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Pick of the Week #383 – Uncanny Avengers #7

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That’s more like it! Comics delivered a whole bunch of great comics this week, some new and some old. Listen to the show, won’t you, and try to keep us in Ferraris!

Running Time: 01:02:54

Pick of the Week:
00:02:00 – Uncanny Avengers #7

Uncanny Avengers_7Comics:
00:10:17 – Batman, Incorporated #10
00:14:28 – Jupiter’s Legacy #1
00:20:21 – Star Wars: Legacy #2
00:23:44 – Fury MAX #11
00:28:00 – All-Star Western #19
00:28:55 – The Flash #19
00:29:38 – Avengers Arena #8
00:31:32 – B.P.R.D.: Vampire #2
00:34:36 – Young Avengers #4
00:37:32  – Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #22

User Reviews:
00:40:52 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:42:11 – Vumbo reviews East of West #2.
00:44:35 – blkassassin106 reviews Invincible #102.

Audience Questions:
00:48:40 – Joel is looking for a B.P.R.D. starting point? Vampire?
00:50:59 – John asks about our favorite endings in comics.
00:54:26 – Eric asks about war comics, but not WWII comics.

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  1. The recent G.I. Combat series had some great modern war stories. Well, one of them was set on a dinosaur island, and the other was about the Haunted Tank and featured a Nazi War Wheel, but the Unknown Soldier story was very dark, modern and gritty.

  2. I just read Safe Area Gorazde this week and it was a great read. Big fan of Joe Sacco’s work since hopping on his Palestine book. Gorazde is a very brutal read though so if you’re squeamish when it comes to gore or rape I wouldn’t recommend it. But it was a book about a war I knew NOTHING about and Sacco did a great job writing about it.

    Is Manhattan Projects esoteric? I think it’s Hickman’s most straight forward series right now and there isn’t nearly as much confusing aspects like in his Avengers books. Sometimes he’ll bring up stuff that won’t be addressed for several issues but I don’t think of it as esoteric.

  3. Hey Conor, did I hear you correctly that you are reading a biography about Joseph Kenny? If so, what’s the book called?

  4. *sigh* Gotham Central…
    I just read the giant trade of Terry Moore’s Echo, that had a wonderful ending. Aside from the ones you guys mentioned,, Aaron’s Punisher Max series ended great too.

  5. Good show fellas. As far as good war comics in Afghanistan, I enjoyed “Graveyard of Empires” by Azaceta and Sable. Its not factual as it has zombies in it, but still.


  6. Great show guys. You know what? You 3 seem to be “gelling” more with each episode and the rapport beetween each other is refreshing and makes the show joy to listen to. yeah Ron left a huge hole when he left for image but Paul has really developed a voice on these podcasts that plays off old pros like Conor’s and Josh’ s and brings a new dynamic to the table.

    But enough praise, time to take you three to task for your dismissal of Ultimate Spider-Man. Are you dudes that jaded that the death of Mile’ s mother didn’t move you? or that finally page of the issue with Miles ripping his costume in grief and crying for his mom? The previous 22 issues has been building towards this moment – this “origin” moment. How often do you get a 22 chapter super hero origin story? And how many times do read a origin story interred within 22 canonical issues?

    I read an interview with Bendis recently where reviled that issue #23 takes place one year later after #22 – I think this is a smart move. 12 issues of a grieving 13 year old may have been a little hard to get thru.

    But yeah, issue 22 was a moving and sententious moment in Miles evolution as Spider-Man and not something to be derided.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I’m very interested in the one-year jump. I hadn’t read about that until after our recording last week. To be honest, my reading of the series has been sparse enough that I didn’t have that emotional connection to Miles or his mother, so it registered as a creative decision more than a tragic death. I think I’m going to continue reading from this point and then revisit the older material once they reissue it in a big hardcover.

    • A part of me wishes BMB didn’t kill off Peter..

  7. Good Show guys. Jason Aarons “The Other” was a really good war book that wasn’t mentioned.

  8. I loved the ending of Planetary. I would love to see some one-off specials to fill in some of the 20th century tales. In particular a one-shot of the Nautilus would be awesome.

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