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Pick of the Week #275 – Ultimate Spider-Man #155

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards make their triumphant return after Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, much to Josh Flanagan’s chagrin. To make matters worse, they’re all together in Brooklyn and Josh and Conor get awkwardly intimate as they share a mic. Good thing it was a great week for comics, which made the sexual tension much easier to deal with.

Running Time: 01:01:02

Pick of the Week:
00:02:05 – The combination of amazing art by Chris Samnee and another home run story by Bendis makes Ron’s lock for Pick of the Week as Ultimate Spider-Man #155.

00:11:30 – But man was Punisher Max #11 by Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon was too much fun in its violent face off between Bullseye and The Punisher.
00:14:00 – Josh is struggling with the latest creative team on Batman and Robin #21, but Conor’s okay with it.
00:16:41 – The much anticipated Venom #1 came out and Rick Remender and Tony Moore delivered the goods, especially at the end.
00:20:50 – Ron lost the bet to Conor when Blue Beetle came back to live in Justice League: Generation Lost #21.
00:22:26 – More Chaykin in the flashback to 1959 in The New Avengers #10, and Ron didn’t see that team coming.
00:27:49 – Nick Dragotta strikes again in Hawkeye: Blindspot #2 and Josh thinks that Jim McCann has got the voice of Hawkeye down perfectly.
00:29:01 – Gaucho and the rest of the issue of Batman Incorporated #3 totally made Josh and Conor’s day.
00:30:27 – Both Conor and Ron gave the CrossGen title Sigil #1 a try… and that sums that up.
00:32:22 – Some horrible stuff happens in Jennifer Blood #2, but it’s working for Josh and Conor.
00:33:54 – If you’re into comic book history, then you have to read Comic Book Comics #5!
00:35:49 – Josh was happy to see that most of the voices in Ghostbusters Infestation #1 were spot on.

User Reviews:
00:38:12 – kingdomofevan really dug the story of Northern Guard #2.
00:38:54 – wallythegreenmonster was pretty down on the art in Superboy #5 .

00:42:31 – Isaac was inspired by Eric Powell’s video and wants to know what characters are we okay with never seeing again?
00:43:44 – Jon from New Jersey wants to know what’s the big deal about Deadpool?

00:44:50 – Arturo asks a question we’ve never been asked before.
00:47:14 – Matt from Chicago, IL is looking for some friends.
00:49:57 – Wes from Minnesota is looking for some recommendations from Oni Press.

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“Eyes Wide Open”
Rival Schools


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  1. Hell yeah Rival Schools! Caught them at The Court Tavern last week. They killed it. Fantastic album. 

    Anyway, great show. You talked about all the books I got this week which wasn’t much but still rules!

  2. First thing I thought – holy crap there’s a new Rival Schools album?? Love Walter S, off to iTunes for me!

    Second thought – wtf is up with Ron’s mic?

  3. Rucka’s Queen and Country is another great Oni book.

  4. What’s the deal about Deadpool? Well, we’ll never know

  5. Thanks for reading my review, guys. Northern Guard’s a pretty obscure book, but a pretty good one, worth reading if people can find it. (in point of fact, though, Ty Templeton’s doing the writing, not the art; David Cutler’s the artist.)

  6. Wow! You guys talk about 9 books that I picked up this week. Can’t wait to get off work and listen…after I finish a couple of books that I havent gotten to. 😉

  7. Deadpool’s like Two and A Half Men. You know people watch it, you just don’t know anyone who will admit to it. And it makes you angry that it exists, of course

  8. I admit to reading Deadpool nor do I have shame for admitting it.

  9. Thanks for answering my voicemail! As soon as I hung up the phone, I realized about the C2E2 thing.  I said to myself “I’m going to C2E2…ok…there’s a place to meet people WHO LIKE COMIC BOOKS!” I am also thinking about stopping at Challengers. Thanks again!

  10. @Mooz  You’ll totally love Challengers. That place has such an amazing vibe.

  11. Definitely one of those “four other people” who would be down for the Avenger 1959 mini…or dare I say, ongoing?

    Hello, Jonathan Hickman? What are you doing after Secret Warriors?

  12. I dont Get deadpool either.  I do notice a similar thing back when spawn was first out there.  People who read that book loved it, but they were people who werent reading anything else.  i’ve noticed the same thing with alot of deadpool fans i’ve talked to.

