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Pick of the Week #223 – The New Avengers #62

Show Notes

With Josh Flanagan still out on paternity leave, Tom Katers returns to join Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards to discuss the new comics of the week, drug dependency, alcohol abuse, and the ways that Atlantians show affection. Plus, Conor completely blanks on the name Luna Park.

Running Time: 01:02:03

Pick of the Week:
00:02:01 – Conor’s Pick of the Week was The New Avengers #62 and Ron has some problems with it.

00:10:44 – Oh, that last page in The Flash: Rebirth #6!
00:16:00 – Is there too much going on in Blackest Night #7?
00:21:21 – Ben Templesmith was in top form on Choker #1.
00:25:23 – Fantastic Four #576 was… good?
00:31:35 – Scalped #35 made Tom cry.
00:34:02 – Want further proof that Marvel just loves a good tidal wave? The Marvels Project #6.
00:35:24 – Batman and Robin #9 was a return to first arc form.

User Reviews:
00:36:47 – Megnolia was really disappointed by Wonder Woman #41.
00:38:44 – aliensurfer was over the moon for Green Arrow #30.

00:43:33 – Peter from Montreal, Canada might just have a drinking problem.
00:45:45 – Jennifer from New Jersey says thanks.

00:47:14 – Dave from Denver, CO asks about comic book making technology.
00:50:28 – John from Milwaukee, WI asks about old series and creating local iFanboy chapters.

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Texas is the Reason



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  1. Nice and early. Can’t wait to listen.

  2. Lok at  that, a sweet new iFanboy episode

  3. Yep lok at it, just lok at it.

  4. back to back weeks with katers. awesome.

  5. More Katers you need a fourth man

  6. my bloody store sold out of Flash: Rebirth 6. How’s that?  i read the first five, i had a standing order and when the final issue which would have made sense of out Blackest Night: Flash and barry’s roll in Backest Night, I get nothing. Nothing! FIDDLE STICKS!

  7. Peter from Montreal! We need to get drinks.

  8. Well, I’m glad you guys liked Flash: Rebirth. I thought it was damn near abysmal. The whole mini had a nearly non-existent story and the character arc of grim Barry to, well, boring Barry was inane to the point of it being literally groan inducing. What changed Barry’s personality? No freakin’ clue. Why was he so grouchy and grim in the first place? Not sure either. And then there were the retcons which were insultingly stupid. The Speedforce stuff was bad enough but they actually gave BARRY FREAKING ALLEN a tragic backstory???????? Bleugh.

    Worst of all, Geoff Johns’ Barry Allen is dull as dishwater. I’ve loved the way he’s been portrayed in New Frontier and Mark Waid’s flashback series with Barry Kitson but between this and Blackest Night, I just don’t see why we should have this cypher of a character over the well developed Wally West. 

    And, sadly, it’s just as well that Johns is kicking ass in Superman: Secret Origin because Blackest Night is a bit of a lost cause to me. Nekron’s a totally rubbish villain and the story has been a totally unfocused snooze fest. On the plus side, I’m loving Ivan Reis’ art and Johns still writes an incredible Sinestro so I definitely loved the end of the issue.   

    Pick of the Week for me was Batman and Robin, which was a superb ending to a very uneven arc.


  9. Scalped was amazing, def my pow. totaly agree with you on FF. it’s a bunch of ideas in search of a story. hope it comes together. as for new avengers, the whole multiple Cap returns usally wouldn’t bother me but 3 of them were writen by the same guy. It’s one thing if it was by a bunch of different creators but when one writer can’t keep it consistent it seems amateurish.

  10. I’m guessing that Josh will be back next week in time to make Detective Comics the PoTW again… Heh.

    Thanks for the show, guys.

  11. Good ep, Ron’s comment on sinestro had me on the floor

  12. Alfred’s using a cricket bat. it’s not a paddle. come on

  13. Nice, can’t wait to listen to this.

    Hey did anyone who runs the site read ‘Captain Swing’? (or maybe even Tom Katers for this) Shocked that it seems no one read a new Warren Ellis comic.

