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Pick of the Week #324 – Invincible #89

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Sometimes, “it was a good book” is all you can manage, and that’s cool. Sometimes. This week, we go through the books, and say what was right about a lot of them, and what was wrong with the rest. We have some character growth as well, which helps our individual arcs.

Running Time: 00:59:33

Pick of the Week:
00:02:49 – We’ve found a reason to talk about Invincible #89, it’s the Pick of the Week!

00:13:13 – The gronch returns with Orc Stain #7, and it is glorious.
00:18:35 – Them Power Pack kids is in FF #16 for some reason.
00:20:50 – Someone needs a haircut in Scalped #56.
00:24:49 – Star Trek #6 sets phasers or something.
00:29:16 – While there is a lot of explaining, The Shade #5 is still a great time.
00:30:44 – They’re finally done standing there is Justice League #6.
00:34:11 – Yousa still likin’ da Spaceman #4?
00:35:30 – Erskine and Loughridge make The Unwritten #34.5 plenty pretty.
00:36:16 – Get to the Lion and sword business, Voltron #3!
00:39:24 – Breyfogle keeps Conor happy with Batman Beyond: Unlimited #1.

User Reviews:
00:40:55 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:41:47 – Andrew Gaboury adds a little more Kirkman praise to The Walking Dead #94.
00:43:07 – HandsomeRansom is glad to see Remender bring it home with Venom #13.4.

00:46:09 – Tom sees some similarity in old John Byrne and Dave Gibbons work. What gives?

00:49:03 – Ben from Brooklyn, wants more Hickman, and more Hickman Fantastic Four.
00:51:06 – Darrel is all about character development.

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  1. Josh is indeed correct: James Stokoe and Brandon Graham both live in Vancouver and are friends. (Graham is doing the cover for Orc Stain #8, if memory serves.)

  2. Wow, Fearless Readers is sponsoring you guys? That’s awesome. I find crazy awesome deals there (though I had to stop because I have no room left). I would like to co-sign the iFanboy ad.

  3. http://www.dccomics.com/vertigo/comics/?cm=21501 Looking at this cover, I’m thinking the bones are Catcher.

  4. Thankfully the boys from Jackass has kept the Rip Taylor legacy alive for a few minutes.

    I remember my dad had to explain who he was after watching one of the movies cause he didn’t make a lick of sense to me. Now I wish I carried confetti everywhere when I go out.

  5. For quite a while ORC STAIN had the highest POTW percentage. I was really hoping it would come out on top. Still, a good chunk of iFanbase seemed to enjoy it, so I guess people DO recognize a good thing, when they see it. Gronch!

  6. Don’t forget Dark Reign: Fantastic Four, Hickman’s first actual work on the characters.

  7. You should check out Voltron Force, which kinda picks up several years in the future. I’ve been enjoying it big time. The only show better than that has been Thundercats, which has been an AMAZING reboot of the franchise. Frankly, the new Thundercats cartoon has really interesting themes that seem more complex than a kid might necessarily appreciate.

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