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Pick of the Week #221 – The Amazing Spider-Man #620

Show Notes

We’re all in house, talking about a big load of comics, giveaways, and our usual diversions. Come for the comics talk. Stay for the uncomfortably pregnancy jokes. New York was snowed in, but like the postal service, you can’t stop comics!

Running Time: 01:04:07

Pick of the Week:
00:01:50 – For Conor, all was right with the world, and the feel good pick was The Amazing Spider-Man #620.

00:12:18 – The spark of attraction was nailed in Daytripper #3.
00:16:57 – If they want to add more kids to the Parker household, we’d be cool with that, just like we are with Ultimate Spider-Man #7.
00:20:05 – And thus, Phonogram: The Singles Club #7 ends the story mightily.
00:22:23 – You’ll never guess the special guest star in The Unwritten #10.
00:27:46 – Batgirl #7 proves that it’s not just Power Girl most of you are missing out on.
00:29:17 – DMZ #50 is the FIFTIETH issue of this Vertigo series!
00:32:08 – Who doesn’t love Jerome Opena on Vengeance of Moon Knight #5? Weirdos, that’s who.
00:35:10 – Guy Davis uses his pages like a master in B.P.R.D.: King of Fear #2.
00:36:19 – Dark X-Men #4 makes Ron wistful for the good ‘ol days.

User Reviews:
00:37:06 – woodmania doesn’t see eye to eye with Ron on New Mutants #10, but they both liked it.
00:39:40 – cubman987 isn’t so hot on Batman and Robin #8.

Book of the Month:
00:45:29 – Conor shines a light on the February Book of the Month, The ‘Nam, Vol. 1.

00:53:41 – Jackie asks which books he should get, and we all answer different.
00:55:08 – Nick asks how to best ruin his wedding.


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  1. Thanks for answering my question guys, (i think..) even though I’m pro-Ron, I’m going instead to take Conor’s suggestion and get the JSA run.

  2. Buy Jessica Simpson!!! lol



  3. Ahh man no top 5 episode for episode 150. 





  4. I mispronounce nazi surnames as a tiny middle finger to their legacy.

    Yeah, that’s it.

  5. I was waiting for: "Have your photographer dress up as Batman….and don’t explain it to anyone"

  6. Was the girl at the end of daytripper #3 his wife in the first issue?

  7. Anyone else annoyed that Grant Morrison has ripped off this whole "Lazarus Pit" idea from "Lost?"

  8. Goebbels is pronounced "Ger-bells", like Goethe is "Ger-tuh". Cool issue to hear about, though. I’m going to pick this one and the Kipling one up.

  9. @pdallor: Wha…? The Lazarus Pit has been around healing and resurrecting since 1971.

  10. Nope. it’s a Lost rip off

  11. Yeah the Lazarus Pit has been around since, Batman #232 June 1971. Originally worked into the mythos by Denny O’Neil and Neil Adams.

    The idea of being dropped in purifying waters to be healed or resurrected predate that by centuries, probably millenia. No one can steal this idea, it’s prevalent in dozens of cultures.

  12. Not to mention the Lazarus Pit showed up in B&R a week before that episode of Lost…

  13. Denny O’Neil ripped off Ponce de Leon!

  14. Ponce de Leon ripped off Cocoon!

  15. Lazarus pits are also real, naturally occurring phenomena. 

  16. Gospel of Matthew? total rip off of Reign of the Supermen

  17. Siegel and Shuster ripped off the old testament!

  18. What are you talking about? Siegel and Shuster are the old testament!

    I don’t even know what that means! 

  19. Grant Morrison ripped off an acid trip I had in the 80s!

  20. @Heroville
    Grant Morrison IS an acid trip you had in the ’80s!

    I watched the VHS tape I had of that "Seven little supah-heroes!" episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends so many times I think the damn thing disintegrated. I still quote some of the cheesey/nonsensical lines from it;

    "Aggh! It’s… Alcohol!"
    -Namor, swimming in a pool filled w/ what he thought was water.

    "For now… but for later… !"
    -Chameleon, ducking behind a metal door after doing something nefarious.

  21. See this DNA? Just a cheap knock off of some old RNA

  22. I still fail to see how having MJ in these post-OMD stories would make it harder to tell. Oh no, instead of living with a cop I’m living with my wife. Oh no, instead of my new girlfriend being kidnapped MJ got kidnapped instead. What’s that? All of the villains I have been facing up to now (both new and classic) would still happen even when MJ was my wife?

    It’s the same argument we’ve been having since that awful retcon, but what are ya gonna do? When Marvel does bring it back later this year (as the teasers have indicated) then it will be a blast to read….and argue again.

  23. Connor I agree that without bnd we would not have the spider-man stories we have today. I really loved JMS’s run (most of it) but he had written himself into a corner. Love it or hate it (I am personally ambivalent) BND did set up spider to be the best it’s been in a long time. At the least it chased away JMS (who I really like I swear!) who would NEVER have taken the book in this direction.
    I forget which of you guys argued that with wacker et al the book would have been just as good w/out BND. I have to respectfully disagree. I think the book would have floundered around trying to “fix” the JMS continuity and maybe, maybe, would have eventually been as good but I don’t think it would have happened, or at best the between time would have been painful. With OMD spidey got right back to kickin ass! That is all, now if one of you could help me off this soapbox…

  24. So the skull used in Blackest Night is that Bruce or a clone? I’m confused.

  25. Yeah, I think it was a clone. Man, count me in as one of those who didn’t like the latest Batman and Robin. Awesome art but writing wise, it’s very far from Morrison’s best. That he had to resort to a boring chestnut like evil clones really says it all about how off this issue was.

