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Pick of the Week #174 – Superman: World of New Krypton #1

Show Notes

With WonderCon in the rear view mirror and Watchmen on the brain, it’s time to talk comics!

Running Time: 00:59:59

Pick of the Week:
00:01:45 – Conor is ready for some sweeping, epic Superman action with his Pick of the Week: Superman: World of New Krypton #1.

00:10:47 – Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? made Josh miss Gotham Central.
00:14:14 – The iFanboys are ready for the Jonathan Hickman era after reading Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #1.
00:17:35 – Despite the alternate cover, Clint’s still dressed like a ninja in New Avengers: The Reunion #1.
00:23:18 – War of Kings #1 brings Ron to Marvel cosmic heaven.
00:29:21 – Back to Brooklyn #4 was fucked up.
00:31:06 – We are reminded how much we missed Uncle Wheelie with Daredevil #116.
00:32:50 – Josh says House of Mystery #11 was the best issue yet.
00:34:14 – Opinions are all over the map on Secret Warriors #2.

User Reviews:
00:36:50 – mountainwindcat really did not like Buffy the Vampire Slayer #23.
00:38:48 – jstump really did like Secret Six #7.

Book of the Month:
00:41:07 – With All-Star Superman, Vol. 2 Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely present Superman as he ought to be.

00:49:25 – Gary L. asks about weekly comics and small towns without comic book shops.
00:52:29 – Adrian Z. seeks San Diego Comic-Con cosplay advice.

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  1. Daylight Savings means we get the episode an hour earlier and I’m OK with that

  2. Me too. Make the blasted time difference useful for once.

  3. Cool, I won’t have to wait until after midnight to download the show – I’m in the UK.

  4. Compared to the last two crap issues, I thought Buffy was great and made it my PotW:)

  5. Don Knotts FTW

  6. Fun times.  I eagerly await Josh’s Secret Six article.  I’m fairly confident you will fall in love with Ragdoll

  7. I’m now curious to see what Josh thinks of Secret Six.  I’m a little surprised that you didn’t mention that I put my twitter page in the article.  I’m still waiting for some hate tweets.  Although apparently I picked up a follower because of it.

  8. I am waiting for Secret Six in trades, but I wish I’m not….Cause that series sounds fantastic.

    Maybe….MAYBE the ifanboys can look into Deadpool if the pressure is getting to them? Especially josh? (A man can dream!!)

    Hearing the idea that Hickman is making Reed Richards ‘mad scientist’-like sounds very intriguing. I hope that is the way he treats him when he takes over the main title. Oh, and am I wrong or has Back to Brooklyn has had terrible art? I picked the first issue up and I didnt care for it. Plus the more I hear about the book the more I hear on bad art then fucked up moments. Just curious cause you guys didnt go into depth with the art for it.

  9. I was actually underwhelmed with Aja’s artwork too. DD was still my POW since I liked it better than World of New Krypton and those were the only two books I read this week. Superman books have been moving too slow,but  I’ll give this new status quo a couple months before I make a decisions about whether or not to drop the lot of them.

  10. Also, maybe if we put salt on the Superman comic books the plot will move faster.

    Cause ya know, in the last year all the Sups books have been moving as slow as a snail.

  11. @TNC – little tip about recommending a book to me that’s supposed to be funny.  Start by never ever posting on the forum that you didn’t like Arrested Development.

  12. @josh:……Did I say I hated Arrested Development?

    I ment to say ‘I hated….that Arrested Development got cancelled’! Yeah….yeah that’s what I put…

  13. Yay, Josh will get a secret six trade, in about 8 months……

  14. Also Ron needs to be informed of Wikipedia.  I sent him a reply on twitter with the Catman entry.  If he looked at, I’m sure it was for a whole wopping 2 seconds.  I figured if anyone would be a little interested in this book it would be Conor with the fact that there are a bunch of Batman villains in Secret Six.  This show proved me wrong.

  15. @jstump: We’ve talked about SECRET SIX at least five times on the show. We all have different reasons for not being interested in it.

  16. @Conor: This is what happens when I get back logged on the show.  I went back and caught a couple of the reasons.

  17. today’s podcast made me thing of the new avengers stealing Bucky’s TV to watch Prime time drama.  Funny the longer he’s on the team the more i think he secretly regerts offering his house as the club house.

  18. This is totally lame but I get embarrassingly excited when you guys read an email of mine.

    As an update, there’s some talk about dressing up as Star Wars characters. I called Han Solo. 

  19. Regarding your request that we tell people all about iFanboy, a sotry from Friday.  I went into my LCS on Friday before I saw Watchmen wearing my ‘HURM’ shirt.  Everyone loved it and ask where I had gotten it.  I did not hesistate to tell them all: iFanboy.com!

