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Pick of the Week #186 – Spider-Man: The Short Halloween #1

Show Notes

This week while Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick gush over their comics, Josh Flanagan reverts back to his grumpy, 2005-era comic book hating ways. But at least everyone can agree that Reign of Fire is awesome.

Running Time: 00:58:53

Pick of the Week:
00:03:32 – Ron’s surprise Pick of the Week, Spider-Man: The Short Halloween #1, embodied everything he loves about reading comics.

00:13:39 – Joe Kelly continues to bring it, and this time he does it with The Amazing Spider-Man #595.
00:17:06 – Green Lantern #41 causes everyone to completely change their mind on the pacing of the series.
00:19:54 – Wolverine #72 was crazy and demented and fantastic.
00:24:57 – Josh and Ron argue over who gets to marry Nova #25. And then it gets weird.
00:27:06 – If you want another book like Crecy, try Northlanders #17.
00:27:35 – Back to Brooklyn #5 has taken the crown of most fucked up comic book.
00:29:28 – Conor says to look to Batman in Barcelona: Dragon’s Knight, all those who miss Bruce Wayne.

User Reviews:
00:31:06 – Quinn says Madame Xanadu #11 helps to fill the Sandman-sized hole in his heart.
00:34:37 – pdallor liked the Vaughan/Bendis fusion in Dark Reign: The Hood #1.

00:38:00 – Joe from Rock Hill, SC wants to know what Ron thought of the X-Men cartoon from the 1990s.
00:41:15 – Brandon from Manville, NJ saw Josh pulled the last issue of Secret Six and wants his take on it.
00:43:25 – Brett from New Hampshire loves The Maxx and Sam Keith!
00:46:20 – Adam D. from Des Moines, IA wants superhero comics with a dash of humor.
00:48:04 – Cameron played X-Men Origins: Wolverine the video game and loved it. Did iFanboy?

iFanboy Members Giveaway:
00:52:03 – We’ve got another winner!

Bell Biv DeVoe



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  1. downloady not worky in safari and firefox on os x?

  2. POISON?!

  3. Nice episode. It’s pretty obvious that Ron is Ron but who is Slick and Biv? Also thanks for the music pick – I can’t stop dancing badly. Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApZJ3mcdktY

    I only saw part of Reign of Fire but from what I saw it’s like Signs – hilarious in an unintended way. I’m worried about watching the entire movie from the start – it might not be as funny as the part I saw.

    Hepcats sounds good – I’ll give it a try, thanks. 

    The x-men cartoon pilot is on youtube. I’ll have to disagree about the X-Men cartoon – I think it ranks higher. Sure – it’s not Ferngully which is a brilliant work of art, but it’s a cartoon series meant for kids that could’ve been hot monkey poop with all the things in a Liefeld drawing people complain about. It introduced deeper storylines – Wolverine not finding a home and family because Sabertooth is always on his tail ready to hurt the people he loves. Being the minority and fighting a bigoted country and being chased around by sentinels. Having to leave a teammate behind knowing he’ll probably die, and meeting him later and seeing that he completly lost it.
    It ranks much higher in my mind.
    I rank it almost as much as the first TMNT movie – seeing the earliest cartoon series and then seeing that movie is a giant leap in quality, and I love that original cartoon series. It came out of nowhere for me – maybe because I never to this day read a TMNT comics (I intend to). It’s almost as high as that. It didn’t make me a Gambit lover and didn’t start me reading comics (I read comics before that I think), but I love it.

    If you’re going to do a video, add keyboard cat at the end and it’ll be fine.

    Reread the first TP of The Maxx – it’s pretty straightforward. I can’t recommend any others because I still didn’t start reading the rest (I have #2 and #3). Also the same thing with actors who think the movies they were in were shit, Sam Kieth doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    As for Sam Kieth comics – I read Zero Girl: Full Circle and it lost me in the end. It seemed like a metaphor for a daughter mother relationship but I didn’t understand it. It’s about a young girl that doesn’t really feel comfortable about herself – in school she is friends with a dorky girl that she abuses so she’s playing both roles, and she seems to not be sure about her sexuality and about who she likes.
    Also being Sam Kieth it means that the girl has a weakness – square shapes (something like that) and that she has a special and weird power, and that a weird figure that looks somewhat like her mother is chasing her and it seems like she’s trying to kill her.
    I loved and dug the art and story but the end totally went over my head, and it put me off buying the first TP (Zero Girl), but because of The Maxx I’ll probably buy it. Check it out and good luck in understanding it.

