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Pick of the Week #228 – Blackest Night #8

Show Notes

The animals have overtaken the zoo for the second annual iFanboy.com Staff Writer Pick of the Week Podcast! Paul Montgomery, Jim Mroczkowski, and Mike Romo take to the mic and talk about all of their favorite books of the week. Well, part of the time, anyway. There’s also some griping. Don’t worry though. They let Josh Flanagan out of the meat freezer for a few minutes so he can talk about his pick, the landmark Blackest Night #8.

Running Time: 01:13:15

Pick of the Week:
00:02:03 – Before being led back down to the meat freezer, a captive Josh leads the discussion of Blackest Night #8.

00:19:08 – Between a jarring art change and a complicated narrative, Mike was bamboozled by Detective Comics #863.
00:25:45 – Adventure Comics #9 might be three terrific comics crammed into one issue, but reactions are mixed.
00:30:41 – Jim and Paul pity the fools who missed out on A-Team War Stories: BA.
00:32:43 – Paul makes a startling confession about X-Men: Second Coming #1.
00:42:55 – The guys generally dig Fantastic Four #577, but it still reads like SAT prep.
00:47:47 – Is lackluster art enough to corrupt Incorruptible #4?
00:51:32 – It’s time to wish She-Hulk Sensational #1 a happy 30th… by talking about Deadpool.

User Reviews:
00:56:45 – SilverAgeTom was ensorcelled by Dragon Age #1.
00:58:22 – imakereality admires the Riddler’s beautiful mind in Gotham City Sirens #10.

00:59:50 – Chris G. is itching for a Luke Cage solo ongoing. Would it fly?

01:03:48 – Dave W. wants to know what we do when the comics pile up.

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“Let Her Dance”
The Bobby Fuller Four


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  1. libsyn seems to be down

  2. Writing Staff episode! Awesome!

  3. I love being ensorcelled. 

    I’m always glad to see the staff writers get guest spots.  I hope you guys had fun.

  4. hmmm? what’s hapening here? no itunes or direct download

  5. Yeah, it’s not working.

  6. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    That "gatefold" joke was solid and no one noticed it!

  7. oh, those writers! such noobs!!

  8. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Chris G,

    I couldn’t think of it during the discussion of your question, but there’s a Luke Cage mini coming out with a script from John Arcudi (BPRD) and pencils by Eric Canete (The End League). I for one will be jumping on that one.  

  9. Pro: I can listen to the podcast on website.

    Con: I still can’t download it on itunes.

  10. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    No?  I got it from iTunes and it’s working fine.

  11. Damnit. Nothing. "Error=8006"

  12. Nevermind, there we go!

  13. “or gatefold.” hahaha, love how that snuck through.

  14. Paul beat me to it – Yes, a new Power Man mini and I said "sold and SOLD!" Now all I need is for Iron Fist in some sort of monthly (New Avengers or a resurrected Heroes for Hire, either way I don’t care) and Marvel has me back for the Heroic Age.

  15. Here’s a preview of the new Luke Cage mini.

  16. No Amazing Spider-man talk?

  17. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If we’d talked about ASM, my contribution would’ve been: "Did either of you read this badass Spidey comic from 1987 that was published for the first time just this week?" 

  18. Paul, Mike and Jim: Great Job, guys! I enjoy this ep alot.

  19. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Is Ted Kord back?

  20. Actually, every time I try to remember what happened in this week’s Spider-Man, all I keep thinking of is the 1982 Roger Stern "arc" it was basically the sequel to.

  21. Roger Stern makes old comics. I agree.

  22. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Not to say it was bad. A little hokey, but it was like a time capsule. I dug it. 

  23. Not downloading on itunes.  Any ideas?

  24. totally agree w/ the art thing on incorruptible, I really think I’m going to drop it

  25. Umm its not downloading. And from the looks of it I’m not alone here. What’s happening fellas?

  26. Sometimes it takes a little time to filter down to iTunes, for whatever reason.  It just downloaded fine for me, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem on our end.  The show went up a little late, so it’s taking longer for iTunes to grab it I think.  Be patient.

