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Pick of the Week #235 – DC Universe: Legacies #1

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It’s an iFanboy miracle as Conor Kilpatrick has returned from his travels! And we welcome him with a mirthful, chaotic episode of the Pick of the Week Podcast filled with mispronunciations, disagreements, and some down right creepy talk. This is what iFanboy is all about! So sit back, grab a drink and be prepared for at least 2 spit takes.

Running Time: 01:07:43

Pick of the Week:
00:02:16 – Conor visits his wheelhouse with DC Universe: Legacies #1, the Pick of the Week.

00:09:19 – The Avengers #1 was Conor’s runner up, but easily Ron’s Pick of the Week.
00:17:20 – The Heroic Age continues with Atlas #1, which couldn’t pull Ron or Josh in.
00:19:19 – The sampler issue of Enter the Heroic Age #1 was enjoyable and nice taste of what’s to come.
00:22:27 – Josh’s pick of the week was easily American Vampire #3.
00:26:45 – We thought we all dropped it, but Josh read The Invincible Iron Man #26.
00:30:13 – Conor and Ron really enjoyed Paul Dini’s work on Zatanna #1.
00:31:56 – Josh and Conor celebrate the end of another great Garth Ennis mini-series with Battlefields: Firefly #3.
00:33:23 – Is it over yet? Ex Machina #49, while not as bad as the last issue, is nothing compared to the earlier issues.
00:35:36 – Ron and Conor agree, Joe the Barbarian #5 might be the best issue yet.

User Reviews:
00:36:51 – NOK really dug Paul Levitz’s first issue of Legion of Super-Heroes #1.
00:39:26 – akamuu checks in with some glowing words for the art in Batman: Streets of Gotham #12.

Book of the Month:
00:42:35 – Josh reviews the Joe Kubert graphic novel, Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965.

00:50:12 – Nicholas S. from New Jersey wants to know what we think about Captain America and Steve Rogers, currently.

00:53:29 – Luke from Denver, CO wants to know what canceled titles that we miss.
00:56:40 – Sam from Wisconsin makes it creepy by wanting to know what characters we’d like to date?

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  1. I’d buy "Street Toughs" in a heartbeat.

  2. What’s wrong with "Ex Machina?"  I only read it in paperback, so I have no idea what’s going on.

    Did the artist change?  Did it start sucking?

    Is the writing or plot the problem?  I don’t see that happening since Vaughan has written this at "A level" quality for every volume I’ve read so far, vols. 1-8.  I skip Ex Machina talk in the podcast to avoid plot spoilers.

    So what’s going on?  The art?

  3. "Creepy?" I wasn’t trying to make it creepy.  I just thought it would be a fun question that’s all. I remembered how Ron likes stupid comic book questions that have no real meaning to it. I thought I would give it a try. Sorry. I am just now going to cry in my corner now.

  4. Hey, SamIAm, you almost caused some good ol’ iFanboy going off the rails, which is surely something to be proud of.

  5. @SamIAm – exactly what Ilash said – we were just kidding around saying it was creepy – obviously we had fun with it and if anyone made it creepy it was me 🙂  no worries – it was a great question and the type we have fun answering – keep ’em coming!


  6. Call to arms: Every ifanboy regular (akamuu, TNC, drake, scorpion, edward, prax etc) has to answer SamIAm’s question for maximum awkwardness.

    I’m going with Miss Misery.

  7. The question is actually one I’ve heard several people talk about.  I think generally if you grew up with Claremont’s early run on the X-Men, Kitty Pride is on the top of most lists.

    I’m saving the podcast for the drive into work tomorrow, but I’m curious to see what the responses are like.

  8. I was surprised that no one mentioned that the story from Avengers has the Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow movie added to the plot. I thought this would pull the a lot of readers off the book with back remarks that while you dont HAVE to see the movie it greatly helps understand what everyone is saying in the book.

    Ron, Connor, Josh: Have you guys seen the movie? And if so did it help? 

  9. @rift1128 – I can’t speak for the other guys, but I haven’t seen it – but we knew it was related to the movie, I think we made a reference to that fact but it was brief.

  10. i might start reading american vampire as well as scalpled, im totally blowing it by not checking out more vertigo stuff.

  11. My answer is obvious.


    But a variation on that same question brought down the ire from Prax and drake on me and made me feel real sad.

