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Pick of the Week #170 – The Amazing Spider-Man #585

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick’s sick so iFanboy staff writer Sonia Harris steps in.

Running Time – 01:02:47

(Show notes courtesy of Tork — thanks!)

Pick of the Week:
00:02:08 – Ron chooses The Amazing Spider Man #585 as the surprise Pick of the Week and now officially deems Brand New Day a spectacular success. Conor replacement Sonia Harris isn’t quite as excited.

00:12:04 – Ron thought Darkhawk #1 had a promising start yet fell apart towards the end. He’s still buying #2 though.
00:15:28 – Josh bought Cable #11 and actually liked it. Surprisingly, the sky remains intact.
00:19:24 – The Immortal Iron Fist #22 made a tonal change which was Josh’s Pick of the Week yet Ron hated.
00:21:04 – The Boys #27 pushes Josh dangerously close to not liking a Garth Ennis series. How is that sky still up there? On the other hand, Sonia loved the implications on American culture and gets into a big conversation about the whole thing.
00:22:38 – Buffy the Vampire Series #22 gives us Vampire Cats which Sonia describes as “funny shit.”
00:30:20 – Ron loves X-Men: First Class – Finals #1 while Sonia hates it. It’s 2 out of 6 for comics Sonia likes so far.
00:31:32 – Ron deems the best superhero title out there Dynamo 5 #19. And Sonia likes it! It’s 3 for 7 now! Whee!
00:32:14 – Josh likes The Punisher #2. That sky’s still up there…
00:33:34 – Secret Warriors #1 was complicated but good. The art’s a bit rough though.
00:37:12 – Josh picked up I Am Lesion — no, wait — I Am Legion #1 for Conor. It’s beautiful John Cassaday art but don’t ask Josh what it’s about. Maybe vampires.

User Reviews:
00:40:57 – CammyKnoxville enjoyed Astonishing Tales #1 which he likened to 2000AD.
00:42:03 – Neb did not enjoy Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3 as it was too confusing. The iFanboys agree this is standard for the Legion.

00:43:45 – Don asks about if the iFanboys know about the awesome yet little known Untold Tales of Spider-Man. He also asks about 80’s reprints and of X-Men: Alpha which kicked off the great Age of Apocalypse.

00:50:45 – Brian from Richmond, VA wonders about Terry Dobson-esque cheesecake art. ‘Cuz he totally didn’t buy it for that!

Other Stuff:
00:56:14 – The iFanboys tie themselves in knots of verbal tenses trying to discuss NYCC and the “Hurm” shirts.
00:58:15 – The last day of the Coraline giveaway! There’s a link to it in the show not — no wait…
00:59:21 – The next video podcast is “Romance Comics.”

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  1. Is this the first show Conor has ever missed?  I hope he gets well soon.

  2. No, I’m pretty sure he’s missed one or two, but only this past year for the first time. I’m pretty sure Conor’s been on the most. Get well…

  3. No he went to England for two weeks; Katers filled in.

     I’m getting a weird weezy sound in my ear, is it something with my audio or headphones or are other people hearing this?

  4. Homemade show notes!

    2:08– Ron chooses Amazing Spider Man #585 as the suprise Pick of the Week and now officially deems Brand New Day a spectacular success.  Conor Replacement Sonia Harris isn’t quite as excited.

    12:04– Ron thought Darkhawk #1 had a promising start yet fell apart towards the end.  He’s still buying #2 though.

    15:28– Josh bought Cable #11 and actually liked it.  Suprisingly, the sky remains intact.

    19:24– Immortal Iron Fist #22 made a tonal change which was Josh’s Pick of the Week yet Ron hated.

    21:04– The Boys #27 pushes Josh dangerously close to not liking a Garth Ennis series.  How is that sky still up there?  On the other hand, Sonia loved the implications on American culture and gets into a big conversation about the whole thing.

    22:38– Buffy the Vampire Series #22 gives us Vampire Cats which Sonia describes as "funny s#!%."

    30:20– Ron loves X-Men First Class: Finals #1 while Sonia hates it.  It’s 2 out of 6 for comics Sonia likes so far.

    31:32– Ron deems the best superhero title out there Dynamo 5 #19. And Sonia likes it! It’s 3 for 7 now! Whee!

    32:14– Josh likes Punisher #2.  That sky’s still up there…

    33:34– Secret Warriors #1 was complicated but good.  The art’s a bit rough though.

    37:12– Josh picked up I Am Lesion— no, wait– I Am Legion #1 for Conor.  It’s beautiful John Cassaday art but don’t ask Josh what it’s about.  Maybe vampires.

