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Pick of the Week #285 – The Avengers #13

Show Notes

When a questionable bit of scheduling finds both Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards out and about on vacation, a very tired Conor Kilpatrick is joined by an equally tired Paul Montgomery and an under-the-weather Jim Mroczkowski to talk about the week in comics.

Total Running Time: 00:59:10

Pick of the Week:
00:01:41 – The Pick of the Week, The Avengers #13, is everything Conor wants from Avengers comics.

00:11:18 – Batman and Robin #23 was very close to being the Pick of the Week.
00:14:13 – There is awesome 1800s action in Batman: Gates of Gotham #1!
00:17:39 – The Amazing Spider-Man #661 continues the Spider-Man-as-supporting-character-in-his-own-book trend.
00:20:56 – Peter Parker is mad as hell and he’s not taking it any more in Ultimate Spider-Man #158.
00:23:39 – Last Mortal #1 is a fun new supernatural crime thriller from Image/Top Cow.
00:26:09 – Paul can’t believe that he didn’t read The Rocketeer Adventures #1.
00:28:12 – Noted mutant hater Paul loves Uncanny X-Force #10.
00:30:54 – Judd Winick continues to bring the awesome with Power Girl #24.
00:34:51 – Jim really enjoyed The Invincible Iron Man #504 despite the art.
00:37:27 – Conor jumped back on Booster Gold #44 for the Flashpoint tie-in.
00:39:13 – Batman rides a dragon and Superman wields a broadsword in Superman/Batman #84.

User Reviews:
00:41:02 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:41:55 – ctrosejr thinks that Tiny Titans #40 was not as good as previous issues.
00:42:52 – kingdomofevan loves Alpha Flight #0.1.

00:44:11 – Sean is looking to jump into some Marvel cosmic books.
00:46:49 – Cesar R. wants to read some good ’90s Superman stories.

00:50:15 – Ben from Austin, TX thinks that DC is in a creative slump.

00:55:58 – Jason Whitney and Sam Grover won the The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! DVD giveaway!
00:56:23 – Justin Bernard won the Last Mortal original art giveaway!

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  1. jim got a new microphone!!

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I keep saying “Red Hood” when I mean “The Hood.” Apologies to BKV, BMB, tNKotB, and listeners like you. 

  3. @richardbrady  Actually, I just figured out where to put the old one. (Up by my eyebrow. Fear its power. Or mine.)

  4. Just about the quality of DC right now, you definitely have to mention Paul Cornell’s Action Comics and the odd book like Power Girl, along with the Batman stuff. But, that said, things are definitely not going great there with a lot of their franchises. JLA, JSA, Titans, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern… they’re all flailing right now to varying degrees.

  5. Good show, Conor and subs!

  6. I think a great idea for a special edition podcast would be A best of the 90’s

    I am getting super sick of the obliatory damning of all 90’s comics.

    Sure the abuse to a lot of characters is undeniable during that period.


    As Conor said- it was a whole decade- so trendy to slam it but let’s have an Ifanboy

    focus on the stuff that was good.


  7. @ericmci  I think they’ve already covered a lot of the stuff that was great in the 90s in other shows (Morrison’s JLA, Sandman, Starman etc.)

  8. I think it’s a tie right now with DC and Marvel. They both have their share of amazing titles/talent, some mediocre stuff, really bad stuff, and overhyped drivel. Although I admit DC having Vertigo is keeping it a push for me.

    I gotta disagree about Batman and Robin @conor. It was just 22 pages of generic prison stuff with too many sequences of inmates getting killed. Plus you failed to mention the biggest disappointment of all with Guillem March not doing a whole issue. Nevermind his Todd looks like a Calvin Klein model but to not finish an issue, let alone the arc now, is bullshit.

  9. @ericmci  –we wouldn’t be able to see anything..the reflecting light from all of those hologram and refractive foil covers would blind the camera! =) i second the vote though. 

  10. I enjoyed Superman in the 90’s.  Until the Death of Superman….  I feel like for a few years, it was the first successfull weekly comic.  But there were alot of missess.  Jerry Ordway!

  11. Great show guys. On the DC/Marvel debate: Marvel is definitely the stronger company at the moment in terms of the quality of creator and comic they put out. I agree with what Conor said about it being cyclical – all this is gonna do is push DC to up their game. At the end of the day this onemanupship benefits us readers.

  12. @TheNextChampion  Do we know the reason for why he didn’t finish the issue?  There could’ve been extenuating circumstances…maybe?

  13. Wally- ha true
    Maybe after they could also do a show on the best of Marvel Universe Triple Foil trading cards[kidding]

    Heroville- Well that would be the challenge- to highlight issues- arc whatever from maybe some of the more maintsream stuff- stories that were good- but got lumped in with the wonkiness that was- “THE 90’S” 

    Sandman, Starman, Preacher are the obvious highlights. 

  14. @vadamowens If he had family issues or was sick then I’m not gonna slack him for that. But in general DC couldn’t tell us this before the issue comes out? That makes no sense.

  15. @TheNextChampion Well I haven’t read it yet, so I can’t assess the impact it would have on me.  I’m just a little more forgiving than you are when it comes to these kind of things:)

  16. @PaulMontgomery  You need more acronyms in that apologize. IDK, BRB, WTF, NWA and OPP (yeah you know me!)

  17. fun show. As far as the DC thing, i’ve always been a DC guy first, but lately i’ve lost most all interestinthe DCU. For me there is an across the board “sameness”….the art all kinda blends together like one giant house style. Sure there are subtle variations between creators, but its not enough for me….nothing’s getting me excited. The Batbooks are good, but they are sooo dark and serious, i’m just not in that headspace usually to have fun with or fully enjoy them.

    The stuff thats getting me excited about comics right now is all coming from Marvel and i think its because those books are better right now at capturing the fun vs action dynamic that makes me love superhero comics.

    @TheNextChampion –some people like having their personal lives especially involving medical issues to stay private. Comic fans have too much entitlement especially with this stuff.  

  18. ohwow! you’re WEST WING fans! nice!

  19. Nice Subways track at the start of the show! =)

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