    Still need to listen to the podcast.

    Thanks iFanboy!

  12. Maximum awkwardness – my answer is obviously TNC.

  13. @rift1128: I didn’t mention it because for me it’s irrelevant. Never saw the movie. Barely remember it existed.

  14. Yup, The Next Avengers cartoon is nowhere near my radar, sorry mate

  15. you guys should have watched the Emerald City Comicon 2010 episode of this video podcast called iFanboy where Bendis told the guy interviewing him that this Avengers story would be reminiscent of Back to the Future II.  at least then you would have been expecting it.

  16. @abirdeysview I just didn’t think it would be so blatant

  17. Conor, good taste in cartoon women.

    Isn’t Kitty Pryde a teenager?

    Josh, stick with the Spider-Woman choice.

    Good episode. The Thor-phonics section was really funny.

  18. Aunt May.

  19. @ron- totally fair, but kinda funny to hear you guys talk about it.  I had to go make sure it was your show and not Word Balloon or a Newsarama article that I heard him say that.  it’s the first issue though, so we con only assume there will be more to the story than that.  if we get back to the present and a super-villain is running things from their casino skyscraper, than we need to start worrying.

    also those two pages in Enter the Heroic Age aren’t printed wrong, they just would have greatly benefitted from a page turn to separate them. 

  20. Everyone is a little bit pervy when it comes to Zatanna.

  21. I’d date Vampirella.

  22. @Ron: Meeh-Yol-Neer

    Naganalf? Sounds like LOTR.

  23. Haven’t listened yet, but I’m going to predict the cancelled titles that are being missed are Gotham Central, Captain Britain and… hmmm…. Checkmate?

  24. @Slockhart: you’re right, I believe.

  25. @NathanNicdao

    I was incredibly right, I just didn’t count on them listing, like, 10


    are you guys spying on me, I literally just got into Sleigh Bells this week b/c of the song New Prince by Donald Glover, the black guy on "Community" and he basically raps over the song "Crown on the Ground" (both really awesome songs)

    oh yea american vampires is awesome cus i get to read it funny accents 

  27. "Who’s a really dirty girl?"

  28. @slockhart; that actually was pretty impressvie

  29. I’m glad somebody finally acknowledged Paul Dini’s perviness. I thought it was just me. Fantastic writer though.

  30. Wonder Woman for me.  The ULTIMATE in trophy girlfriends.

  31. Barbara Gordon, either Batgirl or Oracle.  Brains and a redhead?  Yowza!  

    Personally, I would stay away from Spider-Woman.  That chick is loco, hefe.  Messed up!

  32. Josh – "My name backwards is naganalf".
    Ron – "OK, but the problem is…"

    Oh yeah! Go Ron!

    Re: Iron Man 26 – I liked all the talking, I find there’s a time and a place for that, and to me this was time and place. In the setup part of the story. Majes like Stark more. And yes, Stark is kind of a douchebag sometimes. He is an extremely ambitious and powerful figure in the Marvel U. He is a corporate bully, a politician. He is brutally smart and does things others don’t understand. He gets cocky. It’s a defining character flaw. A little bit like Hal Jordan actually.

    Anyway, you guys pretty much hate that book so I wanna tell Josh "just drop it" but at the same time I like that you guys mention it on the show. But then you guys semi-trash it. Well then Josh, just drop it. I think you probably hate this book. lol I like it.

  33. First PotW episode where I LOL’d in a long time. The more awkward the better. I found my list to be rather extensive, guess I’m not too picky when it comes to imaginary women.

  34. I really wouldn’t write off Atlas based on a single issue. It was, after all, written specifically to introduce a new character and place him into the team dynamic. Emotional connections to characters don’t come from nowhere. You have to at least make some effort to care.

    Also? The hate Triathlon gets is incredibly hyperbolic. Dropping Busiek’s Avengers and therefore missing out on some of the best Avengers stories ever as a reaction to a mildly irritating character is nothing less than unforgivable. That’s right, unforgivable!

    And speaking of Kev Walker… As a fan of the old school Thunderbolts, that guy did NOT ingratiate himself to me with his online comments regarding the characters he was interpreting, which revealed him to be actively ignorant about what he was doing. Of course I can’t expect an artist to know everything about previous stories and histories (like writers and editors), but some of his ideas were exasperatingly wrongheaded. His work does look quite good though.

