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Pick of the Week #372 – Green Arrow #17

Show Notes

Listen up, maggots! This week Conor Kilpatrick and Paul Montgomery talk comics while Josh Flanagan adopts a new hard-nosed personality. It’s a little off-putting and frankly, inappropriate. Also, the age old question is answered: just how delicious are donuts? (A lot).

Running Time: 00:59:48

Pick of the Week:
00:01:38 – Green Arrow #17

Green Arrow_17_FullComics:
00:10:41 – Snapshot #1
00:13:48 – Young Romance: The New 52 Valentine’s Day Special #1
00:17:21 – The New Avengers #3
00:19:28 – Helboy in Hell #3
00:26:08 – Red Team #1
00:28:10 – Scarlet #6
00:30:27 – Dia de los Muertos #1
00:32:51 – All-New X-Men #7

User Reviews:
00:34:55 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:35:35 – marlo reviews The Fearless Defenders #1.
00:36:43 – CPTAlgonquin17 reviews Swamp Thing #17.

Book of the Month:
00:38:00 – The One Trick Rip-Off / Deep Cuts

00:44:31 – Alan from Piscataway, NJ has some problems with The New 52 Superman.
00:49:33 – Brian R. has some questions about the current state of The New 52.



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  1. When does “Secret” come back?!!

  2. I was surprised to not hear you guys talk about the final issue of hit girl. or mentiom anything on earth 2 or smallville(havent talkd about the series in a while wondering if you guys are still reading it) but still great podcast:) thanks guys!

  3. I’m still a bit confused on what some people were expecting with ‘Hellboy in Hell’. I understand the issues you guys had with this third issue and on missing Fegredo….

    But I still don’t get what you were fully expecting with the plot. Josh says he wanted to be ‘wowed’. I don’t get what he wanted to be ‘wowed’ by.

  4. Hey guys, thanks for answering my e-mail about Superman!

  5. As for the Hellboy in Hell criticism- Mignola has said that the point of this first arc is to get through all the lingering mythology and continuity so he can essentially start fresh. So, maybe if you’re not digging it right now, you will later. For my part though, I’m loving it.

  6. Funny, I had a Boston Cream donut today, my first donut in well over a year.

    And my views on Green Arrow are almost identical to Josh’s, though I’d add that I wish Sorrentino drew eyes more often. The characters look lifeless without them.

    • With due respect
      I had a feeling that I was reading something as big as the Anatomy lesson of Alan Moore.
      In some way Lemire is the greatest promise , at least in my opinion. and Sorrentino was some kind of Totleben
      I agree we are seeinga a master work in the works.

      thank you all .

  7. I loved how NA #3 tied into the image of Steve’s dream right at the start of Avengers #1.

  8. Thanks for reading my review, guys! That made me very happy. Ironically, in a way, my name IS my name, in that my real name is Marlo.

  9. Blown away by the fact that Dial H does not get discussed on this show.

  10. Thanks for reading my review guys. Paul you’re right my user name stands for Captain Algonquin

  11. Totally agree with Conor. Superman is much more interesting when he’s not ridiculously overpowered. Not only does making him omnipotent severely limit his storytelling potential, it makes him less identifiable or likeable. If Superman can literally do anything with no effort and cannot be hurt, why should I bother rooting for him?

    And it isn’t as though writers can’t still write stories that focus on Superman’s benevolent use of his amazing powers, even if he can’t benchpress a planet. The benefits of a depowered Supes far outweigh any possible costs.

  12. That’s the second time Jjamz’s Heartbeat has been used on the POTW podcast. I love Jjamz. Wouldn’t have known about them if it wasn’t for Ron.

  13. Researching for the POW podcast!? Haha. You’re all right in my book Pual. That’s awesome.

  14. the end of this episode made me feel like i was going crazy.
    funny weird.
    also… is that one trick rip off book just a reprint of the old one with some extra unpublished stuff inside it?

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