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Pick of the Week #176 – G.I. Joe: Cobra #1

Show Notes

A light, but quality week leads to much arguing and a general happy fun time with comics!

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:56 – Conor was pleasantly surprised with the 24-esque tone of G.I. Joe: Cobra #1.

00:12:01 – Conor is liking the Ultimatum event in Ultimatum #3; Ron is not.
00:15:25 – Conversely, the single issue event of Invincible #60 was fun but also failed a little, according to Josh.
00:20:30 – Wolverine #71 continues the greatness despite a sad depiction of Hawkeye.
00:27:05 – Creative storytelling is keeping Ron liking Uncanny X-Men #507.
00:29:47 – Conor thought that Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight #1 was the best looking book this week.
00:30:27 – Surprise, surprise, Josh is enjoying Pete Milligan on Hellblazer #253.
00:32:03 – The Joe Kelly comics renaissance continues with Bad Dog #2.
00:33:53 – Supergirl #39, featuring art from Jamal Igle, blew Conor away.

User Reviews:
00:35:21 – ZenescopeFan7 is with us in loving The Amazing Spider-Man #588.
00:37:44 – Sammy gives Ben Templesmith some love with Groom Lake #1.

00:41:12 – Josh from Westchester, NY is in a dilemma with his comic book store.
00:46:18 – Ryan W. wants to know who our pick for the next Batman is.Β Is there any question?

00:49:51 – Cory from Scranton, PA wants us to cast Captain America.
00:51:58 – Pat from Pullman wants to know if we’re going to Emerald City Con?

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00:54:40 – Become a member of iFanboy and maybe you can win a piece of original art from Mike Allred!

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  1. Can’t wait to hear your take on Cobra #1 as I found it near perfect.  IDW is kciking serious ass!

  2. I was hoping Turok Son of Stone Vo. 1 might get a mention… I guess the show is only so long.  I will keep my fingers crossed for a mention when Vol. 2 comes out.

  3. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that Turok thing.

  4. The only thing I know about Turok is that Ron ‘The Man’ Perlman did a voice for the video game….So that makes it the best thing ever

  5. My casting pick for Captain America is the same casting pick I have for every vacant male role: Nathan Fillion.

  6. Is DKR an elseworlds book?  Also you didn’t mention the blob getting his head cut off!  

  7. Also, is it just me or was the cover of wolverine an "homage" to marv?

  8. @josh: Daniel Way writing Deadpool is just like Milligan writing Hellblazer.

    Although Milligan did the Marvel Knight’s Namor story so I dont think Milligan is a one trick pony.

  9. @Josh – Oh well, I suppose 1950’s Turok doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea.   πŸ™‚

    Good show guys




  10. Wow! What a huge slam on Around Comics…

  11. @TNC: You mean when we were joking around at the end with our friends from Around Comics?

  12. I hope Jason Todd becomes Batman. Before you begin the bashing here me out. Dick Grayson certainly deserves to take on the cowl no doubt but that just wouldn’t be exciting storytelling, partially because its already been done, and the thing is that Dick would be really good as Batman. He would essentially be like a young Bruce from Batman Year One so then there wouldn’t be a need for Bruce to return. Whereas if you have Jason as Batman, he would not do a good job, he would be a total psycho killing people and not caring about anything, so then there would definitely be a need for Bruce’s return.

     On a side note though, Im totally convinced that both Jason and Dick will both be Batman, the Batman in ‘Batman and Robin’ is definitely Dick since he looks friendlier, whereas the Batman in ‘Batman’ looks like hes wearing a slightly different batsuit and looks a lot meaner, plus its written by Judd Winnick who was the writer who brought back Jason Todd before Morrison took over, eh? eh?

  13. @conor: I know you guys were joking, but man for anyone who played this as their first podcast….they must think your in a bitter feud with them right now πŸ™‚

  14. A top cow show?!  Hurm….  Will there be more writer spotlights?  *cough Warren Ellis……

  15. @ tnc – clearly the ifanboy continuity is getting too complex for new listeners. we need a reboot.

  16. Glad you guys mentioned Bad Dog. Solid, solid stuff.

  17. @TehDave: I know, a reboot would be awesome. What is this….the 176th podcast? That’s too big of a number for new viewers to get into.

    Let’s reboot it to #1, and bring in some fresh dynamics to the the Itrinity. Change the personalities, bring in fresh new faces, and make it more hip to today’s generation.


  18. @ DarkKnightDetective

    Jason Todd will always be dead to me 

  19. This guy is a dead ringer for Captain America! They’d have to CGI his "4-F" screen time though.




    Cap has to be an unknown if you ask me because you guys are right, there’s nobody in hollywood right now that seems to fit the bill.

  20. I think the iFanboys should have a multiverse instead of a reboot.  In one of these universes they all should have goatees and be evil.

  21. @horatio They should also only say "BI-ZAR-O!"

  22. Goateed Ron hates X-Men and Britpop and prefers covers that have nothing to do with the interiors.

  23. Goateed josh loves fun and thinks Punisher: War Zone was awesome

    Goateed conor has hair…,.that’s it. (It’s like Spock only having a Goatiee…no change)

    Goateed ron….well what Horatio said.

  24. Goateed iFanboys pronounce Magog correctly.

  25. Goateed iFanboys unanimously agree on everything, never disagree

  26. I agree with Viewt on Nathan Fillion. Aaron Eckhart could do it for me. I don’t think casting Cap is that hard. Leonardo DiCaprio also works.

  27. in regards to the E-mail from Josh you specificly talked about not getting final crisis #7 seeing as that came out in the last week of Jan. first week of Feb. so it has been almost 2 months since you picked up from the store so losing out on an issues or 2 is not their fault they do need to make money when they can especially with the economy and all that.

