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Pick of the Week #122 – Kick-Ass #1

Show Notes

Conor is finally on vacation, so Gordon the Intern steps in and tries to fill the big man’s shoes.

Running Time: 01:02:40

Pick of the Week:
00:03:17 – Ron had his ass kicked by the Pick of the Week: Kick-Ass #1.

00:14:48 – Echoes of Messiah Complex shudder throughout X-Men Legacy #208.
00:17:04 – Jeff Smith takes a different direction with RASL #1.
00:22:13 – Criminal, Vol. 2 #1 punches Josh, but in the best way.
00:26:55 – Ron thinks he’s got this All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder thing worked out with issue #9.
00:32:32 – Ultimate Spider-Man #119 was refreshingly delightful.
00:35:58 – Gordon loves Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 #3, even though it has nothing to do with Dawson’s Creek. Or does it?
00:37:34 – Justice Society of America #13 was good… again.
00:39:23 – Josh isn’t going to let Fables #70 go unmentioned.

00:42:06 – Sam from Australia is curious about ages: Golden, Silver, and Modern, and who we like from them.
00:45:54 – Vichus Smith wants to know if “Messiah Complex” will get Ron to read the new Cable series.
00:47:06 – Ryan asks which comic book city we’d want to live in.

00:49:29 – Dave from Bloomington, IN needs Punisher. Can you help him?
00:52:05 – Andrew in Alabama wants to know what you should read when you’ve got the sickness.

00:54:36 – You want to win a copy of the Marvel Comic Guide to New York City? Go to: www.MarvelGuideSweepstakes.com. (Sweepstakes is working! Click the link and then click the “Start” button — you DO NOT need to buy the book to enter.)
00:55:46 – Rare Darwyn Cooke pint glasses and an autographed, sketched DVD of Justice League: The New Frontier are yours for the taking, as long as you have the correct contest answer to us by Midnight EST, March 6. Listen for details.

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  1. Is it just me, or does that sweepstakes link not work? I couldn’t even get google to find it.

  2. Link didn’t work for me either


  3. It’s a conspiracy perpetrated by Skrulls and/or related to Final Crisis.  or maybe we just killed their server.

  4. Sorry – looks like there is a problem with the sweepstakes link -stay tuned, we’ll have an update ASAP

  5. I don’t have it in front of me right now (it’s in a box, somewhere, in my closet), but I remember a sort of mini-series Punisher comic from the early nineties that was really good. It ran for seven issues (I think). It was called Punisher: The Final Days. I’m trying to pull this from deep within my memory banks, but the book centers around Frank Castle being forced by The Kingpin (because he’s kidnapped Micro Chip) to stand trial and go to an Alcatraz-type prison. While there, he battles it out with Jigsaw, gets sliced up real good in the process and escapes from the slammer. Once out, he partners up with Cage, undergoes major reconstructive surgery (and I do mean MAJOR. You’ll understand when you see it) and goes on a big revenge kick to get his buddy back.

     Good luck searching for the books. If anyone knows the comics I’m talking about, and especially if you know of a Trade Paperback for that arc, please chime in here. I hope this was helpful.


  6. The original Punisher 5 part miniseries which lead into the regular Punisher serries was really great.  It made me want to go out and find every appearence of the punisher in the Marvel U.

  7. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:


    I remember reading Final Days. The Punisher’s surgeon was terribly sexy.

    A Punisher story I liked from that era was "What-if… Wolverine was Lord of the Vampires." Frank kicks more ass than Van Helsing, and he dresses the part by wearing Dr. Strange’s cape. I think he’s rocking a head band, for good measure, too.

  8. OMG… no Conon!? What….. has the world imploded?! ARhh! Your freakin’ me out man!

  9. gordon – it is bloomington, IN. i don’t know if our paths have crossed or not, but i get my comics weekly at vintage phoenix in town. restaurant recommendations are welcome too (though i already love samira and little zagreb).

    i’ve assumed the ennis stuff was decent, but i was hoping someone could confirm this before i dropped cash on them… 

  10. Marvel Guide to NYC Sweepstakes link is working – Go here to enter – and click on the "Start" button – you do not need to buy the book to enter the sweepstakes to win the book (in case there was any confusion…)

  11. Punisher 45 is a good one and done story.  It holds up well minus a scene with a monster truck that well; was fun at the time when I was in my teens.  It’s about a seral killer who targets taxi drivers.  It was one of the few punisher comics from that run that I felt was well done and left Frank Castle to think about what he had to do in the end.  I believe it was done by Dixon art by Tod Smith (Pencils), Dan Bulanadi (Inks).

  12. Thanks for answering my question. After Australia lost in the cricket yesterday it was a good pick me up.


  13. In relation to the sweepstakes draw: You do have to be in the US to enter.


  14. For the marvel one you have to live in the US to enter.

  15. Glad you all talked about Rasl.  I thought it was a pretty good issue.  Bone got me started on comic books (well that and Spawn, say what you will but the last year of spawn has been awesome) and I will stick it out for jeff smith.  Cant wait to see where he goes with this book. 

     A couple comments on the book though, The main character’s dimension traveling thing?  Looked like a rip off of Orion’s flying thing, whatever its called, from the new gods.  And the lizard looking guy at the end.  A little paul pope-esque?  I dont know.  If the book sucks after 60 issues I’ll drop it. 

  16. 60 issues is a hell of a trial period.

  17. For anyone wanting to read the Punisher, the Essential Punisher Vol.1 is great.  It contains his earliest appearances in Amazing Spidey AND his character-defining mini-series written by Steven Grant and drawn by Mike Zeck is included in the newest printing of the essential.

    Welcome Back Frank by Garth Ennis is amazing and is the start of Ennis’ classic run on the Punisher.  I bought this trade on a whim and I have been hooked on the Punisher ever since.  

  18. I think the Marvel Knights Punisher by Ennis/Dillon is MOSTLY enjoyable, but I’d recommend starting with the MAX series since it is both 1) has NOTHING to do with the MARVEL U (except for Nick Fury and Microchip) and 2) Is actually way better. Significantly less cartoonish.

    I’m confused when you guys say you’re not sure where Kick Ass is gonna go. He opens the series with out main character getting tortured by some toughs (see Page 4)…The rest is flashback. So obviously we’re working toward there for at least part of this.

    I agree that Criminal was ridiculously outstanding. Captain America can’t shine the shoes of Criminal.

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