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Pick of the Week #327 – John Carter: The Gods of Mars #1

Show Notes

With Ron Richards on a plane somewhere overhead, Paul Montgomery steps in to join Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick to chat about the week of comics.

Total Running Time: 01:03:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:36 – The Pick of the Week, John Carter: The Gods of Mars #1, confirms for Josh that he loves Ramón Pérez.

00:10:51 – Batman #7 and Nightwing #7 cover the same awesome ground, not that you’d know it beforehand.
00:16:46 – The story just gets weirder and weirder in Prophet #23, and that’s okay.
00:20:21 – One of last year’s best mini-series gets a sequel with Rocketeer Adventures 2 #1.
00:23:12 – Wonder Woman #7 was very nearly the Pick of the Week.
00:27:15 – Shazam and Gary Frank join The New 52 in Justice League #7.
00:29:36 – The Sixth Gun #20 rolls on with the awesome.
00:30:19 – It’s not Dark Avengers yet! Paul loves Thunderbolts #171.
00:32:55 – Richard Corben! Ragemoore #1!
00:35:05 – Tiny Titans #50 marks the end of a crayon era.

User Reviews:
00:36:47 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:37:42 – kingdomofevan loves Rebel Blood #1.
00:39:16 – closetsquirrel thinks the Merc with a Mouth is getting back on track with Deadpool #52.

00:40:22 – Will from Norwalk, CA wants to know about Comic Book Men.
00:43:54 – Brandon is going to his first San Diego Comic-Con and he has questions.

00:49:56 – Jeff from GA wants to know how heavy are the hands of editors in comics these days.
00:55:34 – Tom M. from Knoxville, TN wants to know what everyone’s favorite podcasts are, comics and non-comics.

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“Life on Mars”
David Bowie


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  1. Have not listened to this yet, but I’m betting that no one brought up the Red Panda Adventures when talking about great podcasts. Look into it. Fantastic pulp superhero radio drama.

  2. I’ll miss Ron, but I won’t miss him talking about the last issue of Avengers X-Sanction 😛 Looks like I dodged the bullet there! Great to have Paul on board the pod this week.

  3. Hunky Dory!! One of the best.

  4. Thanks for answering my voicemail. I keep forgetting to add Mike and Tom Eat Snacks to my iTunes list.

  5. Hey Josh, on the podcast you said you were listening to an audiobook on Gilded Age Presidents, if you don’t mind me asking what’s the title/author of the book? Thanks!

    • I just listened to Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard, on President Garfield, and now I’m listening to the Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris.

    • Rise of the Theodore Roosevelt was great. It does go down hill in the third book, still overall, the entire trilogy is enjoyable.

      I’m definitely going to check out the Candice Millard book.Thanks for the response, Josh.

  6. If you guys give a listen to the guy’s from Comic Book Men podcast, you’ll see they never really talk about comics or that stereotypical stuff it comes with. It might just be whatever the producers push on them, but the show really doesn’t represent them well enough. They’re actually really interesting guys who can be extremely filthy and offensive, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  7. Here’s the problem with Comic Book Men, well two problems:

    1) It’s the 9 millionth clone of Pawn Stars. I seriously didn’t think that was a well that needed to be sucked dry but here we are. But even I’ll admit if the show was just about people selling their stuff away and we get a history lesson on those items then I’d like the show more. Cause it will educate the audience about the industry and I think a segment involving Steve Buschema’s Silver Surfer artwork was mighty entertainment. My parents watch the show with me and even they started to get a little interested in some of the culture. But then the show quickly gets into it’s more ugly side and my second bone of contention:

    2) The fucking Comic Book Owners. Maybe these guys do exist and they act like this all the time and somehow are Kevin Smith’s friends. But they are so stereotypical and they are so much asshole it’s really hard to like them. Especially the guy with the Alan Moore beard after his insane rant on ComicsAlliance after the site critiqued the show harshly. The topics they get involved with are so embarrassing to listen too especially the very first one which was about who would they like to have sex with the most. What also bugs me from a producing standpoint is that the show can’t seem to clear any images or videos from their discussions. So when they talk about say, Godzilla or The Killing Joke, all they can afford is the image to introduce the subject to the show but nothing to help elaborate and help the audience out. If this show wants to have an identity then putting new viewers or fans in the dark is not going to help.

    After this entire rant I am more then willing to give this show a second season on two conditions. 1) Make the show a 100% Pawn Stars rip off and get more funding to education the viewers more. 2) Stop with all the other nonsense cause it’s only hurting our image then helping it. But then again it’s coming from Kevin Smith so I very much doubt he even gives a rats ass on making our culture look good.

