules. Less action but more story in later issues. Grow with it!

  55. Thanks for answering my DMZ question.  Sarry about the "Nose dive to suck", it sounded lame when read outloud.  Bot is my face red.  Anywhy, im sticking to DMZ.  Thanks guys.

  56. My favorite bit isn’t Josh almost forgetting Paul, it’s his dismissal with a quick "he doesn’t like Starman anyway."


    I’d like to propose a new hashtag to commemorate this moment:




    Use it wisely, friends.




  57. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Har har, ya cueball fink!

  58. Hmm, ranking those three writers in my order of purchase-worthiness?

    1. Bendis

    2. Millar

    3. Kirkman

    Bendis doesn’t always hit the mark, but he’s always trying new things. He’s not content to just make formula comics. Millar is a great high-concept pitch man. I’d rank him up there just as someone who can take an angle that was almost already done before still make it just a bit different. He’s the most "Hollywood" writer in comics, honestly. Kirkman – He’s pretty good with the the high concept. He’s good at the longform serial and some thrills and spills, but he doesn’t bring the level of craft (for my money) that Bendis brings, nor does he hit the high concept as squarely as Millar.

  59. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    And actually, ACTUALLY, I don’t hate Starman. 

    He’s great in Justice Society of America. He’s zany, and I love the idea that his seemingly nonsensical comments actually foreshadow events. He’s delightful. And that moment at the end of Geoff Johns’ finale? Amazing.   

  60. That’s not Starman.  His last name isn’t Knight.

  61. Wait, does ifanboy have an instock discount?

  62. Not specifically, but they offer our Book of the Month at a lower price as a rule.

  63. @josh: Let him be…..Let him think it’s the real Starman 🙂

  64. instock doesn’t work outside the usa, gabe, i’ve tried

  65. You might not find this as funny as I did:

    "The great thing about the silent issue of Ultimate Spider-Man was that it didn’t *need* the words…. Hey, does anybody know why Kitty was mad at Spider-Girl? She seemed very hostile. If only there had been some way to communicate what the problem was they had with each other in the book."

    (The silence wasn’t what I hated about it, but it sure as shit didn’t help.)

  66. @Jimski: Oh the irony with that 🙂

  67. KIRKMAN- my favourite standalone book is Fortune and Glory, but I still go for KIRKMAN.

    DMZ is better than the Boys in my opinion. It should be noted the Boys is fucked up.

  68. Ultimate Kitty phased through Ult. Spider Woman because she doesn’t know her but Ult. Spider Woman has the memories of Peter so Spider-Woman does know kitty.  That why there was the akward moment between them.

  69. @lantern4life: That’s what I figured upon looking through it again.

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