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Pick of the Week #284 – Chew #27

Show Notes

A strategic clock error this week gives you the listener a bonus, expanded episode! Starting off reminiscing about our favorite phone information service is followed by confusion as to why Joe Quesada was in Flashpoint and what Superman would do in Portland, followed up with a lot of discussion about this week’s comics. Why don’t you just tell me the comic book you’d like to read?

Total Running Time: 01:09:42

Pick of the Week:
00:02:30 – Josh extols the virtues of the creativity and genius of Chew #27.

00:11:10 – We start things off with the sad whimper ending of The Flash #12…
00:13:30 – … which leads to Flashpoint #1 and differing opinions on the story, but agreement on the art.
00:22:01 – Back over at Marvel, FF #3 would have been Ron’s Pick this week.
00:24:36 – Conor and Josh sing the praises of Batman Incorporated #6.
00:26:39 – Finally! It looks like they’re going to address Havok, Polaris, and Marvel Girl thanks to X-Men Legacy #248.
00:29:37 – You want to be disappointed? Read Total Recall #1.
00:33:24 – Superman’s coming home! Well, almost. At least he likes America again in Superman #711.
00:38:32 – The Unwritten #25 just continues to deliver the goods.
00:39:47 – You want an awesome comic book? Read Starborn #6 with a great twist ending.
00:42:18 – Nice to see Mike Norton and Sean McKeever back together on Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #1, but Ron has no idea who anyone is.
00:44:13 – The art is just fantastic in Northlanders #40.
00:45:42 – The expectations for wackiness in John Byrne’s Next Men #6 delivered for Conor.

User Reviews:
00:49:10 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:50:23 – comicBookChris raved about New Mutants #25
00:52:00 – FunCrusher really enjoyed Batman: Arkham City #1.

00:53:44 – Andy from Cincinnati wants to know why there aren’t more comics as animation.
00:58:33 – David from West Virginia wants to read some event books.

01:02:55 – Mohammed doesn’t understand why Wolverine hates Scarlet Witch so much.

01:05:52 – Trish Braddord and Andrew Bietrich won the  Image Comics Prize Packs!

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  1. good to have the superman on the road report back

  2. lol Tim Kinsella canNOT sing. Its awesome.

  3. Conor, you need to play Arkham Asylum. It seriously gets the feeling of being Batman right.

  4. Surprised Ron the “Marvel guy” didn’t know more of those characters from Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt. While granted a lot of those characters were Avengers Initiative some of them had appeared elsewhere before like Jurgens Thor, Amazing Spider-Man, Ghost Rider etc. I guess you find everyone’s blind spot eventually 🙂

  5. Great show iFanboys!

  6. I liked Flashpoint for real. No hype.

  7. By the way: Isn’t Tintin being adapted to a theatrical animated feature?

  8. @JNewcomb  Yes.

  9. @conor  That would qualify as a comic being adapted to animated film. Don’t know who is doing it…

  10. @JNewcomb  We were talking about American superhero comics.

  11. Hey David from West Virginia!

    Go read ‘Chaos War’! It’s a ‘mini’ event for Incredible Hercules and it has amazing art and it’s great because you really don’t need to read previous issues of Herc to enjoy it. Must buy. 

  12. Is it bad the my POTW was the Free Comic Book Day Cap and Thor book? 

  13. I was hoping you guys would like Flashpoint as much as I did. The art is really good looking but all over the place thats agreeable. You cant put aside though that its got its own charm and you know it. As for the story, I know its been done alot but its hows its done. I love the twists and turns it took me through, I really cant wait for the next issue.

  14. @pyynk  that book was awesome, andjust made me sad that it’s no longer around

  15. I’m with Ron in that I absolutely hated all the characters in Flashpoint that I had no clue about. I don’t have a problem reading characters I don’t know. I can read a wikipedia profile if I have to. But in an alternate reality story, all it does is leave me wondering if a character is an actual DCU  character or an analog of one. Really annoying. I know Johns gets off on using 2nd tier and seldom used DCU characters. But this felt a bit much to me, and took away a lot of my enjoyment from the issue.

  16. @pyynk  –yeah me too, except Cap N Thor was Tied with Amazing Spiderman for me…there was some great stuff on FCBD!

