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Pick of the Week #131 – Glamourpuss #1

Show Notes

It’s one of those shows this week as the guys gather to discuss and bicker a little over this week’s books.

Running Time – 00:57:00

00:01:37 – Information on the fund raising effort for David Pirkola of Apparitions Comics and Books in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Pick of the Week:
00:04:38 – Ron has to explain himself for his choice of Glamourpuss #1 by Dave Sim.

00:13:49 – Conor goes to blows defending DC Universe #0.
00:18:17 – The excitement around Secret Invasion is waning with The New Avengers #40.
00:20:51 – Despite the appearance of Pieface, Green Lantern #30 was approved by the Comics Code Authority.
00:25:54 – Ron’s both happy and annoyed that Local #11 is out.
00:26:58 – Conor suggests XXXombies #4 is for kids (just kidding).
00:29:10 – The concept behind Helen Killer #1 cracks Ron up.
00:31:19 – Josh thought Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula was a great read because it lacked the downer of Daredevil and Milla.

User Reviews:
00:33:30 – TimmyWood writes about Teen Titans: Year One #4.
00:35:47 – Jazzlawyer lays the smackdown on the The Immortal Iron Fist #14.
00:37:59 – Poolgirl sings the praises of Usagi Yojimbo #111.

00:40:54 – Edward from Queens, NY wonders about comic book movies.
00:43:44 – Ross from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada has his eyes on a comic book with 1,000 issues.

00:46:24 – Jimski from St. Louis, MO weighs in on the shapeshifters issue.
00:48:15 – Tad Stones from La CaƱada, CA is curious about Conor’s attraction to Robin.

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  1. i’m pretty sure the "evil mentors" aspect of teen titans year one was settled up in the last issue, #3 – it was some monster from another dimension, and the titans defeated it.

  2. Oh gimme a break, I’ve been reading Countdown for the last year and I had NO CLUE what was going on in DC Universe 0. Conor was uncharacteristically close minded on this issue…why?

  3. AlexG – Everything you needed to know about DC UNIVERSE 0 was on the page.

  4. I don’t read any DC books currently but picked up DC Universe 0 and thought it was decent.  I took it at face value, a bunch of teases of what’s going on, and was able to get the gist in spite of having no knowledge of the DC Universe. Will I pick up Final Crisis? Don’t know yet.

  5. But I didn’t know who anyone was..didn’t recognize any of those characters…the whole batman thing with Joker? didn’t get what that was about. The guy spitting up black blood? no idea…that page with the tiny vertical strip panels…huh? And then the last scene just seemed like the Red Hood thing in marvel. but I don’t know that guy either. I’m not saying it was "Bad", far from it, all I’m saying is that there are people out there who read it and were confused. Yeah, I could go hunt down who all these characters are etc, but thats boring.

  6. I’m also one of those not reading much, if any D.C and I really wasn’t sure what most of DC universe 0 was about.  I enjoyed the teaser for Batman R.I.P. and the Blackest Night Preview was interesting but wasn’t sure who on earth some of those guys were, and the guy spitting up blood nope.  The problem for me is that noting in there sold me on Final Crisis.  I may pick up the first issue but nothing in this issue would be the reason for that.

  7. @AlexG – Everything you *needed* to know, not everything there is to know.  If those stories or characters are uninteresting to you then it only cost you 50 cents to find out you don’t need to read any of those particular books. 

    I don'[ know shit about Libra (the guy at the end like The Hood) but it was pretty clear from his section that he was gathering the supervillains.  The guy who was spitting out the black blood was The Black Hand but beyond that I don’t know anything about him.  I just know that the story was intriguing.

    Again, everything you needed to know was on the page.  If you liked what hyou saw, you now know what to buy.  If not then you know what not to buy.  That was the point of DC UNIVERSE 0. 

  8. Yeah, I get your point now conor, I guess I missed the point that this was a a preview of the new arcs in DC. I kept thinking this was the bridge to FInal Crisis, which in a way I guess it is, but rather than hook me it’s left me confused, and a lot less interested in any of the upcoming arcs–except for Green lantern, which I’ve been hooked on for a while now. Oh well.

  9. Aren’t all major events like this. If a guy/girl who isn’t a big marvel reader starts to read Secret Invasion wouldn’t they be confused as well?

  10. AlexG – I think the fact that DC changed DC UNIVERSE 0 from a bridge to FINAL CRISIS to a primer on the current big events of the DCU was probably an editorial blunder on their part.  Of course, in their defense they did publicize it as such.  Whether or not people were paying attention is another matter.

  11. AlexG – Thank you!  I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. 

    Mario – You are correct, but I was expecting this issue to be a "catch up" for Final Crisis, and it wasn’t.  I did pick up Secret Invasion and enjoyed it, even though I’m not deep in the Marvel U, so hopefully Final Crisis will be the same.

    Conor – You are correct.  It didn’t live up to my expectations because it wasn’t what I was expecting. That’s my fault, I think.

    But it leads to the question – Why DIDN’T they release a "catch up" for Final Crisis?  Why don’t all publisher’s do this before big events?  