  35. I just appreciate the fact that they gave Atlas a try.

    As for Invincible Iron Man, Tony hasn’t had a brawl in how many issues? Since issue #18/19 or so?

    I like the book, but it is a superhero comic. Issue #25 was the setup issue.

  36. Riley from New York Four or Megan from Local.

  37. Like Scorpion, I’m glad you guys gave ‘Atlas’ some coverage, even if it wasn’t for you.

    On a not-unrelated note (and apropos of another question from this show), Jimmy Woo needs to call me.

  38. hahahaha, Jimmy Woo is the man.

  39. @kickass They’re not complaining about the story.  They’re complaining about Tony Harris’ art in the last 2 issues, which has seemed off to me as well.

  40. Josh, Iron Man was good until you started reading it an issue or so ago;) If you want to stop so it will be good again, no prob.

  41. lost of all man cards for liking twlight.

  42. @Jack239: I thought it was fairly obvious we were kidding about that.

  43. @nawidA: Clearly, The Sentry.

    I’m going to have to go back and listen to some of the older podcasts, but I do note that, the last three times you’ve read my reviews, a different person has said "…different strokes…"

  44. Re date a cartoon: Probably Pepper Potts. She seems pretty down-to-earth.

  45. Did… Josh just make an anal joke about Jessica Jones? 

  46. Anson, I think he almost did. Hadn’t picked up on that.

  47. I like you guys but Ron and Josh’s comments about Paul Levitz’s Legion of Super-Heroes #1 were absurb. You guys bemoan the commitment some writers give to strict continuity and then you whine because you don’t know anything about the Legionnaires. So you don’t want to read it because you don’t know them?!?!? That is the weakest excuse I have ever heard. Levitz is a good writer and #1s are the place for people jumping onto something new. I just think you guys spend so much time reading books you don’t like anymore just to keep a collection complete or because you can’t give the character up. You really have no excuse not to give LOSH a chance so you can learn the characters, their dynamics and see if it catches on with you. Be a bit more open minded fellas.

  48. Boo, Ron! Boo! Yildray was the artist on Noble Causes, not Dynamo 5 (Although he did fill in a bit towards the end of Dynamo 5’s run)

  49. I’d totally do Jimmy Woo too.

    I wonder if decades of reading Zatanna appearances encourages connections in the brain, as I find reading her dialogue backwards as straightforward as forwards. What I don’t understand is when she said STIT WORG!

    I also found Avengers #1 distinctly mediocre. The issue number does matter, it’s been promoted as an important book, but it’s the same characters, same writer, same tone – the only difference seems to be bigger villains. And while I’m a fan of John Romita Jr, Brian Bendis isn’t yet writing to his strengths – more action!

    The term Geordies isn’t offensive at all (just don’t mention the fat slags).

     I’ll check out Dong Xoai, but have you chaps seen Nathaniel Dusk, the two Eighties DC minis written by Don MacGregor? The book is shot directly from Gene Colan’s pencils and it’s gorgeous. The stories are splendid too, it’s hard-boiled Thirties tec stuff and, if memory serves, there’s the odd street tough.

  50. Ron I’m glad you thought Avengers #1 would’ve been your pick of the week, I completely agree, I was actually surprised how many people didn’t like it. I’m curious about what you thought of XMen: Xenosaga, I liked Kaare Andrews art but it seems a lot of people were unimpressed.

  51. Re date a cartoon.  I think Pepper Potts or Barbara Gordon.

  52. What did I say about LOSH other than I don’t want to read it? That’s still OK, right?

  53. I was waiting and waiting for Ron to pronounce it as "mylar", but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  54. @josh unacceptable

  55. I would totally hook up with Donna Troy. Humina humina. What’s not to like?

    I know as much about LoSH as I do about X-Men, which is nothing. The only X-Man I like is Hank McCoy (and X-Man, but that’s a different story). The only Legionnaire I like is, um, get back to me. I love Yildiray, though, so I’m hoping I like this when it comes in my DCBS box.

    I second the Sleigh Bells love. Just got the new album last week and it tickles me in ways that might be illegal. Any chance we’ll get some LCD Soundsystem? The new album is killer.

  56. @Gary4362: … O.o…. I’ve read the first issue and god help me I tried. I TRIED to like it but it’s just NOT doin it for me. I think this is the very first superhero comic that I regret buying. (I don’t even take a peak inside The Sentry books).