  28. I really liked the Invincible crossover. Actually, with so much to accomplish, I didn’t mind that a significant amount of action took place offpanel.

    But I understand how that could be irritating.  "No Country For Old Men" really pissed me off in that the climax of the story was never directly presented, nor even alluded to… maybe that was the point, but nonetheless, it was a real downer.

  29. Thanks for the podcast guys!

  30. Did I miss something, or did the iFanboys fail to include a review of the top pulled book for this week, Dark Avengers #3?  I noticed that they happened to comment on the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th most popular books of the week and they included a user review for the 3rd most popular book… so it seems a bit odd to ignore the most pulled book by their own ifanbase.  Is there some kind of boycott that I don’t know about?  Seems like the guys really dropped the ball on this one.

  31. @WonderManFan: We talk about the books we find the most interesting or the books that we have things to say about.  Number of pulls are irrelevant to the content of the show – they don’t dictate anything. When the rundown is compiled we don’t even look at the number of pulls, we look at our stack of books.

    There was not much to say about this week’s DARK AVENGERS, it was more of the same.

  32. cheers for mentioning my review guys. Dark avengers #3 was not very good in my opinion. It may be something I drop depending on the next couple of issues

  33. Re: LCS reserving books. "Let your yes mean yes, your no mean no."

    My LCS holds it up to two months. Then they’re not reserved anymore.

  34. I cast Matt Damon for Captain America! -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PajyQrpu26I

  35. Dinosaur Venom took refuge in Emma Frost’s mutant shaven area?

  36. My store has a stated one month hold period. Though I’m sure if you ask or send them a email they’ll hold as long as you need.

  37. What about Ultimate ifanboy?  The guys are mostly the same but have much weirder origin stories, and wear more leather.

    Nice show this week.  I completely agree with Ron about ‘Uncanny’.  The story was fun, the layout of the fight scenes was really interesting, and I’m really enjoying what is happening with the characters.

  38. In Ultimate iFanboy, Sonia is Jimski and has a peg leg. So I have mixed feelings.

  39. Ron : Superman :: s1lentslayer : Batman

    I also feel like Josh in that I could not care less about Batman. I just prefer the Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson version. Retcon Bruce’s kid alread.

  40. On the Around Comics "feud"- who of the iFanboys would you want to see wrestle Tom Katers in pancake batter at the Windy City Comic Con?

    Great show again this week, though it seemed the audio was little wierd in parts- Josh kind of faded in and out around the discussion on Wolverine.  

  41. well I’m still sort of new around here and I didn’t go back to look at all the old podcasts just the weeks that had captian america books talked about.    then again i don’t even know the other podcast they were jokeing about. 

    or a univeruse were they only read manga

  42. Didn’t Tom just say he needs somebody to impersonate him, and then fight, on his wedding day? I feel like Paul would be the most likely to pull this off (though in Ultimate podcasting, it would be pegleg-Jimski-Sonia, obviously).

  43. @yamiangie- You should check out Around Comics.  It’s a fun podcast, different than the iFanboy in that it isn’t a weekly rundown of comics but more of a discussion with different guests every week.  They usually get a comics creator from around Chicago and talk about their work, or the core group just shoots the breeze for an hour.  They often range off comics into music, sports, or randomness (like pancake-batter wrestling).  It’s a good companion to iFanboy.

  44. We won’t talk shit about other podcasts we don’t like, so you can be sure that if we’re mentioning another podcast, we like them.  If it seems like we’re ragging on them, it’s because we love them.  Good rule of thumb.

  45. @josh: Wow then your silence means you really hate a lot of things. It makes so much sense now! πŸ™‚

    Ultimate Mike Romo is even hairier…..cause he’s BigFoot in that universe

  46. Fun show as always guys.  I’m really glad that Josh also picked up and tried G.I. Joe.  Even happier that you enjoyed it!  I can’t say why, but I’m totally enjoying the art on the ongoing.  Although now that Conor mentioned it in the show, I see where he is coming from about it looking a bit goofy and traditional Joe stuff.

    I’m also glad that Kirkman did fess up abit and admit that he just didn’t have room for everyone in Invincible.  Crazy issue though, a lot of repricusions that I can’t wait to find out about.

  47. @TNC – To be truthful, I don’t listen to a lot of comic podcasts.  I don’t know much about them.  I listen to Around Comics, Tom vs. Flash, and some Word Balloons.  Other than that, I have enough comics in my life. I use my podcast times for other things.  That doesn’t mean "I hate all the other comic podcasts."  Very different.

  48. @josh: It’s cool man, I understand. Just joking around.

    BTW, Ultimate universe josh would be sporting the blond hair and loves Episode I. πŸ™‚

  49. You guys really need to get Josh’s explanation of what Bad Dog is on the cover of one of the issues or at least on the back of the trade. That would sell books.

  50. The ultimate universe ifanboy do the Morrissey podcast without Josh, and Josh stays in television.

  51. @chlop: Ultimate universe josh crosses over with the ultimate universe Attack of the Show

    It’s amazing, it’s actually a good show….and it gets even better when josh takes over the series. πŸ™‚

  52. To the pull list guy — take your business elsewhere. If you have been going there for 10 years and always bought what you ask them to hold for you, then they should hold your books for you. Simple. I can see Ron & Josh’s point of view about making a sale when you can, IF there was a chance the customer wouldn’t pick up his books, but 10 years of business outweighs the sale of ONE book. I stopped going to a shop I’d been going to for around 10 years for a similar reason. If they don’t value you as a customer, take your cash to some other place.

    Anyways, another good show iFanboys. Keep up the good work.

  53. Is yeoman ever the right word?

    Whenever I hear Rom: Spaceknight I get all misty eyed.

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