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Pick of the Week #130 – Justice League of America #20

Show Notes

It’s a fairly light week. But, as always, there’s plenty to talk about, like a few worthy books and plenty of e-mails.

Running Time – 01:03:17

Pick of the Week:
00:02:00 – Conor was very glad to have a great issue of Justice League of America, with issue #20 as the Pick of the Week. Plus, good Flash!

00:10:54 – The team is divided on The Mighty Avengers #12 (or The Adventures of Nick Fury and No Avengers #1).
00:16:13 – Grant Morrison brought the good stuff in Batman #675.
00:19:58 – Greg Rucka leaves on a high note with Checkmate #25.
00:25:05 – The Vision takes center stage in Young Avengers Presents #4.
00:30:50 – There was a bit of a scheduling snafu with Death of the New Gods #8.
00:33:01 – Ultimate Spider-Man #121 was a fun romp with a big silly villain.
00:34:58 – What sort of fan is Josh if he doesn’t mention the awesome Fables #72?

User Reviews
00:36:43 – FACE didn’t like Countdown to Final Crisis #1 so much.
00:37:45 – ohcaroline has learned to love the X-Men again with Uncanny X-Men #497.

00:41:07 – Chris from Sacramento, CA wants a book he’s guaranteed to like.
00:44:00 – Brian gets creepy about shapeshifters and their inner parts.
00:46:30 – Daniel from Australia wants to know how we interact with non-comics readers.
00:49:20 – Jay from Southern California asks about which editors we like.
00:51:48 – Ryan from Wichita, KS is annoyed by kids and their toys and merchandising.

“This Place Sucks”



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  1. I spent the whole time that you were talking about Batman waiting for a the big "however" to fall but I can’t believe that you guys really didn’t seem to have any problems with the art on this issue. I’ve been loving Morrison’s Batman but the horrible art in this issue really distracted from the story for me.

  2. @Ilash – Ultimately the art was passable enough to not hinder the fantastic writing.

  3. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Correction: Tom Peyer is writing Flash. Tom Raney is indeed an artist.

  4. This might have been the best collection of email questions ever.   Whoever asked about the shapeshifter deserves some kind of genius grant, because I have these what-if-comic-book-science conversations a lot, and that was a new one on me.

    I also totally relate to the conversation about adjusting the level of geekiness in a conversation.  I just got through arguing with my mom about whether she knows who Stan Lee is.  "I promise, you have heard of Stan Lee!  You have!  If you saw his picture you would recognize him!"  And this may or may not be true; I have a completely warped sense of these things at this point.

  5. I think you meant Checkmate #25 and Young Avengers Presents #4…

    Maybe time for a new intern…


  6. @HBD It’s all clearly getting to be too much!

    We can take on a new persona as the podcast/website who happily admit to our mistakes.  We’re just that human.

  7. hey, quick correction – on the young avengers cover, jimmy cheung actually drew the "classic" vision pictures in the background too. he did that for the whole series. check brevoort’s blog for confirmation. its just another reason he is an insane genius. he actually took the time to emulate the styles of all those classic artists. so great.

  8. Aaaaahhhhhh, I loves me some Descendents!  Always brings a smile to my face when they are used in the opening of the podcast!

  9. RE: The Mighty Avengers cover

    Get used to the unrelated homage Skrull covers on everything Secret Invasion related. Marvel knows how much money they made selling comics with Zombie-versions, so they’ll certainly do the same here.

  10. Mighty Avengers was awesome.  The art problems Conor had were unfounded.  Nick Fury changed because of the passing of time, plus he’s hiding out keeping a low profile.  I wish Bendis would have pointed it out better but still it was obvisious.  Also, I really wish the new Marvel animated dvd coming out was based on Young Avengers not whatever kiddy concoction Avengers Reborn will be.

  11. The art problems were not unfounded to me.

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