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Pick of the Week #379 – East of West #1

Show Notes

Though he claimed last week he wouldn’t be here, Conor Kilpatrick braves Death, War, Conquest and Famine to talk comics with fellow desperadoes Paul Montgomery and Josh Flanagan. This week, Paul pauses Bioshock Infinite just long enough to name a pale horse in the Pick of the Week race and make some dubious suggestions about iFanboy guerrilla marketing. Meanwhile, Conor sees Hitlers were there aren’t any and Josh remains fixated on the anachronism of the stop/pause conundrum. And maybe they also debate the breathability of specialized S&M gear.

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:29 – East of West #1

East of West_1

00:13:08 – Guardians of the Galaxy #1
00:16:45 – Time Warp #1
00:23:04 – Uncanny Avengers #5
00:26:43 – Life with Archie #28
00:33:39 – B.P.R.D.: Vampire #1
00:35:52 – Wolverine and The X-Men #27
00:37:02 – Young Avengers #3
00:39:01 – Superman Family Adventures #11
00:39:52 – Planetoid #5
00:41:11 – FF #5

User Reviews:
00:42:05 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week
00:42:45 – mikeandzod21 reviews Mark Waid’s Green Hornet #1
00:44:26 – AmirCat reviews Fury MAX #10

Audience Questions:
00:47:47 – Derek from Little Rock has no problem distinguishing between comic artists, but what about writers?
00:52:35 – Rowan wants to know if any favorite characters need attention from some favorite artists.

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“Raise Hell”
Brandi Carlile


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  1. I’m very thankful for a true gamer in the midst now.

  2. Paul’s comic Couch, coming this summer.

  3. Pffff…. It’s not 1000 pages. A mere 1136. It’s 48 comics: that’s 1.6 comics per day and your done by the end of April. Johnny Red neat. DO IT. DO IT.

    Or, you know…Infinity Gauntlet.

  4. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on a Western kick this weekend but I wanna see Nick Dragotta on Jonah Hex. Since seeing what he can do with a futuristic, western comic I’d like to see him go all out in full western mode.

  5. I have to say that the podcast really seems to be going strong in the last few weeks. Paul really has settled in and adds so much to it. Well done guys.

    Sad to hear Starman won’t make it to the Booksplode but it was a slim hope with all the time that’s passed.

    Excited to hear about the Dark Knight Strikes Again Booksplode. Despite its faults it was a seriously ahead of its time comic. I’d recommend the Invisible Omnibus for a future Booksplode. Pretty sure it’s the biggest collection in recent times and there’s enough ideas and concepts in it for a series of Booksplodes.

    I’d also love to hear you guys talk about the Martha Washington saga by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons that was collected in it’s entirety by Dark Horse a few years ago. It’s an incredible collection and the softcover version is pretty cheap for the amount of content and the talent involved.

  6. I think the closest we might come to the ‘blind writer test’ is 52. It’s not perfect, obviously, because as far as I know it was never revealed specifically who was responsible for what pages. But you have Rucka, Johns, Morrison and Waid all splitting up duties on a major story and there is enough info out there in interviews to have SOME idea who wrote which parts. So that might be worth reading or revisiting with that exercise in mind. (I can’t tell Johns and Waid apart so much, but quite a bit of Morrison and Rucka turns out to be very distinct; and in at least one place I remember going, “I bet that’s a Morrison script” — a scene with Ralph, not one of the obvious wacky mad scientist/space opera bits — and later finding confirmation that it had been his.

  7. I want to see Rick Geary on American Vampire

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