    And as always, you can download it directly above.  We can’t control what happens with iTunes, but you can download it and import it to iTunes very easily. Drag and drop is all it takes.

  27. That’s cool. I’ll just watch Last Starfighter. Then try again later on this afternoon.

  28. Not sure, but it seems to be downloading directly from this site now.


  29. Comics delivered to Thailand and the womb?  I’m sold.  Loved that segue.

  30. It’s my hope that Instocktrades adopts "get this up your womb" as its new marketing catchphrase.

  31. @gOofgnewt: the last starfighter?  it’s good to see you’re making this most of this beautiful public holiday

  32. re: download & directly from site… 

    not working for me either, at the moment. O.o

  33. Not downloading on my iTunes either

    HOWEVER, there is a new version of iTunes that just came out today. Could that be part of the (temporary) issue? Who knows?

    Oh well, I’ll just listen through the site for now.

  34. OK a few hours later. Its still not downloading. 

  35. Yes!

    "It’s working. It’s working!"

    If you can name the movie this quote is from I will give you…..er…um…Kudos!

    btw – iTunes downloads seem to be working perfectly now. 

  36. i’m pretty sure there’s more than one movie where one or more characters say "it’s working. it’s working"

  37. but it’s star wars, right?

  38. Who is Hunter??

  39. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    A very old inside joke. Someone recorded a special intro for the show and introduced the guys as "Ron, Josh, and Hunter" by mistake. 

  40. Sometimes I think I would trade every comic that’s coming out for a quality Power Man/Iron Fist series.  I think Swierczynski could handle it if Bendis is too busy and — no preference about artist.  Somebody awesome.

    I was interested to hear Paul’s take on the X-Men event.  I thought it was a more or less solid issue, but as a longtime reader I’m a little bogged down in HOW LONG this particular story has been going on, and it’s interesting to hear a fresh take.  I’m torn about even following this because I want to give them a chance to make it up in the homestretch, but the story has been so relentlessly mindless as to WHY the X-Men are even doing any of this (Cyclops has decided that Hope is the Messiah because . . .Cable told him so?  And everybody is cool with going along with this up to and including killing people?)  I’ve gotten to the point where every time they talk about ‘faith,’ it feels meta — they’re telling readers to have enough ‘faith’ to hang in and buy 20 more issues of this story they’ve been hammering for 2 or 3 years at this point w/o making any progress.  That said, Paul, do you think you’ll hang in there and share some reactions?  (This sounds eerily like how I started reading ‘Twilight’).

  41. And I meant to say, great show by the subs.  I love the regular cast but it’s cool to mix it up and hear all of your different takes!

  42. @Postman87 – Josh Brolin in Goonies.

  43. ARGH! I was totally gonna make a Hunter joke in my next voicemail and now it’s ruined. Damn you, Jimski!

    *shakes fist*


  44. Another day, another "damn you, Jimski."

  45. Another good show.  Fun change of pace.

    Ripping the ‘tape’ off of Josh’s mout, nice.

    Comment about the ‘Founding Fanboys’ made me laugh out loud.

  46. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    It was different without Hunter being on it, but I really liked the show this week. Thanks guys, & viva Batwoman!

  47. Always love the occasional rotation of podcast teams. Paul cracking the whip at Jimski gave me some good chuckles. I was definitely surprised (in a good way) to hear the love for the Second Coming one-shot. It was a like a great action flick and the scene mentioned (I think by Mike) of the Alpha team crashing into the vans was well-done by Fitch. Hope we get to hear from this podcast team more frequently!

  48. I was also a tad reluctant to read the third story in Adventure, but it was very good indeed. That’s not to say I’m not itching to see the Legion get the whole book, mind . . .

     In other news, nice podcast, lads. 

  49. Just to add my two cents, I really enjoy the writer shows.  If you could get them to do an episode every month or two, that’d be terrific.

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