    As for humor – try Masks #1 Too Hot For TV. It leans more towards funny than action but it’s worth a read. A collection of short stories that look into a city with superheroes in it and other weird things that seem to go side by side with superheroes (aliens mainly). It’s done like the COPS TV show but only in some of the stories – some don’t stress that aspect as much.
    It has known writers in it, and the art is good and it’s funny. It was published by Wildstorm but I don’t know if it got more than one issue. That seems like a reason not to search for it, but I think it’s worth the read. The Maxx is very funny… at least the first TP, and it has enough action.

    Video games? The arcade TMNT one is fun. The hand-held Spider-Man game was great. It’s a small hand held thing with just that game and there is a constant background which is just a drawing on cardboard I think, and the characters are black and pixelated, and you go forward all the time and you have three or more lanes and you need to fight and avoid the obstacles in your way and get to the end to save something (there was some boss fight in the end I think). You can cling to walls and it was awesome. I don’t remember if the TMNT one was any fun because I broke it…

    Looking forward to the video show.

    Also: that old lady sound reminds me of the cartoon series The Time & Life of Tim – it’s a cartoon series for adults and it’s good. Check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJR9_-OlXms

  4. i can’t wait to hear this

  5. *The Life & Times of Tim

    And yea – the link doesn’t work… 

  6. As a Mexican-American, I am only slightly offended by El Croco.

  7. *only* slightly?  Are you sure you’re not a little more offended?

  8. @Josh-While othes might be *more* offended, and they are perfectly entitled to be, it wasn’t the most offensive thing I’ve heard this week. (see what I did there?)

    Also, I picked up The Short Halloween today.  It was jolly good fun, but not POTW material for me. 

  9. Eh, not everybody’s offended by what people of other races think they should be offended by. Usually what we would expect plays out, but it’s almost a stereotype in itself to think that people of a certain type HAVE to be really offended by gross caricatures of them. Instead of being offended, you can just brush the stuff off as being stupid and unfunny. I see stereotypes of my race pretty much every day, and I’m usually not offended; I just think the caricatures are immature, stupid, unfunny. But most things in the media are immature, stupid, unfunny–so just because there’s a racial component at times doesn’t make the item in question offensive in a purely racist way. I find that usually the real problem is stupidity…any possible racism is usually a subset of that core issue.

    The X-Men cartoon was the deepest comic book based cartoon series ever. Not the best, but definitely the deepest, the most engrossing. Sometimes that was a detriment, because the series got almost too convoluted for its own good at times (re: Cable, Bishop, time-travel, five-part story arcs)…but it definitely gets huge props for actually trying to tell complex stories in a medium that rarely tried to do that. (Batman:TAS is #1 by a mile in my book, though… Never saw much of JLA/JLU.)

  10. I’m called white all the time, but I’m actually pinkish.

  11. I think the blonde reporter was being facetious with her comment to Peter Parker.

  12. Is trying to stay true to the original can be called racist?


    If they made them all white wouldn’t that be racist? Also consider that they seem to drink lots of beers. 

  13. I’d totally read " the little fuhrer" if someone did it.

  14. Adolf when he was a kid, playing with his Easy-Bake Oven? I’d buy that.

  15. If you made fun of the irish I wouldnt care. Cause everything about us is true.

  16. Nice to see my user review in the podcast! And yeah, Connor, my username isn’t really pronounce-out-loud friendly. It’s just my first and middle initials and my last name. When I signed up I didn’t think about coming up with something cool. I’m not "web saavy."

    (incidentally, as I typed that last sentence, Chris Farley’s motivational speaker character popped into my mind: "I’m not ‘Web saavy!’ I don’t have a ‘cool user name.’ I don’t ‘bathe regularly.’ And I live in a van down by the river!)

  17. Also, I would like to add that I picked up Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time with issue #14 and loved it!  Great comedic moments and I love how Abnett and Lanning are able to balance out so many characters and give them such differing voices and personalities.  I’m on board.  Proof that just diving in works!

  18. "Third Reich Babies, they’ll crush your dreams, it’s true…"

  19. Hey Adam D., perfect superhero book to get with a ton of humor:

    Incredible Hercules! Mix 1/3rd and 2/3rd’s humor….and you get that comic.

  20. Yesssss!!! Audience Recommendation Vid this week!

    Only 72 hours until I am either disappointed or astonished if Ron read Deadpool.

  21. Someone just pointed out to me that in my last post I conflated to seperate Chris Farley characters. So apparently I’ve become that old guy who tries to look cool by making pop culture references but screws them up. Proud moment.

  22. I also apparently have trouble with homonyms (to, two).

  23. The Madame Xanadu trade isn’t out yet because it collects the first 10 issues for $13. 11 just came out, and the trade comes out in July, so I’d say Vertigo is still on top of things.

