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Pick of the Week #337 – America’s Got Powers #2

Show Notes

Ron Richards returns and promptly Josh Flanagan disappears so Ron and Conor Kilpatrick are joined by the Internet’s Paul Montgomery as the deftly avoid the news of the day to break it down on this week’s comic books during a dreaded 5th week, which seems like some sort of time paradox.

Running Time: 00:59:58

Pick of the Week:
00:01:25 – Pitches and pigeonholes be damned! Ron is thoroughly enjoying America’s Got Powers #2.

00:11:38 –  A return for greatness to DC Annuals with the chilling Batman Annual #1.
00:17:58 – Despite feeling like he wants more, Ron is enjoying the entire series, especially Super Crooks #3.
00:20:12 – All enjoy FF #18, although Conor has some art concerns.
00:21:32 – Does it get any more fun than Peter Panzerfaust #4? Conor and Paul don’t think so.
00:25:12 – Ron’s favorite AvX tie-in remains with Wolverine and The X-Men #11.
00:27:16 – Powers #10 is back! Again! But there’s a Wally Wood related easter egg.
00:29:03 – Conor is over the moon for Superman Family Adventures #1 and the fun within.
00:31:42 – Paul has gone sci-fi bananas for Exile on The Planet of the Apes #3.

User Reviews:
00:36:44 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:38:15 – DavidClark praised the Canadian action in Animal Man Annual #1.
00:40:18 – MattD continues to be horrified in a good way by Rachel Rising #8.

00:43:55 – Patrick from Seattle is curious about R.Crumb comix.

00:46:46 – Skip from California is curious about the rumored DC zero issues.
00:49:17 – Russ from Illinois wants to know who in the real world should be a Green Lantern?
00:50:59 – Randy from Georgia needs to know how we can afford all these comics.



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  1. It’s Supercrooks #3 this week, not #2. Anyway, can’t wait to listen!

  2. This 5th week nonsense left me buying 8 trades. I hate the way they load them on these weeks.

  3. If you want to learn more about Robert Crumb I definitely suggest watching the documentary:

    “Crumb” by Terry Zwigoff

    It’s a great look into the…..well madness that is Crumb and his life. It’s more about him and his life then his actual work but it’s a good mindframe of what his work is going to be like.

    • Absolutely love that documentary!

      Just got into Supercrooks and America’s Got Talent. Diggin’ both of these series. And just when I started to not care about Powers, they drop this bomb of an issue. Whoa!

    • I didn’t mention that I bought the “Crumb” documentary along with Mr. Natural and Fritz Cat. It defintly helped out espcially with the Fritz stuff which seems at least somewhat more narrative based. Mr. Natural is structured more around single ideas he finds amusing and then he just lets them loose.

  4. Samnee is probably the reason Angel & Faith charted so high. He guessed penciled the issue. Great stuff, too.

  5. “If Alan Moore wrote Blue Beetle I’d read it.”

    The more I think about that, the funnier it gets.

  6. I thought that Ron’s answer to the double dipping, trades and issues question was dickish. It was a legit question (and Conner’s response that these are expenses that can be written off was interesting). But Ron’s “personal decisions” and “I have a job…you have a job” was so lame.

    • That’s the truth, though. Should he/we have not answered truthfully?

    • I thInk in my past experiences, tone of response did play into it. Now that I know that Ron is harmless, I can judge that his response was not intentionally rude. But even with that knowldege, Ron does come across as condescending in his response.

    • @Conor: I think the question was more geared toward how do you determine what you will buy more than once, do you use a service like DCB, etc. Ron also works at a comic book store so there is that as well. I am not the only person who thought that. The tax write off thing I never really thought about that is why I found that interesting…but Ron’s answer didn’t seem nearly as thought out.

    • @Nationalhill: That wasn’t he question at all. It was, and I quote, “How in the hell do you afford all this?” How do we determine what we double dip on was asked the week before, which we answered, and to which this voicemail was a response.

      Also, Ron doesn’t work at a comic book store.

    • @conor Lol. Where did the “Ron’s owning a shop” rumor start? Several yrs ago I thought the same thing for whatever reason.

    • I guess that the answer “personal decisions” came off kind of flippant (to me). Almost every personal question could be answered with “personal decisions” but it doesn’t give much insight.

    • Ron always refers to his LCS as “my store” which has apparently confused some people.

      The guys have answered the question of what justifies double-dipping before, this was a completely different question.

  7. gotta agree with wolverine and the x-men, forsure my most favorite book at this tie, even better than AvX itself

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