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Special Edition – Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D

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It’s time for the iFanboy three to close the book on a legendary chapter in their lives. That’s right, we saw, and are now talking about, for what is destined to be the last time, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D. Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick have a long history with Star Wars, and this movie takes them back to another time. Does the revisitation reveal anything unexpected about the much maligned movie, or is it as bad as expected. Or is it worse. We try to be more positive than Captain Panaka, which isn’t very hard. We also have no army. Put on your 3D glasses, and sit back. We’re talking about Episode I.

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  1. Really? I did not see this coming. At all.

  2. I usually feel like a big jerk when complaining about free entertainment. But the idea that we get a podcast for this and not for Chronicle is pretty disappointing.

    I dunno, maybe I enjoyed that movie a lot more than the median viewer so perhaps it’s unreasonable for me to keep bringing this up. Although I find that argument a little hard to believe with the Tomatometer for Chronicle as high as it is.

    Either way I love your movie podcasts so much I’m still gonna listen to this one and most likely enjoy it a lot. Keep em coming guys.

  3. I’ll save you a lot of time. It’s garbage.

  4. Having visited family in Ithaca, New York this past Christmas, Josh saying how he saw the movie ten times makes a painful amount of sense.

  5. Fun podcast! Way back when, I remember also seeing movies I knew were terrible more than once (all the Star Trek movies). Not anymore, time is too valuable…. I understand not wanting to do the other two movies, but it’s our loss…

  6. Yeah, important not to forget what the man did for movies!
    ILM, Skywalker Sound,… all lead to things like Pixar etc. Movies would not have been the same without him.

  7. You guys sounded a little crazy in this one

  8. I’m still debating if I should see this. I want to, but I saw Phantom Menace not long ago with the Blu-ray release and I’m honestly not sure if I’m up for it again. I don’t hate the movie, but I don’t love it either.

  9. this was an unexpected pleasure! the podcast, not the movie.

  10. Oh this film. I would highly recommend anyone that has any opinion of these films check out the reviews on RedLetterMedia.com. They’re funny, but they are actually really really well done film analysis. No joke.

    At the end of the day the biggest problem with the prequels in regards to the original trilogy is Lucas’ constant tweeking. So even if you choose to ignore the prequels. You still have Hayden Christianson in “JedI”

    • the original trilogy is available in tweeked and untweeked formats. so you always have the option of viewing the 70’s 80’s versions untouched. i, personally, prefer the updated versions.

    • I’m pretty sure that you can only view the “untouched” versions on VHS from the mid 90s. Correct me if i’m wrong, but whatever new tweaks Lucas makes become the “standard” version that gets released. I got the set on Blu Ray and that has all the additions. At this point i don’t even remember what the original untouched versions looked like.

    • There was a DVD set in 2008 that I think had both, for some reason, but it’s really expensive now. Watching anything on VHS is not an option.

    • Sure if I want to watch a VHS, or old Laserdisc version without crappy CGI Jabba in “Star Wars”, or cuts to the Coruscant at the end of “Jedi” (a city, it would seem, totally untouched by the whole war thing) for the next 50 years of my life. Then yes, I suppose I could watch a VHS.

    • I have those old DVDs, and it’s as good as it’s going to get, the problem is those are old laserdisc versions. They weren’t cleaned up or reformated. Trying to watch those on an HDTV…not… not pretty.

    • oh i think i do remember the DVD set..even when it came out it cost more so i skipped it. There was also some “official” looking VCD’s (remember those?) that we just rips of the VHS floating around stores before the DVD sets were released.

      Funny sidenote.i have a friend who will ONLY watch his Doctor Who in the “original” VHS. He just refuses DVD or netflix. I don’t understand.

    • He does know that those VHS’ will eventually just…fall apart at some point. What then?

    • I have a DVD set of the original, untouched movies. Is it the highest quality film and sound? No. Do I care one bit? No.