    • i hope you can appreciate the irony of that second point

    • You have to remember, too, that it might not all be Smith’s design. He’s Hollywood, he knows how the business works, and you give the guy with the paychecks what he wants. It’s unfortunate that AMC would want some of that type of stuff (I thought the commercial shoot was playing right into stereotypes of all kinds), but that’s how that genre works. You have to put up with it to get the good informative material because that alone wouldn’t support a show. “Pawn Stars” does the same thing. It’s “reality” in name only. If it was just normal dudes sitting around talking normal things about how awesome this artist is or how crappy the 100th Superman-Luthor fight was in some issue of Action Comics, nobody except comic book folk would watch because there’s nothing “entertaining” there.

      Also, the “podcast” that they show doesn’t exist. Smith’s Smodcast network does all kinds of stuff, but not of the five of those guys sitting around talking comics or shop business. Once again, a construct for the show. The studio they’re in is real, though.

    • i enjoy comic book men for what it is. I really don’t like that they perpetuate some stereotypes on the show thats kinda the deal. i agree that they are making this show for a wider audience and not just for comic fans, so a bit of it is giving the audience what they expect. I guess a show about regular customers picking up wednesday pull lists would be incredibly boring.

      They do have a podcast for the show, but it seems to have been created when the season started. They just talk about random comic related topics…its ok.

    • They do actually do a podcast of the 5 of them sitting around and chatting about comics. It is called, funnily enough, Comic Book Men. It isn’t the one from the show, but it is them talking about certain artists and arcs and what not with the five of them. So you may want to check on things before you comment saying such things do not exists.

  8. I enjoy Comic Book Men. Was I expecting the “Pawn Stars” style when I watched the first episode? No. But that aspect is interesting in supplement to all the other media about comics that I take in. I already know there are many sides to comics fandom and the industry. I’m not sure what that says about how it represents comics fans and retailers to the non-fans.

  9. Hope Brandon is reading this thread, the iFanboys already posted a GREAT article on con-sketches and the etiquette involed in 2010. Here is a link to the article.


    Hope it helps.

    • I am and thanks for the link this and the answers in the podcast are a big help. I’m so excited about Comic-Con, me and my friends that are going got tickets for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The hard part sounds like balancing seeing all the comic stuff I want without missing too much of the TV and Movie craziness!

  10. That song always reminds me of Life Aquatic. Made me smile.

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If anyone’s interested in that Image Comics episode of Fuzzy Typewriter I’d mentioned, Part One (Chew, Severed, Reed Gunther, Peter Panzerfaust, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, more) is now live:


  12. I have managed to get a picture of Lou Ferigno without him noticing, and subsequently tearing my arms off. Although this could make a good tumblr page. CandidShotsofLouFerigno.com anyone?

  13. Good episode, but I’m surprised by the unstinting praise for Batman – does no one get bugged by such things as his ability to be pulp Talon depite being nearly dead post-eight days of sleep deprivation, drugs, beatings and disembowlment? Or the non-explanation of how he got from being trapped underwater at the end of one issue, to being in the van of some girl? Or how he can even stand to conduct tests on Talon after his ordeals?

    There are many merits to Scott Snyder’s Batman, but there’s a distinct lack of consequences to the things he’s throwing at our hero, meaning Batman winds up looking magical.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I have no problem believing Batman can rally.

      We’re going to see more of the girl (Harper). We may get that flashback. We may not. Personally I like the missing pieces in the timeline. There should be. He’s hazy. He basically died in the water.

    • That’s Batman. That’s what he does. He survives.

    • But Paul, there’s rallying from, say, a few blows from Bane, and from over a week of relentless torment. He was apparently minutes from death, then he reared up and punched the guy through a wall. That’s not rallying, that’s metahuman. It means no future tension around Batman being harmed – Snyder could have him eaten by a T-Rex, chewed up, digested and broken down by stomach acids, but he’d suddenly rip his way out of its stomach – because he’s Batman. I’m all for Batman the mortal who can overcome the odds, but Snyder’s not playing fair.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      When would he run into a T-Rex? The one in the Batcave is mechanical.

    • This is a lame way to start a statement but….I one wrote a fan-fic (see) and I introduced an idea which having written it I realised kinda made sense and is now my personal theory on why Batman does that kind of thing.

      Through training he subconsciously stores the will power for a final assault. We all have adrenaline and it gives us this final push but Batman has mastered the art of saving the last grain of strength for a final burst of survival right at the point of death. So when you think he is down for the count he calls on those reserves that through focus and meditation he has suppressed (without knowing) and can burst back. He doesn’t use all he has in a fight no matter how it looks. He even thinks he does but deep down some part of him automatically says ‘you’re gonna want to open a can of whoop-ass later so we’re gonna keep a spare one down in this cupboard full of cans’.

      His mind and his training are his superpowers. Just the way the guy rolls.

      Also its a good and semi-plausible get-out-of-jail-free card for a writer.

  14. Paul, it was an example, you know that … but if it helps, imagine that I wrote ‘Killer Croc on a day he’s retaining water’.

  15. I loved this the minute Life on Mars kicked in!

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