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Pick of the Week #225 – Batman and Robin #10

Show Notes

2 of 3 are off to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con, but still, a show gets made!  Thrill to the sounds of Conor’s smooth and jazzy voice, and listen as we try to dole out more comic book related wedding advice. Also, the art sucked. Which art? How much time do you have?

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:55 – It’s Batman and Robin #10 for the almost universal Pick of the Week. How good was this?

00:09:46 – Conor suspects some switchery switcheroo going on with Powers #3.
00:14:37 – Red Robin #10 and Batgirl #8 had a crossover, and there was an unfortunate and massive change in art in one, but not the other.
00:16:25 – Criminal: The Sinners #5 is back on track! Now wait… a really long time.
00:19:31 – Justice League: Rise and Fall. What the HELL?
00.26:35 – Ex Machina #48. Again with the art?!
00:29:07 – Once more with the art and cover on Superman: Last Stand of Krypton #1!
00:31:21 – Not a one of us could get enough of Ultimate Spider-Man #8.
00:33:00 – Can’t get enough Steve Rolston in Ghost Projekt #1.
00:33:51 – Too much or not enough bumming out in Daytripper #4?
00:35:37 – Slightly split decision about The Amazing Spider-Man #624, but mostly good.

User Reviews:
00:37:38 – TheNextChampion gives the green light to Punisher MAX #5.
00:39:39 – OhCaroline didn’t learn about Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way.

00:43:05 – Brandon wants to know about Hellblazer. Paging Dr. Flanagan!
00:45:36 – Rocco has some questions about… rings.

00:50:16 – Brian thinks Greg Rucka is getting the short shrift!

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“I Don’t Know Anything”
Mad Season


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  1. Holy crap this was up quick

  2. It was a bit like Back to the Future Part 2 towards the end, when you mentioned the Emerald City ComicCon before-and-yet-after it had happened. Did you have to leave a letter with Western Union to remind yourselves?

  3. To weeks with very early podcasts. I love it!

    The corporate overlords must be cracking the whip!

  4. its funny when batman #666 came out and Damien was the future batman i cringed but now……i think id like to see that story fully develop

  5. Will there be an ECC

  6. @GABE An ECCC show.  an eccshow i meant.  And shall there?

  7. According to Wikipedia, the one before penultimate is antepenultimate.

  8. or "before next to last"

    So literal.

  9. Can’t wait for the War show!

    The Stand is awesome btw, I’ve never even read it or any King book before, it’s just a graet comic.

  10. Nice to see this up so early.

    As for Powers, I don’t think that it is a conspirancy: In a Wordballoon podcast a while back, Bendis did say that he and Oeming would be writing it together. I don’t think it was noticable in the first two issues but I do see what you mean about this week’s. I don’t think it is anywhere near as bad as Conor says but it isn’t quite up to its usual standards.

  11. I always like Damian.  I even sent a question in about him to the question of the week segment about if it was that time people could finally admit that they liked the character, but I never got any response.  I guess they rather just answer the where to jump into GL question every other week instead?

  12. Great episode guys! I dropped Batman Robin with issue #4, mostly because I didn’t like the art. After listening to you, I think I’m going check this issue out.

  13. At Mondo Marvel Panel Brian Michael Bendis said that he wrote scene with Peter getting a haircut in Ultimate Spidey!!! Can’t wait!)

  14. An FYI on Powers, it has listed Bendis and Oeming as creators, and not specified the author since Powers moved to Icon in 06?

    Personally, I stopped picking it up ages ago, not because I think it’s bad, but because the 7th trade collection (The Sellouts) slapped me in the face in an awesome way, that none of the storylines after it really hit me at all.

  15. Oh man, hearing the statements: "Jeph Loeb sells books.  Greg Rucka doesn’t sell books."  Made me tear up a little.  I’m currently reading all the Batman trades I can get my hands on for a big review project, and every issue of Rucka’s is friggin gold, especially The Gotham Undergroud series with Brubaker.

    As for sending out bad comics to people?  SHAME.  As someone who does send out comics to friends and website staff on a moderately regular basis, I would never ever send out something I didn’t think the recipient would treasure forever.  I mean, you ARE enjoying Rob Liefeld’s Mission Impossible one-shot comic, right Josh?  It took a lot for me to part with it, but I knew you’d appreciate it more than I would.

  16. @Josh: I have to spend a few nights away this week for work. To kill some time in the hotel rooms i’m going to buy a copy of Afrodisiac, so there’s one dude that’ll buy the book at least


    if it’s not the greatest thing ever and you fellows have been sprouting hyperbole agian i will be crashed

  17. @akamuu – Oh… uh, yeah. Loved it.  How did you know? Yeah…

    @edward – I’ll try to press on somehow if you’re not moved.

  18. Oh, and i’m really busy at work so i signed up at audible. is the Killing Pablo book, an extra that you have to pay for? It sounds awesome

  19. Thanks for showcasing my review!

    I think what Aaron is going to attempt with MAX is that….He’s gonna try and break down Castle to a basic level. Judging from the interview’s I’ve seen he is going to just destroy the mind and body of Castle to almost the point of insanity. Bullseye is going to be a huge factor of that and apparently we’re going to learn something ‘new’ about the day his family died. Which you know, take it with a grain of salt, but I think Aaron is going to basically do what he always does best. Just pile on the shit and keep going until the character can’t take it anymore. 

  20. @Josh – “antepenultimate”. Yeah, on second thought “the one before the penultimate” is better.

  21. An easy fix for the JLA- give the keys to that title to Bruce Timm.

  22. @ericmci: I’d rather he continue producing his animated films.

  23. I think it’s a bullshit way of doing it, but I believe the stories in Breaking Into… have a subtle subtext that is supposed to inspire people.  Guggenheim’s Spidey story talking about working hard while other more well known heroes get credit; Stuart Moore penned Tony Stark telling people to "..build those machines for youself"; Bullseye’s will and determination; Nico taking on too much and not effectively doing her job.  maybe I’m stretching it a bit, but the Joe Q letter in the back hinted at there being more to the book than meets the eye.

  24. Great show guys! 🙂

     Ummm….does the person who picks the pick of the week also get to pick the music? O.o

  25. Holy crap guys! Where do you find the energy! You looked beat from the con and here you are still recording. Good on you.

  26. Mad Season!!!! Very fitting for the week.

  27. HA! Unintentional pun! "it wasn’t immediately apparent." Get it?

  28. The song had a similar vibe to Silverchair’s Slave. Go 1990s!

  29. @anyone Ok, I really loved the JL issue, but apparently I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.  Does anybody have some good JL trade recommends for me to see some good JL?  I’m very green to Justice League, so I’d like to read more.

  30. @Vadamowens:

    Check out any of the following:

    JLA: Year One

    JLA/ Avengers

    Justice League International (1 – 4 are out so far, I think)

    Any JLA by Grant Morrison. The first 3 deluxe editions are out as far as I know) 

  31. @jumping jupiter: I had the same thought when I heard that comment.

  32. BTW, I just finished JLA: Rock of ages and those two "future" issues are basically Final Crisis with catharsis.

  33. @llash Thanks:)

  34. Great podcast this week.  You guys are even more of a hoot when you’re dissing artwork and/or writing. 

  35. For the complaints on "How to brake into comics the Marvel way", here is a para-phrased line that was repeated a lot from them at ECCC.

    "Get published some place else first, then we might talk."

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