  14. hey. its ray shearer. thank you so much for the giveaway prize!! you guys are the best!! ps i LOVED choker so im glad i won =) also i have been LOVING FF its so great and sciency!!

  15. The act of meetin up and taking the roles of Ron, Josh, and Conor: iFanboy LARPing.

  16. @TNC Ellis is putting out new stuff ALL the time on Avatar, I don’t think they’re reading all of it. (Although Captain Swing looks more interesting than most of it)

  17. @gobo: Or any of it. Not in issues, anyway.

  18. I read Captain Swing. Interesting concepts, but not a lot of story to really hook me. Not sticking with the issues, but I might grab the trade if it gets decent scuttlebutt. 

  19. @gobo/conor That is true. Ellis seems to put more stuff out for Avatar then anywhere else. (for an obvious reason) I’d definitely recommend it though in trade whenever it does come out.

  20. I’m okay, boys. I suppose I’ll find some way to pick up the pieces. 🙂

  21. Maybe I won’t jump on for WW 600 afterall…

  22. @Paul: Sorry I just saw your comment.

    I can see why sticking to trade might be better for this series. Cause you’re right; very little story at the moment. But with the brilliant art and intriguing concept, I am willing to read a slow burn. But I hope everyone give sit a try when it comes to trade. It will be a beautiful book no doubt about that.

  23. Tom should be on every show he’s fucking funny.

  24. I could’ve sworn the music was Pelican. I’ll have to check these guys out.

  25. @illash

    Again, you should go back and read it all of Blackest Night again in one go. It reads way better as a collection. 

  26. I have to read all the back issues of Blackest Night every damn time another issue comes out.  I have read #1 seven times now and #2 six times.  I still can’t seem to remember what the hell is going on unless I review it all every month.  I really should’ve just waited for the trade instead of doing this to myself all the damn time.

  27. @illash

    Thr problem isn’t that Barry is a dull character, the problem is that his return is completely pointless. I really liked him in Blackest Night though.

  28. @Muddi900: Oh, I know that Barry isn’t actually dull. As I mentioned, I loved those other modern takes on him. I just find Geoff’s take to be beyond bland… and yes I am actually referring to Blackest Night as well. Here’s hoping he can do better in the Flash series.

    I might give it a shot reading it in one go but I just can’t build up any enthusiasm for it. Worse, I’m not really sure which order I should read it in. Do I include the tie ins as well? Often time sthey seemed to be more central to the plot than Blackest Night itself.

  29. Are we supposed to buy this? The charaterization is all over the place. Ron is supposed to be the Marvel zombie and Conor the DC fanboy. And they have messed up the continuity so bad with Josh “having a baby” and introducing this new Ted guy.

  30. Tom is like the Mr. Rogers of comics, he’s just easy to listen to.

  31. Wacom also has a literally, draw on-screen tablet.

  32. This episode was effin’ hillarious. Great job guys!

  33. @Joppe: HAHA! Well played, sir!

    To a few other people, for what it’s worth I have enjoyed Barry more in Blackest Night than in any of the single Johns Flash issues I’ve read over the past few years. Maybe that’s because in BN Flash is just a cog in the machine, whereas he’s the focus of his own titles, and I don’t think Johns’ bland characterization of him (at least, lately) really holds much for anyone reading closing and wanting something more than very routine superhero entertainment.

  34. *Oops, "reading closely", not "reading closing". Guess I wasn’t proofreading closely.

  35. Still not appearing in iTunes (Irish store). Really looking forward to listening. iFanboy has been on a roll of late.

  36. great show as always…

    it is JT Krul rhymes with "cool" . I asked him myself. 

    I don’t mind the multiple first moments of "Cap Is Back" . it has to be that way for readers who don’t read everything.

    by comparrison think of all the complaints during infinite crisis that happened because WW killing Max Lord was only in 1 book at first, and people who hadn’t seen it in the Omac mini series were confused  

  37. Just wanted to say thanks to Conor, Ron, and Josh for letting me fill in. It was fun, even the "Josh" suit I had to wear.



