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05.24.2009 – Episode #185 – Captain America #50

Show Notes

Running Time: 00:59:44

May 24, 2009 – The iFanboy gang is back together!  Conor has returned and joins Josh and Ron in discussing this week’s books, Alan Moore’s latest, the Book of the Month and avoid insulting anyone.  Shocking.

00:02:10 – Captain America #50 is one of Conor’s favorite types of stores, the sentimental character reflection issue.  And a Marcos Martin backup doesn’t hurt either.
00:10:47 – The finale, Batman: Battle for the Cowl #3 vindicated Conor.
00:14:20 – It may take forever to come out, but Four Eyes #3 was totally worth it
00:17:21 – Invincible #62 continues the streak of great issues for Josh.
00:19:41 – X-Men Forever Alpha begins the insanity of Chris Claremont and Ron is on board.  Remy Picard?
00:25:10 – Conor is back on Superman/Batman with issue #60, and the artwork pays off.
00:26:20 – Fantastic Four #566 completely perplexes Ron, who wonders why this isn’t a hit.
00:27:12 – After Fantastic Four Dark Reign #3, Ron can’t wait for Jonathan Hickman to get on Fantastic Four.
00:28:22 – Josh is mopping up Final Crisis with Final Crisis Aftermath Dance #1 from Joe Casey and Chris Cross
00:31:22 – Gigantic #4 delivers some more amazing art from Eric Nguyen and a great story twist from Rick Remender which thrilled Ron and Josh.

User Reviews:
00:33:02 – USPUNX isn’t loving Jack of Fables #34
00:34:55 – mountainwindcat is down on Wolverine: Weapon X #2

00:37:55 – Hey! Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol III): Century #1 (“1910”) is out!

Book of the Month
00:45:59 – Conor delivers a desperate, but surprisingly pleasing Book of the Month: Gus and His Gang

Get Gus and His Gang at Instock Trades or Amazon

The Sweetest Thing
Camera Obscura


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  1. I’d almost forgotten that the Book of the Month hadn’t been dicussed

  2. I feel like Mark Millar would have made Dance awesome

  3. The Bat family as plumbers?….Of course! It makes so much sense now 🙂

  4. I now know how to tell other people about the show " you iFanboy is like masturbation…"

  5. Great show guys. Nice reviews of Cap 50, Wolverine Weapon X, and League…..which is most definitely a great bang for your buck. I live in Canada and my Comic Shop managed to track a few copies down. So I was a few weeks late on it too.

  6. I did what you said. I treated myself. I am glad I did. Great week.

  7. Did anyone else laugh at LOEG: Century where there was a musical number AND a can-can going?

    That is one of the craziest things I’ll ever see in a comic….seriously

  8. Ha!  I’m going to see Camera Obscura at the Southgate House in Newport, KY this Thursday night.  Betting on a cool show.

  9. Carnacki is not a Crowley character. He was a character created by William Hope Hodgson. Those occultists are Crowley-inspired though.

  10. I made the mistake of picking up the Batman Confidential hardcover a while back, and no book before or since made me want my money back so bad.

  11. what about keg-master Clint/hawkeye/ronin? you didn’t mention him Josh

  12. Who picked the music, I’m assuming it was Ron, is a genius.  I had not heard this band and went to buy their cd after hearing it on the podcast.  I loved it, so thanks.

  13. francis manapul drew legion of superheroes before it bit the dust. can’t wait to get him back – he is awesome, glad to hear him get acknowledged on the show.

  14. when waid and ringo were on FF it was freaking fantastic

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