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Pick of the Week #333 – Daredevil #12

Show Notes

Mark it in the books! The first podcast of 2012 to include a complaint about the heat! You’ll have to guess who’s complaining though as Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards gather on the eve of the Avengers movie opening to talk about this week’s comics.

Running Time: 00:58:10

Pick of the Week:
00:01:48 – The addition of Chris Samnee makes Josh give us the first back to back Pick of the Week with Daredevil #12.

00:09:38 – But Conor and Ron rave about their pick of Earth 2 #1 by James Robinson and Nicola Scott.
00:14:27 – Conor also gave World’s Finest #1 a try, which was at least a better representation of Power Girl in The New 52…
00:15:21 – and Dial H for Hero #1 was the biggest pleasant surprise of the new wave of DC Books…
00:16:45 – ..and finally G.I. Combat #1 was a solid army book. With dinosaurs.
00:18:07 – Ron liked the first half of Avengers vs. X-Men #3 but not so much the last half.
00:21:42 – Image gets another hit with Mind The Gap #1.
00:26:56 – How do you follow Alan Moore? Erik Larsen shows us how in Supreme #64.
00:28:39 – Smallville: Season 11 #1 teases and disappoints Conor and Ron and the challenge of digital comics.
00:31:24 – Is there anything better than Fury Max #1? Ron and Conor don’t think so.
00:32:49 – Josh appreciated Sweet Tooth #33, despite the font.
00:34:22 – The Amazing Spider-Man #685 might be Dan Slott’s finest hour according to Ron.

User Reviews:
00:36:56 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:37:25 – Andrew Gaboury really dug the vibe of Action Comics #9.
00:38:44 – NodNolan really enjoyed the launch of The Spider #1.

00:40:17 – Daniel from Waco, TX is looking for some recommendations.
00:43:28 – Mike from the UK is a little worried about the emergence of crossovers in DC Books.

00:47:11 – Mike wants to know if we’re annoyed by mainstream coverage of comics?
00:50:40 – Sean wants to know who we’re rooting for: The Avengers or The X-Men?

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  1. After a few weeks, I was so happy to see more than a few DC books get talked about. I LOVED Earth-2. I was left wondering if these were the same Parademons from the Justice League New 52 Earth or the Earth-2 Parademons.

  2. Hellblazer is so awesome, each arc is better than the last

  3. Indeed Nicola Scott is a top tier artist for DC now. Fantastic stuff. Jim lee. Ivan reis. Nicola scott.

  4. I’m disappointed none of you tried X-O Manowar despite the fact that your podcast is sponsored by Valiant. I’ve never read or even really heard of Valiant yet I found myself very excited about the relaunch. The book was great too, it didn’t at all feel like a 90’s book. It felt modern and unique.

    • You guys should check it out.

    • IT was the show sponsor, seems reasonable that they wouldn’t talk about it i that case.

    • @adrian They talked about AVX. I think they didn’t have interest in the book.

    • Listen people, you need to make up your minds! Are we sellouts or not?

    • I do find it a bit hypocritical you will discuss one book advertised on your site but not another.

      They spent a lot of money to advertise on the site, the least you could do is at least bring up a user review.

    • @TheNextChampion – What part of “we keep editorial separate from advertising” isn’t clear? Ads do not have anything to do with our editorial content. Period. The end. We don’t sell editorial, and therefore, it isn’t in the show, because we chose not to include it. They bought an ad, which they got. End of story.

  5. You guys made a great point about the response of mainstream media on comics as a news subject, but I think iFanboy has dropped the ball on filling in the gap between comic book sites and the mainstream. This site should be a more in-depth discussion of the field of comics – all types of comics – but rather than that, most of the “articles” are one or two line comments by someone on staff. There is no reporting per se, unless its a reposting of an article from somewhere else. That’s not journalism no matter how many awards they give Huffington Post. What if Conor did an interesting story on why is Jeph Loeb canceling animations shows such as Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Spectacular Spider-Man for alternative Ultimate Spider-Man? What if Josh did a series of spotlights on smaller scale independent writers and artists that he loves and wanted to give some exposure? What if someone examined the very real issue of comic artists and their struggle to maintain a life while keeping a career in comics? Or someone discuss the nature of the digital comics push by looking at the way publishers are exploring innovative approaches to delivering a different digital experience.

    A few weeks ago, you guys had up an opinion piece describing iFanboy staff as comic journalists. Maybe if you tried some of these idea – or other investigative stories where research and interviewing was used – we wouldn’t look to mainstream media for that type of reporting. I feel there is real potential here. I just wish someone else did.

    • I understand and respect your points, but they do most of the things that you feel they should throughout the year. Sometimes articles can be short, but other times they have very profound articles that provoke thought, at least for me. I’m ignorant to their end of the process regarding how they get information, but I would assume that they do not have nearly as much access to a plethora of information than a mainstream journalist has. There’s no AP specifically for comics, at least I don’t think so.

    • You’re describing a different thing than what we are, than what we want to do. That’s what you want, but it’s not what we’ve built. But do I feel like I’m giving as much as I can to the good of comics? I do.

      I don’t want to be a journalist, and I never did.

    • Gary, I think that iFanboy does a great job covering comics in the format that they have given us. I’m the person who called in about how some mainstream news/culture media can be frustrating when they cover comics or movies based on comics. iFanboy actually fills a really great niche of the comics related media. Its not a news site and its definitely not a follower of PR for the comics genre. They bring their own take on what’s going on in comics. They bring thoughtful articles like the post about the Chris Roberson situation, and they cover a good spread of the comics from their perspectives and the general community on the iFanboy site. I’d rather spend time enjoying what these guys bring to the table each week because they are pretty damn good.

    • Yes, there are ALWAYS going to be some things a news outlet could/should do better with. Whether that’s articles/coverage or opinion and analysis — its true just the same for all the news outlets. Whether comics or video games, music or movies, there is always something can be improved on. The same thing is true for iFanboy.

      We listen — I listen — because I love hearing Conor, Josh, and Ron discuss their books. They each have interesting opinions, sometimes shared by the community and sometimes not. That’s why I love it!

      Gary4362, as the guys would say on the show about a book — if you’re not enjoying it, drop it. Check out other sites. If you find one you like, good for you. If you can’t, you should keep trying. But at the end of the day, this is MY comic community.

    • Do you guys ever get this bunched up about stuff that actually matters to someone? If this is how much you spin out about a couple guys talking about comic books, woe be unto your city council meetings.

    • man you guys just can’t win can you?

      @jimski–if there were only a way to create an Infinity Gauntlet for Nerd Rage…..to use the power of internet freakouts to fix the problems of the world!

  6. “CHEW!”

  7. @Josh, thanks for responding to my post. I appreciate your honesty and frankness about what you guys do. I’ll continue to support you AND look elsewhere for the other things that I’m seeking.

  8. Whoa Josh! That community episode was amazing! But you might be right, Daredevil 12 might be better.

    And, as a writing feat, it’s really hard to pull of a plot twist between page 1 and 2. Waid is proving his mastery of the craft with every issue.

  9. Heeeyyyyy guys, I didnt know where to put this, but I love your podcasts and was always sad I couldnt hear the earlier ones because of well I guess a sever crash, so I went on a bit of a hunt and found this site.


    So if anyyone wants to hear early Ifanboy then here they are. 🙂 …everyone sounds so young!

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