    • @Josh: the DVD’s were a bone to the purists who wanted the “non-blasphemous” versions on DVD. They were packaged in a 2-disc set; the 1st disc had the “current” version, the 2nd had the “original” version. Otherwise, if you’d bought the original trilogy when it first came out on DVD, there was nothing new here (same commentaries, same or few extras). The reason they’re so expensive now was that it was a limited release; after a certain deadline, they were supposed to be pulled from the shelves (though you could find them at Wal-Mart and other stores discounted as recently as 2010). I’m guessing now they’d be considered out-of-print and so grossly jacked in price on Amazon and elsewhere. I bought Episodes 4 and 6 in this format as they were the only two that I felt Lucas really mangled with his tweaking (I missed the “Yub-Yub” song at the end of “Jedi”); I wasn’t as bothered by what he did with 5.

  11. This is one of my favorite podcasts from iFanboy. Very enjoyable to hear others discuss the same flaws I identified myself.

    On Sunday, I took my 11 year old son. I was truly floored by the film’s awfulness. My son, however, loved it! I would turn to him to complain after a scene with incredible stupidity (like any with Jar Jar Binks) and he would give me a confused look.

  12. PS: Please, please, please a podcast for Episode II.

  13. Ah, the best of the prequels.

    Actually excited to see this in the theaters again. I have similar feelings about this movie and Avatar: It’s awesome with the sound off.

  14. PLEASE do the rest of the movies. This was one of the best podcasts in recent memory,

  15. One thing that was not mentioned: despite it just putting a shiny coat on $#*+, the 3D was some of the best post-production 3D I’ve seen. At least when the better movies come out they will pop in the way a 3D movie should.

  16. I saw this at a midnight showing when it first came out in 1999. I remember watching the trailer on a computer with the opening shot of Naboo on a 56k modem. For me it is easily the worst of the Star Wars movies.

    My daughter is 3 and has seen the OT probably 3 or 4 times. I never showed her the Prequels but when the ads were on TV she started asking about seeing it. It would be hard for me to deprive her of seeing Star Wars in a theater and I had a morbid curiousity. So we went…and I had the same feelings now as I did then…it was kind of boring with some cool stuff at the end. You guys didn’t even touch on some of the stuff that really drove me crazy…Anakin built C3PO…why? “We can’t fight a war for you”…huh? Anakin blows up the droid control ship…what?

    My daughter however sat in the theater with those 3D glasses and watched the entire thing. The theater was filled with parents and their kids who weren’t even born in 1999. They all seemed to enjoy it and there was clapping at the end. It was fun to revisit this movie since I haven’t seen it in many years.

    Has anyone seen the People Vs. George Lucas? Interesting but kind of annoying.

  17. I haven’t seen this movie in a LONG time. Maybe that is a good thing… 🙂

    Loved the podcast!

  18. I loved the shit out of this movie and still do. But that might have something to do with me being 6 when it came out. Great episode guys!

  19. Probably the seminal piece of video film crit of the last decade:


    I can’t really recommend it enough.

  20. My Star Wars problem is that I find this movie exactly as interesting as I find the original Star Wars. I find them all boring and full of characters I don’t care about.

  21. The biggest memory I have of this movie was when it finally came out. I was ten years old and my parents thought it would be a treat to take us out to watch Star Wars Episode I. Now this is where I got into the series and I watched the original trilogy a bunch of times beforehand. They forced my sister to go and I still feel bad she was forced to go see this. So we go to the theater, the movie comes on, and I am so excited. By the time we got the the Boss Nass scene, I was bored as hell. I’m full of sugar and this is the best Lucas could do to for a younger audience!

    But the funniest moment was when, after what felt like four hours, the movie gets to the Senate scene. I’m bored to tears and so I look to my right and my sister is asleep. I look to my left and both of my parents are asleep! I was the only one in my family who could stay up and finish the movie. I don’t think that has ever happened before or since whenever my family comes together to watch something.

  22. If you’re done with Star Wars now, does that mean you won’t buy the voices for your GPS?

  23. @Conor: I totally had a lightsaber battle in the parking lot too! I know we certainly aren’t the minority, but when you mentioned that I had a flashback. I wish I could go back and warn my young self to just get in the car and go home.

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