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Pick of the Week #182 – Justice Society of America #26

Show Notes

With Ron Richards away on a slow boat to nowhere, Mike Romo steps up to the microphone as Josh Flanagan shows his Maine pride and Conor Kilpatrick misses his mouth.

Running Time: 00:58:14

Pick of the Week:
00:02:15 – Geoff Johns says goodbye and earns Conor’s Pick of the Week with Justice Society of America #26.

00:11:26 – Josh’s surprise favorite book of the week? G.I. Joe: Origins #3.
00:16:36 – Conor and Mike loved Phonogram: The Singles Club #2.
00:20:31 – Mike jumped on Nova #24 and found a lot to like.
00:25:53 – Battlefields: Tankies #1 features an accent that stymies Josh.
00:30:18 – Dark Reign: Cabal was all about Doom!
00:31:49 – Mike and Conor say the game is afoot in Sherlock Holmes #1.
00:35:20 – Green Lantern #40 causes Josh to change his mind.

User Reviews:
00:38:20 – superchuck loved everything about Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #4.
00:40:18 – changingshades broke out the thesaurus to describe his feelings on Avengers/Invaders #10.

00:43:06 – Dave G. wonders about digital comics and conventions, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
00:45:09 – Glenn from Texas asks about buying toys.

00:47:47 – Don B. from Pennsylvania wants to know about theme songs and old Avengers stories.
00:50:15 – Craig from Cincinnati, OH is happy about being an iFanboy Member.

“Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above”



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  1. Oooh, good! I really like Merino’s work.

  2. @skeets – That is some damn fine art.  Thanks for the link.

    I have really enjoyed both G.I. Joe Origins and Cobra.  I am not sure which is the better series (I think I prefer Cobra).  Unfortunatly, my shop didn’t get G.I. Joe Origins #3 this week.  IDW needs to get its shit together.  They have some very solid work being done, but that doesn’t matter if I can’t physically buy the book.

  3. Yeah, I haven’t seen much of his, but his issue of Superman a few months back was really cool.

  4. Ah rats, for a split second I thought that the video show was an all omnibus/absolute show.  

  5. @Gabe – wasn’t the mini enough?

  6. Guys the Post Office does pick ups, you don’t need to go down there all the time

  7. @Heroville: Our mailings our quite complex.

  8. I’m really glad to hear Josh thanking all of the members. This summer when I’m able to scrape the cash together, I’ll be joining at the highest level (That’s my goal at least.) I love all the content on this site and definitely wanna lend a hand.

  9. Nova #24…..was good….I mean there was nothing wrong with it. But I didnt see the excitement of this issue like you guys did. If this was issue #14 then yes, cause the past issues have been great. But since like issue #21 this has been a slow moving comic.

  10. Great podcast as usual guys. Got my member pack last week. Came with an issue of Madman! with Darwyn Cooke art, so that was AWESOME (definitely going to have to pick up the book in trade now).

  11. Thanks for the podcast, guys!

  12. In my infinite wisdom, I jumped on to JSA with this issue. Way to go me!

  13. You can at least use this issue to figure out if it’s something you like, and if so, go and get some of the past issues, I guess.  Silver lining?

  14. @josh True. i liked the characterization of this issue and picked up some past issues at the back issue bins at FCBD, so I’m gonna try it out.

  15. so did anyone read Saviour 28? Josh, i think you might dig it. it’s about a captain america type superhero that realise violence is futile after Sept. 11. Good stuff.

    And Great episode. keep up the good work

  16. Glad you dug it, gentlemen. Next one will be coming soon.


  17. I’m not so sure I know why Courtney (her forebear is Star-Spangled Kid, she’s only indirectly a Starman legacy) is so revered. Beyond her emotional link to Geoff Johns, I’m not convinced she’s anything more than a good team player.
    So Sherlock Homes is good? After Albion I’ve not been inclined towards Moore/Reppion stuff – I was really looking forward to that book, featuring my childhood reads, but it was unintelligible.
    Oh, and haddaway and shite with the downer on Geordie accents, marras.
  18. @edward  Did the second issue of Saviour 28 come out?  I really liked the first one but I wasn’t aware that there had been a new one.

    @Mart  I don’t think she’s revered, she’s just appreciated for her contributions as a member of the team.  Though if I recall she was one of the first, if not the first, members of the ‘new’ generation in JSA so I can see treating her as a little extra special.

  19. I received my membership package a few days ago. It was excellent. I got Madman Atomic Comics #10, and I was completely lost throughout the entire thing. I now want to read all of it.

    Speaking of old Avengers stories, I was talking to a coworker about FCBD. I was hoping I could convince him to go. Instead, he brought a stack of early ’90s comics he had in his basement that he wanted to get rid of. What does this have to do with the Avengers? In the stack was West Coast Avengers #102, the last issue. It was beautiful.

  20. I would like to congratulate Mike Romo on a job well done!!

    Josh and Conor…you guys did ok.

  21. @OhCaroline: MY store just got the first issue. so it’s been out for a while? hmmm

  22. @edward  I know I saw it a while ago, probably more than a month.  Maybe they reissued or reordered #1?  Anyway, it’s an interesting first issue.  I heard JM DeMatteis talk about it on Word Baloon, and it basically incorporates some storylines he wanted to use in Captain America but wasn’t allowed.

  23. I just listened to the podcast, and at the beginning I thought, "Is Josh doing an Ira Glass impression or am I imagining things?" 


    Nice show, as always.

  24. I would love to see how long I could do Ira Glass in a given show.

  25. @Ohcaroline: i heard that podcast. JM DeMatteis really did a fantastic job of selling the book. It’s a brillant concept. Josh! Come On, it’s right up your alley, brother.

  26. Shit, I don’t even feel like listening this week.  I don’t think you guys got one title listed that I read…

  27. this is the sound of a sad voilin, robbydzwonar

  28. Re Ennis’ Tankies :-

    ‘Ooop the spooot’ = ‘Up the spout’ i.e. there’s a shell ready to fire in the breech of the gun barrel

    Also artist Carlos Ezquerra is best known on this side of the pond for co-creating Judge Dredd rather than his work with Garth 🙂


  29. @Josh, 

    Would love to hear it. I’ve been obessed with "This American Life" lately, so when the POW Podcast came on I thought I might have selected the wrong thing on my iPod.  

  30. @Marbles – Once again our 2000 AD ignorance is laid bare.

    But I did know what "ooop  the spooooot" was. And it was awesome.

  31. OOOH if Nova 24 came out does this mean that the next giant sized hardcover may not be far behind? *Gimme hands*

  32. Whua? When did I turn into superchuck? That was my review of LOTW, right? I’m not gone crazy? Oh well, nobody’s human.

    Great podcast, as always. The best part is that since I got my box from DCBS, I was able to listen to it withou skipping around. 

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