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Pick of the Week #382 – Captain Marvel #12

Show Notes

Awash in a sea of alarmingly lackluster week of comics, Paul Montgomery, Josh Flanagan, and Conor Kilpatrick discover that the cream truly does rise to the top.

Running Time: 01:06:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:41 – Captain Marvel #12

Captain Marvel_12

00:11:12 – Captain America #6
00:16:11 – Justice League #19
00:19:57 – Daredevil #25
00:24:24 – Nova #3
00:29:31 – B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth – A Cold Day in Hell, Part 2
00:31:05 – Mara #4
00:33:47 – Li’l Depressed Boy #16
00:36:14 – Revival #9
00:38:04 – Bandette #4

User Reviews:
00:40:36 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week
00:42:19 – ghostmann reviews Wonder Woman #19
00:43:26 – harpier reviews The Black Beetle: No Way Out #3

Book of the Month:
00:45:43 – Peanut

Audience Questions:
00:52:32 – Rob is getting married! What comics should he bring to the beach?
00:55:48 – Tony’s excited about Man of Steel, but wants to prep with some Superman essentials.

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  1. First Canadians, now Broads! What’s next polacks??

  2. I think Daredevil should have gotten the pick, but thats my opinion.

  3. I think this Captain America story will last untill issue #10

  4. Re: Daredevil #25:

    The issue deserves a tip of the cap; ton of great art.

    Boom. I did it. Retroactive segue.

  5. Well done Rob, you got your question answered on two separate podcasts. Seems to be a consensus on what your honeymoon priorities should be! Congrats on your nuptials and best wishes!

  6. Nice show gents.

    Thanks for the tip of the hat Paul in regards to my reviews this week. And yeah you’re right, in my WW review Azzarello should have been the barbarian at DC’s gates (I so need an editor!)

    And hey, next Halloween I’m thinking – instead of candy, I’m handing out Wonder Woman trade paperbacks! 😉

  7. This is the only podcast where you get wall to wall Welcome Back Kotter coverage.

  8. Snakeguy.

  9. I liked the darker Dexter Soy art when this series started, especially when her folding plated mask comes on. I love the abstract “euro” style like Andrade has here as well, and I also liked her Mohawk euro-mullet dew. I think drawn right it didn’t look like a mullet but a modern, original look for a character that needed one which made her stand out amongst other female Supes. I hope they keep the mask and find a way to incorporate the hair without going too mullet.

  10. Had a nice little geek out moment that took me back to a G.I. Joe back up story long ago, when I heard “Serpantor inventing pizza” referenced. This is just one of the little things that make me love Ifanboy, thank you Conner.

  11. Your honeymoon beach advice was spot on…make sure your new wife is happy and attended to, and just read novels so she’s feeling good about her choice!

    But, for those beach vacations, well, I tell you, I have completely different advice/habits. For my summer vacation, I always pick one of those dusty runs in my comic collection (yes the floppies) and bring four and six packs of those to the beach with me. I find it’s perfect, you can read as much as you like in small doses, and it’s a great way to enjoy those great comics runs you always mean to get back to. Past summers I’ve read my Miracleman run, the Busiek/Nord Conan run, the O’Neill/Cowans Question run…totally fun! Vacations are cool that way as one’s isolation from the week-to-week comics continuum (you catch up when you get back home) is a great excuse to channel that special run you want to re-read.

    I find having the comics, along with a good novel, lets you really enjoy the sun, surf, family, and friends while allowing you to alternate between different reading styles and also putting the books down and having fun.

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