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Pick of the Week #286 – Wolverine #9

Show Notes

The original three are reunited to talk of the books of the week! The takeaways are that Ron Richards is very happy with X-Men, and everyone is very happy with Jason Aaron. And we didn’t even talk about his beard! Also, as always happens, it’s starting to get hot!

Total Running Time: 00:59:52

Pick of the Week:
00:01:21 – Ron can’t contain his excitement for Wolverine #9. He even turned a corner on Acuna on art!

00:09:49- A close runner up for Pick was Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine, also by Jason Aaron. Whose checks clear nicely.
00:14:40 – Jock and Scott Snyder are just doing everything right in Detective Comics #877.
00:17:28 – If you’re going to replace Tony Moore on a book, Tom Fowler is the way to do it. Take Venom #3 for example.
00:21:30 – Has Marvel found its stride with Captain America #618? Sure looks like it.
00:26:01 – DuckTales #1! WOO HOO!
00:27:31 – FF #4 is just… more FF fun, regardless of the art change.
00:28:55 – It’s a little early for Iron Man 2.0 #5 to go off course, but here we are.
00:29:56 – Ron says Secret Avengers #13 is… this is not his kind of comic.
00:32:04 – As odd as it sounds, American Vampire #15 mixing the Pacific conflict in WWII with vampires is a lot of fun.
00:33:16 – Suicide Girls #2 has a lot of sexy girls in it.

User Reviews:
00:35:44 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:36:51 – colossusofrhodeisland notices some damn fine Mark Waid with Ruse #3.
00:38:46 – RedRyan says Gotham City Sirens #23 is a great place to start.

00:39:28 – Shane from Texas says these aren’t the X-Men he grew up with. Are they?
00:42:54 – Billy from Minneapolis wants to know what the deal is with Ultimate Comics. Who’s calling it that and why?

00:47:05 – Sam from WI asks about those X-Men costumes. What’s with all the changes?
00:50:07 – Cory from Cleveland is curious about how artists get paid.

00:55:55 – We’ve got FOUR winners of $25 Thor Gift Cards from Fandango!

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  1. WTF! How could you not talk about the 5 mediocre Green Lantern War books that came out this week!!!!! (That was a joke)

    Great job as always, gang. Love it when it gets hot and awkward.

    Question. What day do you guys generally record? Reason I ask is the community top 5 end up a good deal different. Astonishing Wolverine & Spider-Man was about 10% lower than it is now. Just curious. Thanks.

  2. There needs to be segment every week where Ron just rants about the X-men. Not just simply about the issue that came out that week, but X-men in general. Please, make that so, iFanboy!

  3. Ron’s rant on Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-men was fantastic. We need of that!

  4. @j206  We record any time from Thursday to Saturday. There’s no set schedule, it’s just whenever we’re all free.

  5. you guys know “red right hand” is an old school nick cave and the bad seeds song, yeah?

    but i agree wolverine 9 was fantastic

  6. If Ron did a Tom Katers style podcast about the X-Men, starting from #1 and going to the present day, one of my dreams would come true.

  7. @JohnVFerrigno  Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.  So much comedy to be mined.

  8. Well you guys sold me on Suicide Girls.

  9. @JohnVFerrigno  I thought about doing that but I couldn’t get Tom to approve of me using his format – oh well…

  10. i was excited to here bagly and bendis were back together but only to kill spiderman, sucks

  11. Barely any writer in the industry nowadays can hold a candle to Jason Aaron…not only has his work been impeccable, but the rate at which he puts out his great stories is inhuman.

  12. can’t be that hard

  13. @Ronxo your rant on AXM threw me. Really? One of the greatest superhero comics runs in modern history, and Whedon made the X-Men cooler than they had been in longer than anyone can remember, and you diss it for the ill-defined reason of “it set out to be one thing and ended up being something else”? What does that even mean? Are you referring to Cyclops’ “super hero” speech? Did Whedon tell you it was ever going to pan out differently to how it did? Does it mean YOU wanted it to be one thing and you got something else? I come here for comics opinions and respect yours but you need to explain man! You’re just being contrarian! 😉

  14. @ron  That’s surpising. That sounds very un-Tom like.

  15. First off only Duncan Hines is allowed to use the word “moist”

    Second- it was a little weird the way you jumped on that caller for asking about the economics of working in comics.

    I think you could literraly put together a whole show from just clips of ifanboy talking about page rates and comic creators making decisons based on salary- what happens to an artist when a book goes from a 22 page comic vs a 20 page and you are very fond of talking about the economic realities of comics being a business.

    The caller asked you the question b/c he believes based on your comments that you have some insider understanding of these things and you basically told him not to worry about it -it doesnt matter. 

  16. Got it downloaded. Probably check it out during my workout this evening. Anxious to hear the Wolverine discussion (considering I thought it was simply “ok”).

  17. Ron’s comments on Secret Avengers #13….

    The turning of Nick Spencer begins. 

  18. completely agree with the thing about the income of artists. I think the caller believed that their was some kind of innate inequality to the industry and you guys were just saying its different for everyone. Its a lifestyle thing so it therefore effects people differently based on how their own lives operate. I think the caller was expectinga discussion of how its unfair for this artist to make this much and maybe he misunderstood how it all works together and the end of the day you guys said ‘look it is a job in reality and its freelance more or less and people do as much or as little as they like and generally the pay is representative of that. But really if you worry about the itnernal workings without knowing people’s personal lives, which we dont need to, then you can forget to enjoy the comics’. Which I think was the right advice to help us all enjoy the medium and not worry about behind the scenes too much.

  19. @boosebaster  To expand a bit – I think Astonishing X-Men was a very good comic book and definitely helped to bounce the X-Men back from losing Grant Morrison as the writer.  But in the years that have passed over it, I can’t help to believe that it has grown a bit overrated in that whenever anyone looks to an X-Men book to recommend or give credit to, it’s always that one – and when you step back and take a deeper look at it – it was very good, great in fact, but it wasn’t the be all, end all of all X-Men comics.  

    As for it starting and ending differently, yes, the premise was the X-Men would come out of the shadows and be the heroes they are – now only Whedon knows how much was planned out but from what I understand, writers have a way of getting…distracted and I think thats what happened with the latter portion of the run – that’s all… 

  20. iFanboy, I don’t know if you guys dig Planet of the Apes, but if you do, you must read the new comic.  Everything from the writing to the art is spot on and it looks to get only better from here.

  21. Fun podcast. Ron, I just didn’t have the same reaction to Wolverine #9. I especially had a different feeling about Lord Deathstrike’s killshot in China via Argentina. I thought it was a little too outlandish. But comics appeal to different people in different ways and that’s one of the great things them.

  22. I am totally with Ron on Astonishing. It was really good. But it’s most definitely crossed over into overrated territory, IMO. Yeah, it’s probably the most accessible X-Men run to give to new readers. Mainly for the fact that it’s the most recent high quality run. But I think that fact has caused people to take it a bit too far. Like I said, it’s really good. So I’m not hating. It’s just not incredimazing or anything.

  23. I think the reason Ruse is set in a made up city is because all the CrossGen comic originally were meant to be part of the same universe so the “Sherlock Holmes” book couldn’t really exist in London when there were spaceships and other wierd stuff happening in the other books

  24. Anybody check out Xombi? Great stuff.

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