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Pick of the Week #226 – Siege #3

Show Notes

A great week of comic books makes Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Ron Richards jovial! The Pick of the Week allows for a lot of giddy catharsis, one very long e-mail allows for introspection, and an old nemesis returns! All of this and a new giveaway open to everyone!

Running Time: 00:59:59

Pick of the Week:
00:02:28 – Conor’s Pick of the Week, Siege #3, might not have been very organic but it was tons of fun.
00:12:05 – A brief Dark Avengers #15 discussion sneaks into the middle of Siege #3 talk.

00:13:31 – American Vampire #1 gave you a lot of bang for your buck.
00:16:48 – Ron loved everything about X-Factor Forever #1.
00:20:29 – Josh and Conor loved Battlefields: Firefly and His Majesty #1.
00:22:55 – In The Amazing Spider-Man #625 Joe Kelly ripped out our hearts and stomped on them.
00:28:15 – Nova #35 returns the book to awesomeness.
00:29:40 – Superman 80 Page Giant featured some odd 1950s values.
00:31:45 – Aquaman kicks ass in The Brave and the Bold #32.
00:33:05 – Nation X #4 encapsulates the problems with this mini-series.
00:34:36 – An uncomfortable moment in comics history returns in Green Lantern Corps #46!

User Reviews:
00:36:05 – hakaider loved Green Hornet: Year One #1.
00:37:25 – akamuu also loved Irredeemable #12.

00:39:02 – Michael M. feels like he has lost touch with the current comic book climate.

00:48:14 – Darrel from Queen, NY is back with some complaints!

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  1. awesome song

  2. X-Factor Forever #1 was my pick of the week… why can’t Marvel make this an ongoing?

  3. Aquaman ongoing!

  4. Great episode guys! I absolutely loved Siege #3, there was so much awesomeness packed in this book. Also I really enjoyed GLC. It’s sad to see Patrick Gleason leave the book, him and Peter J. Tomasi make such a great team.

    Can’t wait for the next video show. Is it going to be ECCC episode? 

  5. RE: the superman/Lois bed situation. my folks have slept in separate beds for as long as i can remember… Even as a kid i knew it was weird. maybe Superman and Lois are crazy catholics too

  6. Great show as always……i feel a little silly for asking this but…..Was that the actual Michael Moore? and the only reason im even asking this is becuase you guys put Michael M. and i remember u guys did the whole Brian B. when bendis called in….thats all really

  7. @MattB: Doubtful. We usually try not to say last names on the show. The "Brian B." thing was just a joke.

  8. @dannydanger: Didn’t you listen to the show? We talked about what the next video show would be.

  9. What did Micheal M. meant by "editor-creator bromances"?  I am at a bit of a loss for what that was alluding to.

  10. Remember the guy that called in a few weeks ago named Osama B.L.? that was definately who you think it is

  11. @Spoons – Some might say the relationships at the big 2 are a lot like boys clubs, and if you’re not buddies with those guys, you’re not writing comics.  It’s true to a certain extent.  But it’s also true in almost all business, really.

  12. @conor ok thanks i was just wondering

    @spoons just a shot in the dark i dnt really know but im guessing hes talking about editiors not being able to take writers off books they shouldnt be writing becuase there friends with them….ie Joe Quesada/Jeph loeb

  13. That’s not the case with Loeb. That guy outsells everyone, and that’s why he’s on any book he wants.

  14. @ Josh – he is still sells big? really? Y?!

  15. @MattB: Yes, he does sell a ton of books.

  16. @Conor – But hes terrible and i know you guys dont like to comment on this kind of stuff but I just dont understand how ripping off the godfather for a batman story more than a decade ago gets you this much credit for so long i mean seriously does anyone else feel like its the emperor’s new clothes with him?

  17. I can’t explain it. I don’t buy his books, but people like them. C’est la vie.

  18. But hasn’t Loeb been paired with excellent artists? Isn’t that driving the sales rather than his name?

    Good show. A glance at Twitter shows the bromance angle certainly.

    The separate bed things is really weird. I need to peek at it next time I go to the store. 