  17. The Cartoonist was great, but the description was a little misleading. There is a long conversation between McCloud and Smith on a stage, but that was just one of the special features. The main part is a documentary (I want to say 60 minutes) about Smith’s career.

    Pretty good, especially considering there seem to be so few comic-related documentaries. 

  18. @conor  Hey, Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I have been trying for a while to listen to these audio podcasts and I can’t seem to get them to play. Could you please tell me where the issue is. How can i fix this, I am aching to hear ’em.

  19. @Sigon  The issue must be on your end.

  20. @conor  i like how you shot JNewcomb down for mentioning an adaptation of a non-americian superhero comic when you dudes discussed Bone for about 6 minutes

  21. @edward  Bone is American. You’re right that it’s not a superhero comic, however.

  22. well not shot down but know you

  23. @Sigon  –download em through iTunes Podcast

  24. @Slockhart Really? I got it from Netflix, ripped it to my harddrive, and sent the disc back. I must have ripped the wrong part. Oops. I really liked the part I did watch though.

  25. I like cartooning, I just didn’t click with the art in Chew. I suppose it’s a matter of… TASTE!

  26. This numbering fwd is gonna screw me when I go get the trades.

  27. @TeleCarlos: Layman said that the timejump to issue 27 wasn’t going to be reflected in the trades. Issue 27 will be kept in numerical order for trade-waiters.

  28. @pyynk  No it’s not! Just read it last night, and it was sooooo fine! I’m feeling guilty now for not getting into the Thor the mighty avenger wagon and being indirectly responsible for its cancellation. Love the characterization of Loki! Does he appear alot in the series cause I’m thinking of back issue hunting.

  29. I don’t know recall you guys ever having reviewed each of the book from your Light Week feature, but please, keep it up.  Also, Flashpoint #1 was fantastic after a re-read.  I enjoyed it enough the first time through, but it really clicked with me the second time.  This should be a really fun, dense, short event and I can’t wait to see what September looks like for DC after this event concludes.

  30. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Your discussion of Starborn made me preorder the first trade through DCBS. The fact that it’s only $5.49 had a rather large role in that decision too.

  31. i would argue that Pixar has done adaptations, even if they are loose adaptations. A Bugs Life is loose adaptation of Seven Samurai, and Cars is a loose one of Doc Hollywood, but since these aren’t straight up adaptations, i will concede this argument.  

  32. @weaklyroll – by that definition, everything is an adaption.

    @RapidEyeMovement – me too.

    @Conor – was excited you got a chance to take another sample of JBNM.  Sounds like it still might not be a keeper for you, but I personally was hoping that issue #1 wasn’t the only time you’d take a peek.  Just ’cause it’s one of the books in my stack I’m still really excited to read when I see it on the shelves.  Of course, turnabout is fair play, I really should give Unwritten another chance after not caring for ish #1.

    Arkham Asylum was pretty cool game once you got going.  The introduction of walking in w/ Joker was great.

  33. The issue jump in Chew reminds me of something similar done in Christopher Priest’s “Quantum & Woody” when Acclaim Comics stopped publishing the first time, after they came back they skipped over issue #19, which would have been the next issue, and instead jumped to #32 which would have been the issue that would have come out that month if Acclaim hadn’t ceased publishing. After that they released issue #19, #20, and #21, hoping to fill in that gap. Sadly #21 was the last one released before Acclaim Comics folded permanently, but I thought it was a really cool gimmick.

    Hopefully it should work out better for Chew fans.

  34. fixed gear bike or “fixie”

    Superman is going to portland and he’s going to put a bird on his suit.


  35. Atticus Finch. Jay Gatsby. Leopold Bloom. Capt. Yossarian. Nate Grey. All epic characters who have an incredible impact in the world of literature.  

  36. @Josh

    Yeah, it has interviews with Paul Pope, Terry Moore and a bunch of other indie creators I can’t remember off the top of my head. 

  37. Couldn’t find it in the show notes, had to hunt it down, but if anyone wanted to check out that new Graphic.ly website beta check out the link


  38. Fandaaangoooo! That’s fun to say!

  39. @ron, yeah starborn was awesome, but they have been hinting that the civilization may be evil for a couple issues. They revealed it really nicely here though. I really like these Stan Lee Boom books.

  40. MAY-HEM!

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