  24. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    The SS symbols would work perfectly for Secret Six too.

  25. @pdallor: You got it right; that’s the correct Chris Farley character:


  26. For any fans of Kevin Maguire, he’ll be drawing the Metal Men backups in the new Doom Patrol series coming out in August.

  27. @Kory: That doesnt sound bad at all.

    I’m sure it’ll sell well at…..$3.99!? Oh it’s Doomed! Horribly Doomed!

  28. I’m sure it will surprise no one that "Pryde of the X-Men," the pilot from the 80s, is also available on Youtube:


  29. "Bell Biv Devoe and now you know"

    Excellent selection, gentlemen.

  30. Spider-Man 2. Best Superhero game of all time!

  31. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The best comic book video game for my money is Comicz Zone for the Sega Genesis.  

    The best game that should have a comic book adaptation is Streets of Rage 2, again for the Sega Genesis.  

  32. @Drakedangerz: you’re talking about Sonia Sotomayor, right?

    @TNC: you’re of irish decent too, huh? at least, i’m of irish, murder, rapist convinct decent, that’s much cooler

    @Paul: aren’t you forgetting Spiderman and Vemon: Maxium Carnage for the Sega Mega Drive?

  33. no, wait! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters for the Super NES was the best!!

  34. cant wait for ‘audience demands it’ video podcast!

  35. OK. Second week in a row so I have to say something…

    Ixnay on the Itlerhay and the olocausthay!

    Also Red Skull has the best Fanboy room EVER! I wonder how long it is before Sideshow puts out the "Red Skull Trophy Room" line of collectibles.

  36. On videogames…

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance not only lets u play as your favorite chars in almost every version of their uniforms, but also gives u a REAL trivia game, and unlockable art work/covers. A true geek-fest.

  37. Never trust a big butt and a smile.

  38. Thank you for the Graduate reference. And thank you for the Bel Biv DeVoe 🙂

  39. @Cooper – Wow.  I’m not sure that’s meant to exist.

  40. @josh – When the flaming pitchforks come feel free to remove it…

  41. I hadn’t seen Reign of Fire since theaters, and after hearing you guys recommend it a few times, I Netflix’d it about a month ago. It was shockingly good…

  42. I have to admit, I never pass up a cable viewing of Reign Of Fire or Twister.  Give a ready-to-overact cast a lot of overwritten claptrap, fill the story full of holes, and make some dubious CGI and I’m in heaven.  And if I’m still awake, pop in Dragon Wars for good measure.

    Dig hard, dig deep, go for shelter, and never look back.

  43. @Paul-Its called Comix Zone, and it changed my life.

  44. If we’re talking about pure comic book video games; then Spider-Man 2 is the clear choice winner. Even after 5+ years it still sets the standards for most Spider-Man games being released.

    However, if we are kinda being vague about what a comic book game is…..then Marvel vs Capcom 2 is without a doubt the best game ever. Hadoken!

  45. @Wolfdog: Make no mistake, we do not recommend REIGN OF FIRE because we think it’s a bad movie.

  46. downloading Poison from iTunes as we speak.

    As for comic video games, I have to go with Marvel Ultimate Alliance.  A button masher, but it has such a large cast of characters, unlockable art, single missions, and even an in game trivia contest. Marvel ha s a link on their site to the playable characts in the sequel

  47. I ran out of steam mid-Ultimate Alliance, but seeing/being such a wide variety of my old favorite characters was a lot of fun. I’ll pick it back up one day.

    There was a Hulk game– Ultimate Destruction?– that I loved the hell out of. Like Spider-Man 2, it was one of those "sandbox" games where you can just run around the city all day, except instead of swinging around buildings you can knock them down until the army gets involved. Great way to end a frustrating day.

  48. Get the Ult Alliance cheat code to unlock all chars, and the one to unlock all uniforms. The game instantly grows new legs, for another coupla dozen hours.

  49. @ Conor – Reign of Fire was definitely good, but don’t discount the "So Bad It’s Good" category. For instance, everything Nicholas Cage has done since Adaptation. It’s pure gold.

  50. @BrainBaer: I don’t discount the category at all, I’m just saying REIGN OF FIRE doesn’t belong in it.

  51. This is the best ‘Reign of Fire’ and video game podcast EVER!

    Seriously, next time y’all have an ‘ask us anything’ show, I’m going to ask for the story on ‘Reign of Fire’ because there has to be one.  (And no fair if you try and answer in this thread, it’ll ruin the mystery).

    On the subject of comic books, you guys made the Joe Kelly ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ arc sound really tempting. Damn your eyes.