  19. Didn’t pick up that that was facepaint on Norman… that explains so much…

  20. Wanda vs. Sentry in the final issue?  Have all the avengers back?

  21. No Wondercon?

  22. It’s totally the artist that make Loeb books sell. Marvel is smart enough to put excellent talent around Loeb to make people buy his stuff.

    Hulk wouldn’t be on the stand today if like….Luke Ross or Laurence Campbell were the artists. Because people would then pay attention more to the story and Incredible Hulk would’ve been back quicker then it was. 

  23. While, I am certainly no Loeb defender, he himself must be doing something right.  What I mean to say is that he is doing something that his artists want to get them to work with him.  The artists have a brain and common sense, they know that Loeb is not writing groundbreaking or intricate work, or doing any of the things that we attribute to the ‘better’ writers.  Yet, they still line up to work with him.

    So, my guess is that Loeb writes stories that allow the artists to showcase the type of drawing that they like to do.  Ed McG gets to write big, cartoony action sequences, Cho gets pages of girls to draw, Adams gets to draw monsters, etc.

    So, while maybe most do not think that his writing is stellar, his business acumen is fantastic.

  24. I guess I smoke crack and I don’t like fun….

    When does ASM start that arc which brings back OMD? 

  25. @TNC: You’re obsessed with that.

  26. @conor I’m just curious. Marvel wants to put that two page splash ad all over their comics.

    Just wondering when that story comes. 

  27. @TNC: You’re assuming that’s what the story is about. No one has ever said it is. In fact they have said that the only thing having to do with One More Day was the 2010 puzzle piece promo riffing on the OMD promo.

  28. @conor: Never saw that article until now. Thank you for pointing it out.

    Seriously though I’ll read ASM once MJ and Parker come back together. 

  29. @TNC That promo just shows Peter reaching for a redhead, it could be the OMD undoing (extremely unlikely) it could just be them finally telling the story about how they broke up, it could not even be MJ.

  30. @tnc

    I’m pretty sure the story is just about why Peter and MJ never got married.  

  31. @gobo @NawidA: It is a pipe dream to think that is OMD being undone, that’s never gonna happen. I’m blinded by what could be.

    I just want them back together though. If we’re just going to ignore this bad moment in ASM history there shouldn’t be a reason they can’t date again. I’m sorry I know this is like the infinite time someone brought this up. I just want to care about Spider-Man again. 

  32. @TNC: Well, the reason they can’t date right now is that Peter left Mary Jane standing at the alter. That kind of thing tends to make a girl not want to date a guy.

  33. @conor Yeah that is a bit of a problem isn’t it?

    But it’s comic books, there’s probably 100s of worst things that have happened to couples through out the years. It’s just a matter of time when they come back together. Just a matter of time… 

  34. @TNC-Other than nostalgia, why do you want them dating again? 

    Perhaps my memory is incorrect, but have not you been one of the people against just ‘re-treading’ old stories??  What else would a Parker/Watson get-together be other than a re-tread??

  35. Not to sound like I’m defending him (because I really don’t like his newer stuff either), but it’s not like Loeb’s a huge seller that they’re putting on major books.  According to Diamond, his best selling book of 2009 (Ultimatum #5) was Marvel’s 36th best, and 70th overall.  That’s not bad, but it’s not like he’s dominating the market, and Marvel’s not exactly throwing the big (commercial) books at him.

  36. Hmm, apparently it took me so long to research that that the entire topic of this thread had changed two or three times… whoops.

  37. @MisterJ: My defense is that you could have told all of his these new stories in about….2 years now I think….with Peter and MJ still married. You’d probably have to rewrite them a bit but how could MJ not be a part of most of these stories? If OMD never happened I mean.

  38. @TNC: You haven’t been reading AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, right? Because that statement is not factual.

  39. @TNC-You are a bit off the point I was trying to make.  We are not discussing whether or not OMD should or should not have taken place.  It did.  MJ and Pete broke up.  That is what happened. 

    What I am referring to is that the two of them starting up the dating cycle is the re-tread.