  13. BLOWTORCH for gods sake!!! Porkchop sandwhiches!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4OPr_QxoFg&feature=related

  14. Hey matt, where in chicago do you live? I’m a sophomore too! I live in skokie though. No one I know reads comics so that sucks.

  15. Joe Kelly’s run on Deadpool is really good and is Cable/Deadpool.  As for the stuff that’s out now, well I’ve heard it said, “there aren’t any bad characters, just bad writers.”

    I think alot of what makes Deadpool enjoyable, for me, is that it’s not bogged down by the rest of Marvel continuity and it brings a little levity to my comic book reading.

  16. thanks for reading my review again! Gallo’s art is definitely polarizing thats for sure. 

    I kinda feel that hating on Deadpool is a comic fan meme. You just know you’re supposed to do it if you take your comics seriously, but i don’t know if all the haters have actually tried a book. i’ve read the first few trades. They are prety amusing if you like low brow, crude humor. Deadpool is like beer, sometimes you go to a bar cause you want a fancy microbrew and sometimes you want the 50 cent PBR. So many people enjoy it and have fun with the character…isn’t that the whole point of comics?

  17. deadpool is like a good joke you have heard one to many times 

  18. @spacegrass  –in reality, aren’t most superheroes?

  19. There’s something to be said on a ratings/box office/sales chart level for appealing to the common denominator. The saying, “Keep it simple, stupid,” works in such a case. See the highest rated shows on tv for a good example.

  20. holy rusted metal batman, i won!!

  21. great show guys

  22. @TheNextChampion  i meant rational people

  23. Last couple of weeks have been pretty Marvel heavy. 

  24. Sigil left me cold too…pretty art, meh story.

  25. Great episode. And it’s nice to see that Josh and Conor are still so close after all these years. 😉

    I also had a question for iFanbase, but I don’t know where to post it really, so I’ll just post it here.

    Are there any members here who live in a country that has at least an ocean between them and US. If so, how long did it take the membership package to reach you.

    Mine was shipped on January 1st. I live in Estonia and I know it’s far, but after all this time I’m starting to think it has gotten lost somewhere. Wouldn’t be the first time stuff from US never reached me.

    I’ve ordered other stuff from US during these 2,5 months and I got all them always under a month.

    I’d really appreciate the feedback. I just can’t live without my iFanboy t-shirt 🙂

  26. @Suicidalkangarooz  I live near the Oak Park area.  What kinds of comics do you like?  I am a fan of anything that is written well.  I can’t stop reading Starman now.  Are you going to C2E2?  We could maybe meet up.

  27. @Mooz  I only read creator-owned at the moment, mostly due to budget and I’d rather read those over Marvel or DC, although I love the characters and enjoy hearing about what’s going on there. C2E2 is still a maybe, also because I really don’t have much money at the moment, but I think I can make it.

  28. @Suicidalkangarooz  Cool. I read mostly DC stuff.  I did like Marvel for a long time at one point, completely disregarding my love for DC.  I mostly read stories in trade.  I like to go back and look for older things to pick up and read. Do you have a Facebook?

  29. The original Deadpool series by Joe Kelly is pretty good. I also don’t mind him in Uncanny X-Force. 

    I forget who wrote Deadpool: Origins but that was a REALLY good one shot. As for someone who doesnt’ care much for the character, that was both a very funny and touching book at the same time.  

  30. @Suicidalkangarooz  K I sent a friend request


  32. @josh I am a fan of the show, I understand that you guys joke around, but that was kinda inappropriate. We were just talking as friends.

  33. @Mooz  You’re very literal, aren’t you?

  34. @josh Sometimes

  35. @Mooz  @josh  Ha! Good show!

  36. awww, that’s cute

  37. I’m not a Deadpool fan but from what I’ve read I think people seem to like the gap between the self image and what the reader sees. So the character thinks he’s funny, but he’s represented as obviously not, or he wants to be a superhero but gets no respect. In a funny way all the vitriol alot of us comic fans pour on the book sort of works with that whole idea. At the end of the day a radical idea in culture never makes it really big, but the diluted form through the filter of a mainstream vehicle does. In this sense, in a cloak of post modernity, Deadpool appeals directly to the contemporary zeitgeist in a safe mass market way.

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