  26. The Bat-corpses depicted in Batman and Robin, Final Crisis, and Blackest Night are supposed to be the same, the clone.

    B&R is back to being undeniably solid again. Wild Brit villains, Crime Bible/Batwoman involvement, Morrison’s Batman themes are still there and he’s still using classic Bat-story elements. Oh yeah, and Damien’s surgical enhancement. All the ideas work for me and Cameron Stewart is still solid on art.

    But, I loved Phonogram terribly so. POTW

  27. @nextchamp just like when Peter got drunk and slept with his roommate and it was awkward the next morning. you can totally tell that story with Mary Jane instead. "I accidentally slept with my wife how awkward!" or when his roommate was arrested for the spider tracer crimes. ‘Oh it was mary jane all along. and she was a cop too!"

  28. @nextchamp I don’t think they’re undoing BND any time soon, I think the teasers are just for a story that will fill in some of the BND history so we know WHY they didn’t get married.

  29. By the way I wasnt reading Spider-Man before BND but still thought that undoing the marriage of MJ and Peter would be a horrible move and yet I have to admit that I was wrong. I actually buy and read Spider-Man and love the fact that he is single. Makes the book a lot of fun, especially when Mary Jane does show up. There is a  lot of great tension with her now that wasn’t there before. I wish I could go back in time and slap the Timmy in the past for complaining about this move on Marvels part.

  30. @ timmy don’t worry a lot of people are in the same boat as you! And at this point it is really hard to argue against the fact that spidey is better now than before bnd.
    @gobo I also don’t think bnd is being undone, but think we will get some explanation about exactly how this all works

  31. @llash Not really since we knew Bruce was being cloned/copied in some way and Nekron did say his name in quotes a lot of people suspected it may have not have not have been Bruce

  32. Yeah, that Lazarus Pit comment was actually a joke. Kind of a meta-comment on people’s tendency to think everything is a rip-off of everything else, rather than recognizing that most storytelling conventions stretch across centuries and genres, and if anything the fact that everyone took what I said at face value kind of proves the point that it’s so common that people will take even the most absurd "X-ripped-off-Y!" accusations for granted and oh, dear, it’s possible I may be rambling so shutting up now.

  33. @pdallor: In the future: Emoticons are helpful.

  34. @pdallor — well, it did lead to a string of pretty funny posts. 😉

  35. Emoticons are a blatant rip-off of cave hieroglyphs. I refuse to support that kind of thing.

  36. We’re very used to people being literal about things like this. Too used to it…

  37. I agree with Ron about New Mutants #10. After the first Arc with Legion things have been steadily building.  Does anyone know what the sales of the book have been like?

  38. Thanks for the Top Cow books, iFanboys. Can’t wait to take a look at them. 

  39. Hey you can expect to see me at ECCC this year. Don’t know which department I’ll be working under this time but I’ll clue you in soon as I know, when you have time we can chat.

  40. yeah! which one of the iFanboys is a Them Crooked Vultures fan?

  41. They’re like my favorite thing ever at the moment.

  42. Once again, yeah! You’re my favorite iFanboy Josh. Maybe you could talk about Them Crooked Vultures in an upcoming Murmur podcast? Oh and check this out, Them Crooked Vultures live at Austin City Limits: http://video.pbs.org/video/1397479116/ Your podcasts are great by the way!

  43. That’s on my DVR. I watched half of it earlier tonight. It was much better than their SNL appearance.

  44. Yeah, I agree. The sound was really bad at their SNL appearance. Most of that episode was pretty bad actually. The skit with Dave Grohl drumming made me chuckle once though.

  45. I shall have hrdcore music at my wedding.

  46. I can’t understand why someone would ever want to read from a comic book for their wedding. What could he possibly want to read that would not sound horrible? I’m oh so curious.

    And I have a different interpretation of what is happening in Daytripper. Basically, I think it’s going to turn out that each consective issue would continue on as if he didn’t die in the previous one. After issue #2, assume he didn’t die and he brought the girl home with him. After issue #3, assume he got to the store OK and falls in love for the girl who, I’m guessing, is the girl that ends up marrying him. I see the whole series as these are the choices we make in life, but what happens if we die before making them? Or because of them? Makes you appreciate those little moments even more.

  47. Well I had the thermodynamic miracle read at my wedding and it certainly didn’t ruin that. I had to cut out the bit about "your mother loves a man, she has every reason to hate" I thought it might ruin the vibe.

  48. Hey dude, play the Spider-Man theme song!

  49. So I figured, it might be cool to have people scream out random superhero battle cries before they do their readings. That would kick ass.

    "And now, a reading from the book of Matthew. ‘Imperius Rex!’"

    "And now, a reading from the book of Tom. ‘It’s clobberin’ time!’"

    Someone make it happen.


  50. hahahahhaha

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