  40. @MisterJ: Well it’s gonna be a re-thread eventually. They can’t be separated forever.

  41. Great show guys! 


  42. they shouldn’t call it OMD. they should call it OMG. as in "OMG! these guys are, like, the biggest nerds never!!"

  43. I’m usually a "DC guy" but Siege is starting to sound appealing to me. Might pick up the trades…

  44. …what’s supposed to be wrong with Rael Lyra’s art in Nation X? The statement that this artist shouldn’t be in comics seem hyperbolic at best and completely unwarranted at worst.

  45. Lovely show, ta.

    Conor, I read the beds business as totally in keeping with the screwball comedy nature of the Mr and Mrs Superman tale. Imagine it as a Hays Code movie – even the way the story was introduced and Travis Lanham’s title lettering harked back to films of that era.

    I enjoyed Siege #3, on accepting that the return of Captain Inspiration makes Marvel’s heroes remember to pack their brains after years of incompetence. But I’d certainly disagree that this one issue makes up for years of Brian Bendis stories – why can’t we have shining hero moments regularly? It’s as if Marvel’s last decade of Avengers stories have been based on that one Marvel X-Men house ad from the Eighties or Nineties, with the heroes piled up and the old line, ‘It’s always darkest . . .’

  46. @conor I missed the bit where you mentioned the video show so I just wanted to check

  47. Hi guys, great idea for a contest, EXCEPT from my area in Canada, I can’t dial into your phone line. I know that you guys don’t hate Canada as much as 11 O’Clock, but is there a work-a-round?

  48. You could always record something on your computer, and email it to us.

  49. Weird, I don’t understand how having him date again after being married and or having him be with Mary Jane again or get married again isn’t a retread. Almost everything is a retread at a basic level.

    I sometimes don’t why people could fall out of touch with comics since there’s so much to discover and there is and will always be good and bad comics. There’s still long runs today with Bendis, John, Brubaker, Fraction PAD etc. I think sometimes people forget that back in the day there were fill-ins and if I title wasn’t involved in a big run the creative turn over was sometimes high. Something like Luke Cage Power Man had 4 creative teams within the first 25 issues. Comics today might actually keep the creative team around longer in some cases to finish a story arc where back in the day with solo issues creative teams changed at the drop of a hat.

  50. @BornIn1142 – you’re right, that was a quick comment in passing that was harsher than it should have been – I should have said that Lyra’s art wasn’t for me.  I blame the large amount of cold medicine that was coursing through my system at the time of the recording for that misstep

  51. where can i get that song ???

  52. Damn straight – he is a legend.

  53. I was kind of bothered by the "Siege makes up for everything" comment.

    I know disappointment has been expressed on the podcast about certain Marvel events, but overall you all have been pretty fair with the Marvel books and avoid getting bogged down in a general "anti-event" or anti-Marvel sentiment.

    So I don’t really get the statement.

    I will say this though. I don’t think any 4 issue storyline can make up for years of bad events.

    If I had bought what I felt like were crappy comics for years, there is no way one event could make up for bad storytelling.

  54. I’m weeks late on this, but I finally got around to listening to it. Great show.

    On the bromance stuff, I definitely do agree that it’s present in comics (not to TOO awful an extent, though). I wouldn’t go as far as Josh in saying that "boys club" atmospheres are prevalent throughout ALL business, though. I mean, most businesses care about results, sales, etc., more than they care about doing business with people who they like personally. It IS prevalent in industries that deal with ART, though, because art is subjective in the sense that similar tastes make for good partnerships.  Maybe it’s different in internetland where you guys work, if it’s all about social networking and stuff, but in industries that deal more with physical products and manufacturing, the idea that business mostly occurs between people who like each other is totally false.

    I agree with your suggestions to Michael M., though. Changes in the industry are a tough things to deal with. Personally, I think changes in a person’s own life are more indicative of when that person leaves comics, or what comics they buy, etc. I couldn’t see wanting to read the same sort of comics now as when I was 7 or 17. I do think the industry right now, despite fantastic diversity in some senses, does present many comics that feel very much the same in terms of storytelling and humor, and that turns me off.

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