  38. TEXAS IS THE REASON!!!!!! YES!! One of my favorite bands ever.

  39. There was a reason for Professor Zoom’s cane? I thought it was his lightning rod (oo-er). Or that he was simply dapper.

    I never noticed Barry becoming his own lightning bolt (again), I just thought that was an origin-jogger spread. Oh well. Talking of spreads, Rebirth #6 had another pointless but irksome sideways spread, of the type that’s showed up in most issues of Blackest Night. Is this Geoff Johns’ new favourite thing, along with doomy prophecies? It must be stopped.

    Overall. Rebirth’s been a splashy series with some good moments, but nothing great enough to convince me Barry – who was my Flash – should have come back from the dead. Wally was excellent under Johns, now he’s off to heaven knows where. 

    Anyroad up, great episode, and as this is a community, may I have a comic reading friend in Edinburgh please, I’m so alone 🙁

  40. @Mart: Wally is not going anywhere. He’s going to be the co-feature in THE FLASH.

  41. @conor

    I thought that co-feature was scrapped? Issue 1 and 2 are $3. 

  42. @conor, yup, miyamotofreak’s right, the co-feature is toast, sadly:



  43. Interesting.

  44. Pah-lease ask this Tom Katers guy to be a regular!

  45. @illash: I am going read just the main series, without GL or GLC, when its finished.

  46. Not even a mention of Atomic-Robo from Red5 comics? You guys are missing out!

  47. Katers should be the permanent replacement.  It’s a much more fun dynamic listening experience with him on.

  48. @KickAss: Well, that ‘ain’t happening.

  49. I feel so loved!

  50. I like listening to Josh.

  51. @ThomasKaters – You ain’t the only one.

    Someone distract Tom with a Brewers spring training game or a Flash comic featuring time travel so Josh can reclaim his rightful position at the right hand of Conor. 

    (Is there any reason we can’t have four hosts on a given episode [or maybe 5 if Mr. Neseman is AROUND]? Logistics?)

  52. WARNING – The preceding post contains a great many parenthesis and may not be suitable for casual listeners.

  53. Josh reigns supreme. In a fight, I’m sure he could take Tom.

    Batman & Robin and Scalped were the two stand out books for me last week. Glad you guys, mostly, liked them. Damn you Ron for not caring!

  54. Can’t we have both Tom and Josh????  I wouldn’t want to choose between them both.  At the very least Ifanboy should hire Tom to do their taxes.  And then Tom could do a podcast about that.. each episode devoted to a different tax return.  Who wouldn’t want to hear that?!?!? 😉

  55. How about Josh comes back and I just go back to listening!

  56. I dunno that ‘Tax Return Podcast’ sounds like GOLD!!!!!!

  57. @stuclach: While scheduling four people would certainly be an extra layer of work, after five years we’ve really just come to the conclusion that for us, three people on the show works the best. We’ve done a couple of shows with a fourth person and we’ve done a couple of shows with two people and for us three creates the best dynamic. It allows for everyone to get their talking time in and it minimizes cross talk (which is a problem when you’re not all in the same room when you record).

  58. @Conor – That makes sense.  If it works (and it does), don’t fix it.  Keep up the good work.

  59. I think the answer is clear: Tom VS. iFanboy.

    Each week Tom does his own podcast, wittily dissecting the past week’s iFanboy podcast for our amusement. 

    Everyone wins.


  60. @daccampo – I would listen to that.

  61. @daccampo & stuclach – me too. 

     Tom vs. the Flash *and the JLA previously are great.  Tom’s best bits have come from playing off others though.  You need to give him one extra beat to get his joke delivered, but the slower pace is what makes it work.  I thought this show was exceptionally good in part because Ron and Conor gave him that extra moment to deliver the line.  I found that sometimes guests or non-regulars on Around Comics didn’t understand that Katers Comedy ™ moves at a pace all its own!  Like a fine brand of salsa, it takes time to come out just right. 

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