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05.25.08 – Episode #134 – Amazing Spider-Man #560

Show Notes

Running Time: 01:02:20

00:01:22 – Ron shocked himself that he’s on the Brand New Day bandwagon with Amazing Spider-Man #560
00:11:07 – Justice Society of America #15 was a little more of the same, not really thrilling us.
00:14:38 – Conor loved the interaction between the big 3 in Justice League of America #21
00:19:47 – iFanboy listened nailed the plot development and we have a new character emerge to enjoy in Captain America #38 with Middle Management Red Skull
00:26:43 – We wonder if Bendis is in on the joke with Mighty Avengers #14
00:30:51 – Gigantic retcon with Robin #174, that Conor was pretty pleased with
00:33:13 – Ron felt frustrated by Fantastic Four #557
00:35:35 – Conor thought Echo #3 was the best issue yet
00:36:52 – Hellblazer #244 is still doing it for Josh

00:39:57 – Darrel checks in with his opinion of Iron Man
00:41:55 – Chris from Seattle is worried about The Dark Knight
00:44:18 – Jeff from Texas makes the shapeshifter debate creepy
00:45:49 – Mike from Queens wants questions Wizard’s Top 200 comics
00:49:25 – Anonymous wishes Ron a happy birthday with a question about aging characters
00:52:47 – Sanchez has a challenge that involves Blue Beetle

Pretty Vacant
Sex Pistols


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  1. In regards to the Amazing Spiderman. It is actually still on with the three weeks on one week off but the first issue of this three week run was the closing up of the freak storyline and then this arc started.

  2. Yay Darrel’s back!

  3. Hey, I called Grand Dirtector, too!  I want my props, dang it!!!  Heh.

  4. Director*

  5. Great show as always, guys.

    I dunno about best single issue since ’91, but Spawn #10 definitely gave me more to think about than Y #1 did. I read it when it came out in ’93; it was completely different than anything else I had ever read before. Or since, really. I remember that used to be my favorite comic when I was like 12 or 13. And I wasn’t a big Spawn fan. Spawn really has little to do with the issue–it’s really underrated, if you guys haven’t read it. The narration is just so ominous at times, and Cerebus is such a great foil. 

    How amazing that so many #1 issues were clustered near the top of Wizard’s list. It’s almost like they just picked the #1 issues of their favorite series or something. And Sandman #’s 69 and 75 were both much more amazing than #50 (I think Wizard’s just keeping up appearances, because I seem to remember they picked #50 on some other best-of list quite a while ago, when I used to read Wizard. (In issue 60, maybe?) I guess THINGS NEED TO BE RANKED and they NEED TO STAY IN THEIR HIERARCHY A-L-W-A-Y-S.

  6. DDevil 1964 is right. it did come out three times this week the first week was just a lame one shot with freak (that i didn’t buy)

  7. The fangirls of the Internet thank Conor for mentioning both the Stephanie Brown-memorial controversy, and Nightwing’s ass.

    We haven’t decided how we feel about the Kitty Pryde pregnancy hypothetical.

    /speaking in collective first person

  8. wat

  9. Greatest POW podcast ever!! The Ron and Josh stand up act on Red Skull was epic.

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