    My pick is Death from The Sandman. She’s such a sweetheart. It’s funny really because even though I’m someone who does consider looks, she has one of those affectionate personalities that appeals to alot of people.

  57. huh… it’s wierd my wmv player kept going back to 57:34 where Josh says "Hawk Girl once" and on the fourth time where I would have been frustrated with the damn wmv player I LMAO. No hyberbole.

  58. I must say Farber is ace at finding artists. Cinar, Asrar, and now the new guy on D5 looks phenomenal. 

  59. Monster Squad reference!  Fantastic!

  60. Kev Walker is a long-time 2000AD artist, which probably partly explains his ignorance of / disinterest in Marvel characters.

    I’m sure he could give you chapter and verse on Dredd, ABC Warriors etc…

  61. I would date Hellcat in a second. Patsy Walker is my dream girl. Hot redhead with a sense of humor who can kick ass, former model, writer, Avenger, and her ex-husband was the Son of Satan, so you know you’ll compare favorably to that guy. 

  62. I talk like Sex & the City?

  63. I completely understand a book not being up someone’s alley. (That’s kinda dirty) Still though, Legion was a decent book that Ron should have read more than five pages of. I wonder sometimes, if you guys shouldn’t wait until Thursday or Friday to put your pick of POTW up. Then you could actually relax and take you time with the books. I think it would have a positive effect on your overall reading experience.

    BTW – Someone just started a thread at 11 O’Clock about how fast Ron dismissed Legion. 

  64. @blulex23: Wednesday, Thursday or Friday – Ron’s not making it more than five pages into LEGION. Trust me,

  65. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like the Legion, and I didn’t totally dig that issue.. 

  66. @conor: Yet he reads the X-titles, which also has myriad of characters and an increasingly complicated history. Mark my words, if it’s not already, the X-books will be Marvle’s Legion one day. 

    Still though, I didn’t love the Legion book. I’ve never read Legion, other than John’s bit in Action Comics. It was pretty good for a first issue. It was think too. Lots of pages.

  67. thick, not think. You guys need an edit button.

  68. @bluew23: The difference being he LIKES the X-Men books and characters, he DOESN’T LIKE the Legion books or characters. Believe me, I’ve tried: I bought him the SUPERMAN AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROPES hardover for Christmas. He doesn’t like it. I give him credit for trying, though.

  69. @conor: I understand. I’m an X-Fan myself and have never read any Legion book on an ongoing basis. It’s just funny that you guys review comics for a living, or part of it anyway, and he gives up on a book, five pages in. It’s like Ebert leaving a movie after ten minutes and telling everyone he didn’t like it. Read what you like.

    I still think it would be really hard for me to get full enjoyment out of my books every week, if I had to read them all in one sitting so I could get a review done. 

  70. @blulew23: If Ron was specifically getting paid to review LEGION then the Ebert analogy makes sense. But he’s not, he’s paid to review whatever comics he wants. I’m perfectly fine with giving up on a book when you’re not feeling any connection to it. I gave up on three books last night halfway through because I was bored to tears.

    As for reading them all in one sitting – everyone is different. I like reading all of my comics in one sitting. That’s how I’ve been reading them ever since I’ve been a weekly comic buyer. If I didn’t have iFanboy I’d still read all of my comics on Wednesday.

  71. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Aw, Superman and the Legion is BADASS. 

  72. @conor That’s cool. The analogy wasn’t the best. Obviously, sometimes things just aren’t going to be to your liking. The reason he gave was that he felt no connection to the characters. Ok, but how do you develop a connection to characters in five pages? It’s almost like he decided he didn’t want to have a connection. Which is fine too. Each to his own. I don’t want to have him flayed or anything. Mostly I found it amusing. 


  73. @blulew23 : you know in movies, the first 10 minutes is an indication of the whole film. It’s also like in surveys, you just need a subset of the whole sample to validate your result. Call it ADD or whatever, 5 pages is more than 10% of a regular sized comic book. 

  74. @Nathannicado I get it. I actually thought about this some last night and have come around somewhat. I do understand giving up on a book, you’re not enjoying. I think. I’ve done it, but it’s rare.

  75. I hate the praise Top Cop but by God I love saying it.

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