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Pick of the Week #281 – The Sixth Gun #11

Show Notes

There’s disagreement from the start on this one! But we get it together, and cover a whole lot of comic ground. Like baseball or not, that’s not the point. Also, ignore the construction and coughing.

Running Time: 01:01:41

Pick of the Week:
00:01:56 – Under some duress, Josh gets on with his explanation of this week’s Pick, The Sixth Gun #11.

00:09:27 – Close runner up was Invincible #79, where Kirkman isn’t afraid to make big choices.
00:14:25 – Super Dinosaur #1 was another surprise entirely, and a completely different direction for Kirkman.
00:17:25 – Is there a Tan issue with Uncanny X-Force #8, or not?
00:22:19 – Ron and Conor overrule Josh’s Pick of the Week, and go with Wolverine #8.
00:29:49 – Red Hulk punches in The Avengers #12.
00:33:42 – Red Hulk punches in Hulk #32.
00:34:33 – The sheer art talent alone in Dark Horse Presents #1 is worth the price of admission.
00:36:15 – Good fill-in work from Matt Sturges on Zatanna #12.

User Reviews:
00:37:40 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:39:00 – Hakaider is just about done with Green Lantern #65.
00:41:41 – Duraflametree is plenty happy with Thunderbolts #156.

Book of the Month:
00:43:38 – Sometimes baseball isn’t about baseball, but sometimes it is, and either way, Ron is thrilled with 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente, our April Book of the Month.

00:53:03 – Andy is getting back to back issues.
00:55:49 – Robert has another take on the unfriendly comic shop we talked about last week.

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  1. Hope you guys have a great Easter! And for all of the Greek iFanboy members like myself, Xristos Anesti!!!

  2. Wait a minute… it’s Easter, but the episode is up early. Are you guys collectively the Easter Bunny, here to bring us colored eggs and podcasts?

    Anyways, Happy Easter!

  3. Hot episode, gentlemen.

    What makes it hot? I dunno, I just got tired of typing “excellent” or “great” every week.


  4. Loved the episode. Sorry Ron, I think your assessment of the Steve and Red Hulk coversation was reaching a bit. Whatev. GO METS!!!

  5. I wish Oni Press would hurry up and get thier stuff released digitally, seems with Dark Horse getting ready to rev up their digital library Oni would do the same.  Oni has such a great back library of stuff, I think folks would jump on their digital stuff right away…

  6. Breaks my heart that one of the most original bands of the 00’s now makes shitty R.E.M. albums for a living.

  7. Guess who saw Thor two days ago, iFanbase? Would you like know about the end credit spoiler?

    Well, here it is…

    Anyway, looking forward to the podcast

  8. Ha, ron made it sound like eve was raped. And sixth gun is fantastic!

  9. I don’t read the Red Hulk books, but can’t this latest Avengers arc be seen as the origin of Steve Roger’s and Red Hulk’s relationship? I don’t see all these Marvel Universe stories happening concurrently, so I had no problem when Steve asked the Red Hulk to be an Avenger.

  10. In regards to Andy’s question, I love back issues. Love them. But I only love them for short series. Anything with a definite beginning, middle, and end fascinates me. It really doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, I just enjoy seeing how a writer changes his or her characters over time. If there’s a creative team change, that’s even better because then I get to read a whole new take. However, if something is available readily in trade, I prefer it there. I doubt we’ll ever see full runs of SUICIDE SQUAD, CAPTAIN ATOM (the 1987 series), HAWK & DOVE, GUY GUARDNER, or ICON in trade, so I’ve gone out of my way to get them (and others) in issue form.

    I’ll let you decide which of those examples are “good” or not.

  11. How about a psychic zombie by night civil war grunt by day who has an enchanted bayonet
    that gives him the knowlwdge of everyone he kills.

    I bet that would be a pow. 

  12. auto fail by wanting jean gray back, just for me.

    other then that fun

  13. I saw a comercial for “Green Lantern” last night, and all I could think about is how much better it would be if Tim Meddows played Hal Jordan as the Ladies Man.

  14. Thanks to the follow up on last week’s on air comments about Comics Etc. I moved to Rochester two years ago and tried a few other LCS’s in the area before visiting them. They’ve always been a class act. Always gotten me issues of what I wanted, including more obscure books like Glamourpuss and Echo. Always given me a discount. I look forward to seeing them every week.

  15. With all this talk about Wolverine, I kind of want to pick up this arc.

  16. Wow, in a hilarious twist of fate, the owner of Comics Etc. has responded to the situation on his store’s Google Review page. Apparently aside from whatever misunderstandings have occured, the party who has committed the greatest misdeed, and is in need of offering an apology is… wait for it… iFanboy!!

  17. Dear Ron:

          Please learn how to say Archangel.  Fuck.


  18. @SolomonKull  It’s part of Ron’s charm that he mispronounces words. You’re gonna have to live with it as we do.

  19. Green Lantern Corpse.

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