  12. If you were confused as to what was happening during DCU 0 then I’m curious as to whether you actually know how to read a comic. I mean, if you know how to read comics you should have no problem knowing whats going on in DCU 0. it’s as simple as that.

     (sorry if this comes off as a little mean spirited)

  13. I Wikipedia’d Black Hand, and he was an old Green Lantern monthly villian, who had his hand burnt off by the Spectre.  And in the Blackest Night teaser poster, the Black Ring symbol is the symbol on the Black Hand’s chest.

    I’m a relatively new DC reader, but I recognized the significance of Barry Allen.

    Also, Conor and Ron need to re-read Teen Titans Year One #3, cuz that whole bad mentor storyline was completely wrapped up. =P

  14. haha, i just noticed that was tad Stones as in this Tad Stones (he mentions animation):



  15. Oh please, being confused about the hodgepodge that was DC Universe 0 has nothing to do with knowing how to read a comic. That’s an over the top critique.

  16. RE: Teen Titans Year One – you know, as I mentioned in the podcast, I think I missed issue #3…I have to go dig that up.

    RE: DC Universe #0 – I know how to read a comic. duh. I just was putting myself in the shoes of the random person who might have picked it up not knowing anything about the past *insert time period here* of the DCU continuity – for that, it was a blunder of book – thank god it was only 50 cents. heh


  17. It might have been smarter for DC to use DCU 0 as their free comic book day entry, but I didn’t mind investing 50 cents to find out about some storylines I wouldn’t have checked in on, otherwise.  I thought it was worth it just for the Batman/Joker scene.  I’ve never bought a Batman book before, I’m not particularly predisposed to like Morrison, but I’ll likely be picking up this storyline  because it looks fascinating.  So DC did their job as far as this reader is concerned —

    I recall Marvel did something similar with the Initiative books, right after Civil War. But it cost $5, and once I realized it was just a preview for upcoming series, I threw the book — and was so annoyed I actually didn’t buy some of the advertised titles that I might have tried, otherwise.  So, apparently, price tag is key for me on something like this; immediate accessibility is for others.   

  18. Yikes, for some reason DC Universe 0 has people up in arms. I hope my twenty years of comic book reading aren’t invalidated by my confusion reading the book.

    FWIW, I couldn’t understand at all what was going on in DC Universe 0. I even read it carefully because I had seen that it was spoiled in mainstream press, but I avoided any news so I was looking for the surprise. I had to read online that the issue was hinting at Barry’s return.

    Lest you think this is because I’m a Marvel guy, I follow several DC books (although I’ll admit they basically fall into the Winick, Johns, Dixon, Rucka sub-lines of DC). I also consider Crisis on Infinite Earths to be one of my favorite comic events.

    I’m not sure what happened. Some of my favorite characters are DC, and I loved stories like Legends and even Millennium when I was growing up. But I can’t seem to get a toehold on the big events in DC now.

  19. Whenever I watched the video show where Pol the Intern said that off camera the iFanboys don’t get along and fight…I thought, surely not.  But then we have episodes like the first half of this weeks….wow…I could feel the tension.  And man if Conor’s silence wasn’t heavy….but it is ok, by the end the love was restored. But alas…what kind of show would it be if all 3 of you always agreed on everything? Disagreements and differences of opinion are what makes the POW interesting after all.

  20. @AlexG and


    If you felt that comment was directed at any of you in particular, then I apologize. I’m not out to offend anyone, I just don’t see how any of it was to hard to undertsand. Maybe if i went into it expecting a whole finished story i would have been dissapointed but I was expecting questions, not answers, and that’s what I got.

    I’ve only been reading comics for a little over 2 years now and I do agree that someone who has never read a comic before may have a bit of trouble reading this, but I don’t see how anybody who is already reading comics would have trouble (maybe i just have an easier time jumping into things than some people. my first comic was infinite crisis 3 after all, and i had not trouble enjoying it). Keep in mind i had no idea who the guy vomiting black stuff (who i later found out to be the black hand, who i know nothing about) was, I know nothing about libra other than that he’s the main villian in final crisis, and i found the wonder woman section uninteresting.

    However, the book as a whole was well worth the .50 price tag and it definately got me excited for the final crisis books and batman RIP.

  21. Ok, sounds good.

  22. So, weighing in on the shapeshifter debate, in the Mystique ongoing a couple of years ago she took a bunch of bullets, which she managed to survive by moving her internal organs.  I think it was a McKeever book even.

    SOoooooo, presumably she can do whatever she wants with her insides right?  Making babies when she wants or impregnating ladies when she wants.

  23. ok so i loved the show as i do every week.

    i loved glamourpuss. i thought it was an intresting way to do a comic. i liked New Avengers 40 and DC Universe 0. i agree that it was pretty much a book of trailers for upcoming titles. but it was 50 cents so cant go wrong at all. i thought how you guys joked about CrawlspaceXxxombies for children was hilarious, but that book is mightly sick.

    good job on the podcast!!

  24. Elvis Costello Excellent !!! Allison is one of my fav. songs ever. Whoever is picking the music should get a raise.

  25. Josh:"but honey I want to be WW tonight !"

    Josh’s Wife: "FINE"

    PS. fine never means fine Josh, you should let her be Wonder Woman

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