  52. This is the Spider-Man one:

    http://i499.photobucket.com/albums/rr353/shnameless/183938454_tp.jpg – it had an element of time – you needed to reach the end before a certain time.

    And I think this is the TMNT one – I’m not sure… it was a long while ago: http://i499.photobucket.com/albums/rr353/shnameless/d.jpg 

  53. I for one am totally down for a special edition podcast : Reign of Fire

  54. Hey!

    There is murmur.com…..how about ‘classic films’ podcasts? 🙂

  55. So the baby hitler stays on but the cat playing the keyboard doesn’t? Odd.

  56. @JJ-Cats are stupid

  57. Great show guys. RE: the 90s x-men cartoon, yes they are the reason I’m reading comics now. Also, great song selection…..you took it way back….love it!

  58. @Conor-I completely understand.  I personally will take entertainment value over ‘important cinema’ every time.  I will also defend my love of Twister until I am out of breath.  But I have a hard time explaining why War Of The Gargantuas is in our Netflix queue to my wife.  She seems unconcerned at it’s lack of availability for the past 40 or so years.

  59. Flying Lizards that mix chemicals in their mouth to spit fire and want to eat only ash and live forever is one of the coolest ideas put to film.

  60. Even better than a Reign of Fire Special Edition Podcast… you guys should just sit and watch it, and record your own commentary track that we can play along with the movie.

  61. Actually, keyboard cat stayed. I got my threads crossed.

  62. I suspect it’ll consist of "wow"s and "where are the cookies"s.

  63. Poison???

  64. My favorite comic inspired video game of all time in the X-Men arcade game.  It was a massive machine that up to eight people could play at once.  I was a glorified side-scrolling gmae with so-so graphics but it was just so much fun!  Every character had their ‘special power’ which usually had nothing to do with their mutant abilities but I didn’t care.  I loved that game! 

  65. As always, thanks for the podcast, guys!

    Congrats to acomicbookgirl as well. Can’t wait to see who wins that Walking Dead Compendium. 😀

  66. Comix Zone was an awesome game. But it was awesomely hard as well.

  67. oooo. that was Phil Himenez at the back of the Short Halloween. I was wondering who that was. Thanks guys!

  68. Two awesome comic-based video games you guys didn’t mention:

    1) X-Men: Mutant Apocalyspe for SNES…awesome graphics for the time, great and challenging gameplay!

    2) Captain America & The Avengers for the arcade…I know how much fun you had with the NES game, but this version operates on a whole different level of suck! It’s a poor Final Fight clone, and the translation is so bad, that it makes the X-Men arcade game look like Shakespeare.

  69. Can you win the WalkingDead/JoeCasey thing if you live in the UK???

  70. About Ron saying that he likes Old Man Logan despite "what all the haters say"…uh, WHAT HATERS? There are like two of them. I don’t think I even count, because I gave it a 4. The book got a 4.8 overall. And, sorry, but I haven’t heard hardly any good criticism of this book. And by "good criticism" I mean "interesting criticism", whether the reviewer likes the book or not. Instead all it is is a love-fest. Nothing wrong with love-fests, but, wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a book praised so much for so little. No one even says WHY they like certain aspects of the book. Why is it a good story? "It’s just good." Why do you like it so much? "I like it. It’s cool." Why? "It’s cool because it’s cool." Isn’t it random and sort of pointless? "I like that it’s random. I like that its rendition of the Marvel U is senseless." Why? "It’s fun." Why? "It’s fun because it’s fun." Argh. I agree with Conor, though, that it’s probably "one of the best Wolverine stories in years"…but that’s not saying very much.

    Decent podcast again this week, but for whatever reason I think you guys are slipping a bit. I wish your criticism was a little deeper. I think it used to be. In general, now I feel like wherever I go on the internet for comics discussion, the level of the reviews are completely like "That sucked." "That wasn’t for me." Or: "That was good." "That was fun." "That WORKED." Uh…could you say a little bit about WHY you feel however you do? Could you THINK instead of just saying how you FEEL? Could you cite from the actual book more than 1-2 times, and integrate what’s actually on the page into cogent criticism? I’m not trying to act like "The Little Fuhrer" here (lmao@Ron over that), but it just gets repetitive, boring, superficial, to hear the criticism I’m hearing, in general. Just saying that I thought iFanboy was at a higher standard. I think you guys are still better than the competition, but… 🙁

  71. @s30 – Are you a member?  Then yes.

  72. ok kl. thanks.

  73. Hey, great show guys.  I’m down for some Reign of Fire love. 

    For the caller asking about comics with humor and action, you should check out Atomic Robo.  Seriously, it’s hilarious, action packed, and has some really great imaginative stories and characters.

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