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Pick of the Week #172 – Guardians of the Galaxy #10

Show Notes

Ron Ricahrds is back, Conor Kilpatrick’s somewhat healthy, and Josh Flanagan is… well, he’s Josh.ย This week is full of excitement and wonder as we tackle this week’s books, Scott Pilgrim and give the info on WonderCon in San Francisco!

Running Time: 01:01:54

Pick of the Week:
00:01:33 – For the Pick of the Week, Josh went for the fun factor with Guardians of the Galaxy #10, and loves it for different reasons than Ron.

00:10:24 – The Great Unknown #1 really impressed Josh, so much so it was almost the Pick.
00:12:18 – Conor thinks that the story arc The Amazing Spider-Man #587 may be the best one yet.
00:16:10 – Despite the glossing over of the scarring, Conor is digging Robin #183.
00:19:11 – Ron is going to piss a lot of people off for talking about X-Factor #40.
00:23:05 – Four Eyes #2 was the book people thought Josh would Pick.
00:26:45 – The best cover of the week goes to Noble Causes #39.
00:28:18 – It’s dark and Conor thinks Spider-Man: Noir #3 is really good.

User Reviews:
00:29:41 – Noro26 raved about Invincible #59.

Book of the Month:
00:31:24 – Conor discusses his Book of the Month pick, Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 5: Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe.

00:41:00 – Ryan (Dude007) asks about what we think of Electric Blue Superman.

Voice Mail:
00:43:34 – Jason has a question about how much money comic pros earn.

iFanboy News:
00:49:37 – iFanboy is coming to WonderCon in San Francisco! Find out about the panels we are appearing on and the parties with Darick Robertson, Brian Azzarello and Dave Johnson.

“Fields of Coal”
…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead



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  1. Just to let you know, a friend told me this:

    The scene in ASM this week with the multiple Spider-Men is referencing to the Spider-Man Extra that had the exact same panel. So the Spider-Man Extra was just flash forwarding to this current ASM issue where he got arrested. I dont know if that is good storytelling or not, but that sounds pretty lame to me no matter what way you put it.

  2. "I Like Pie." Voice of the masses, Conor is.

    I really dig the concept of the "Man of Action Studio." While I haven’t read anything created by the fellows (on an economic cmoic hiatus from monthles and even trades are very tough right now) I always enjoy when artiists form studios for mutual support. I can see such studios helping buture new talent . Nothing but a win there.

  3. I meant to say "Bring future talent"

  4. I agree totally on all things positive regarding ASM.  I liked the one little scene toward the end where it looks as if Norman might be thinking that there’s someone else for him to worry about.  Could be interesting…

    Also, thanks for the little bit on Spider Man: Noir.  After getting burned by the X-Men: Noir I avoided Spider Man, might have to check it out now.

  5. TheNextChampion is right about that scene in ASM this week. 

  6. Not that if I were you I would want a schmuky little jewish teen running around in your hip isotope party, but how old must one be to attend?  If I cannot come, will there be any other time this weekend for me to see isotope, cause I really want to.  Thanks, so excited for the ifanboy panal, and Josh’s.  (I hope I can get my Box Office Poison signed)

  7. I’m not coming…

  8. No celebration for the sentry blowing up in dark avengers #2?!??!?!

  9. Are you guys filming the podcast panel and the Alex Robinson panel?

  10. @Gabe: You have to be 21 to go to the party because there is alcohol served.  You can go to Isotope any other time you like when it’s open.

  11. I mean if that is the case regarding ASM: Extra, I wouldnt recommend anyone else reading those ‘extra’ or one-shot issues. Cause they could be spoiling future Spider-Man stories without even knowning it! I did read the Extra issue with Spidey in court and the multiple spider-men came out and if I still read this series and saw that panel referenced….I would blow a gasket I tell you.

    But I’m shocked no one is commenting on Conor’s vomiting saga on Scott Pilgrim. That was…..waaaay too much info.

  12. Wondercon is not the Germany of the convention circuit! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Fun show guys.  And I wanted to say how cool it is that your show notes are so detailed.  I can’t recall any other podcast I listen to where they are as precise.  Usually its just a list of everything they talk about and then you just fend for yourself.  Appreciate the time you put into adding those, in case you don’t hear that often enough.

    @Chlop-you will be missed sir ๐Ÿ™

  13. I’ll just spread some comic books on my bed and get drunk. It’s pretty much the same, right?

  14. Haha who was the guy from Australia that Josh was talking about??

  15. @chlop-pretty much.  Although I would recommend engaging in some cosplay while on said bed.

  16. @ASM – I disagree with TNC on this one. I think the back-up/onshot story whatever you want to call it was very good and that it didn’t blow anything with regards to the regular book. Not to mention the fact that it was drawn by Marcos Martin. The story in Character Assination glossed over most of what was covered in the EXTRA and if you don’t really want to know what happened then you don’t have to go back and read it. Also, they did put in there that the story in ASM extra took place weeks ahead of time so if you were worried about spoilers you didn’t have to read it. I thought it did a good job of creating tension, in that it showed Spidey got arrested at one point but didt not say how. Granted i picked up the Extra last week…after he had already been arrested in the on-going. Still I think its good storytelling.

  17. @Kreider: Well I thought the backup story in ASM: Extra was good (one of the few stories I will acknowledge that were good during this BND era). But to me, you cant just suddenly flashforward to a big story point. There has to be people who picked up that Extra issue and also this recent ASM issue and thought: ‘Wow that was a good issue, shame they already acknowledge Pete was going to trial already’.

    To me, that is just sloppy writing and editorial as well. An editor should’ve noticed the Extra issue was going to ‘spoil’ or at the very least acknowledge how Parker was gonna get out of prision in a big time arc like this.

  18. I lost my TMNT costume, so maybe I’ll put that old woman mask I have and pretend to be Aunt May at her hospital bed. I can also play a drunken and rambling Peter Parker.


  19. any word on coming to ww "chicago" in august?

  20. Totally forgot that I left a voicemail one night last week. Wasn’t paying close attention to the podcast when I suddenly heard my voice coming through my car stereo speakers. Very strange sensation.

    Thanks for trying to answer my question. If you ever get any real intel, I’d love to know. It is very unlikely I will ever pursue a career in comics, but I’m curious how those who do make ends meet.

  21. Whatever happened to The Great Unknown?  Two issues and then… POOF!  Nothing.

  22. What happened to Four Eyes? It got resolicited for November and then nada.

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