    While no one said, "Oh yeah, I know iFanboy."  Hopefully they all stopped by afterwards.

  20. Attention Conor, Ron, and Josh! Read Secret Six dammit! Getting the trade is a good idea btw. It probably reads better all at once.

  21. Anyone know what’s the name of the song in the beginning of the podcast and who’s sings it?

  22. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @jackietam – The episode music is always listed in the show notes at the bottom of the original post.  

  23. Gabe wasn’t kidding.  The Secret Six trade isn’t solicited until August.

    That’s ridiculous.

  24. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I was thinking of grabbing the Villains United and the other Secret Six trade in the meantime.  I’m very curious about this series.  

  25. @Paul its worth it.  Just a fun read.

  26. It’s funny, I never would’ve thought a series starring Bane, Deadshot, and Catman would be any good….let alone be called one of the best team series out there.

    Why August DC!? Why do you torture us!!!???

  27. @Paul – I’ll be honest I felt the second Secret Six mini was a little lacking.  Although it’s been a while since I read it, but I just remember thinking it was meh.  This one really makes up for the last one though.  Bane alone is amazing.

  28. @jstump-Agreed.  Villians United and the first Secret Six minis were good, but the book really hit on something special with this latest incarnation. 

    I hate DC’s trade program.  I’m tempted to buy you guys all 7 issues and just mail them!

  29. I just read ‘Villains United’.   It was fun, if a little mixed up in Infinite Crisis stuff.  I’m guessing the solo series stands alone a bit better, and I’ll be happy to get it whenever the trade comes out. . .in 5 months apparently.  DC, why do you hate making your comics available?

    I was mostly not blown away by anything this week, though I loved Hickman’s FF.  I could see why people liked ‘Daredevil’ and I enjoyed looking at it, but I feel like I’ve seen that exact same story too many times before (like, in the ‘Godfather’ — in a way that made this feel unoriginal, not like a homage). 

    I will be sure to pick up ‘Gotham Gazette,’ due to Josh’s ‘Gotham Central’ comparison.  That’s the fastest way to sell me on Bat-book.

  30. I’m so happy right now that I managed to spark the Villains United/Secret Six discussion. 

  31. @Drakedangerz: I was thinking about sending my issues to Josh at the very least earlier today.

  32. Wow, the 6th issue of Secret Six came out on Febuary 4th.  The Trade collecting the first six issues comes out August 11.  That does not add up.  What also does not add up is the fact that the arc was 7 issues.  Ahh, the wonders of the DC trade program…


    Also, I must say I am dissapointed that there has been no mention of the mighty on the show.  People race when Tomasi does Nightwing/Green Lantern, people rave when *sjnezberg (?) does battlefields/starman, but when they work together they are ignored.  I really like the series, sort of like a Tom Strong meets starman with a twist.  Great art, and lots of fun. 

  33. I bought the first issue of the Mighty last month but haven’t even cracked it open – that cover just doesn’t say ‘read this book’. Plus, I hate books being titled as adjectives when they should be knowns. The Ultimates indeed.  Does Mr Tomasi, of whom I’m a fan, have that amusing ‘story and words’ credit?

    I’m so annoyed, I never knew there was a cover to New Avengers: The Reunion with Hawkeye rather than Ronan, er , Ronin. Anyway, boiught it, quite liked the characterisations, not keen on the art and likely won’t bother with any other issues unless the flavour of the story changes; I’m getting enough Dark Reign already.

    Secret Warriors 1 was dull enough for me, and you say it’s gotten worse? I’m tempted to buy number 2 if only to find out how Hydra ran SHIELD for all those years during which Nick Fury was the boss. So for, what, a decade of Marvel-time a racist cult has run the world’s greatest defence and espionage force and not actually done anything with it, other than, er, smash Hydra every other week? Good plan that.

    What a rubbish retcon!

    Having not bought the enticingly acronymed WoK, I have to ask – do Crystal and Lilandra really have a bum-sticking out contest?

  34. @Gabe: That is some Grade A stupidity right there.

    DC get your shit together, buying trades should not be a chore.  If I’m a new reader and want to buy all of the Green Lantern Trades, it’s a nightmare.  Why are there no vol numbers on any of these?  You used to be better at this.  Did someone over in the Trade department get lazy?  Are you charged more if a dust cover has a vol number on it?  I’ll pay an extra dollar a trade for the vol number if it helps you print them on the book.  Also how about including all of the issues in these trades.  I’m not super picky I haven’t started writing too much hate mail over the fact that you have forgot to reprint a couple issues of Green Lantern in trade form.

  35. Please let us know the next time Katers is going to be on the show.

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