    User Reviews–

    40:57– CammyKnoxville enjoyed Astonishing Tales #1 which he likened to 2000AD.

    42:03– Neb did not enjoy Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3 as it was too confusing.  The iFanboys agree this is standard for the Legion.


    43:45– Don asks about if the iFanboys know about the awesome yet little known Untold Tales of Spider-Man.  He also asks about 80’s reprints and of X-Men: Alpha which kicked off the great Age of Apocalypse


    50:45– Brian from Richmond wonders about Terry Dobson-esque cheesecake art. ‘Cuz he totally buy it for that!

    Other stuff:

    56:14– The iFanboys tie themselves in knots of verbal tenses trying to discuss NYCC and the "Hurm" shirts.

    58:15– The last day of the Coraline givaway!  There’s a link to it in the show not– no wait…

    59:21– Next video podcast– Romance Comics.

  5. Holy shit, Tork. Herculean effort.

    Also, I really enjoy Sonia on the show. Quality contributor.

  6. *50:45– Brian from Richmond wonders about Terry Dobson-esque cheesecake art. ‘Cuz he totally didn’t buy it for that!

    Bah!  I always do that!

  7. Tork, you are the man. Much appreciated.

  8. The original way is funny though

  9. I think they re printed the first couple of watchmen issues this year

  10. last dayS of the Coraline giveaway*  Whoopsie daisy!

  11. Oh boy!  Something tells me there will be SiP talk on the Romance show!!!!

  12. AWESOME meeting Ron and Josh at NYCC!!

  13. No Josh voices to complement Sonia’s accent?

  14. Wow, I waited all week for this? Bummer.

  15. pretty awesome that they threw one of my band’s songs on this week’s podcast! thanks guys that was really cool of you.

    if any of ya dug it go here for more: http://www.myspace.com/kyoko

  16. *waves hand to face to cool off*

    Oh my! Ron didnt like a Darkhawk issue? It must be the end of days!

    @Tork: Wow man you deserve a paycheck from the guys, that’s dedication…Although, your time seems to be messed up. They clearly talk about The Boys longer then that.

  17. Brah.  I think the Buffy time should be 27 or something.  F–k, just forget my notes.  *slinks quietly away*

  18. @Tork: Hey hey hey…..you did good man….you did good *pats his shoulder*

  19. Really enjoy Sonia’s opinions about the books, they’re an interesting contrast to the usual show.

  20. Oh and btw:

    Morrison never said Lesion….I mean Legion of 3 Worlds was part of the reading order. Just like Rouges Revenge, it’s just a mini that had the FC banner pasted on it. So yeah, dont expect much in terms of Final Crisis for this story.

  21. @robbydzwonar  cheer up dude

  22. Lesion of Super-Heroes… sounds like a Grant Morrison villain.

  23. Tork gets the gold star for the week.  Nice work my man!

  24. i just heard ron’s breathing, is he ok?

  25. @edward: I know, he sounds like me after I take a walk…..to the mailbox….

  26. Conor tried to shove Ron back into the "Special" Bin* again but Ron fought back this time and put Conor in the bin instead (which is REALLY why Conor’s missing but was out of breath from the whole experience.

    *Ron was missing from the Echo 6 episode because Conor put him in the "Special" Bin as punishment.  Continuity, mofos!

  27. (RE: The Boys) Oh, great! Now people are making generalizations based on country of origin! Rrrrrrun for the hills!

    … And comics with the Final Crisis banner continue to make certain superhero readers appear brain damaged. Which might be an interesting end-goal for DC’s future line-ups…

  28. I wasn’t aware the old Marvel Astonishing anthologies pre-dated the 2000 AD stuff!

    Anything pre-90’s Marvel is lost on me.

  29. Sonia and Ron need a weekly show.

  30. Thanks for the show as always, and thanks to Tork for the notes.

  31. Sonia made up for the lack of DC and Conor.

    I hadn’t realized X-men: First Class had been cancelled.  I was wondering why they were doing this Finals mini, because I think the original group was fantastic and I hate the idea of moving past them and getting into the complicated mess X-men eventually evolved into.

  32. Sonia’s assessment of the art in spider-man was fascinating! And she really gave impetus to my favorite comics discussions that have ever occured on iFanboy. You guys actually expounded on your opinion when faced with an opposing one or pointed questions about the basis for your opinion and I loved it sooooo much! ("I liked it/I didn’t like it" style of discussions don’t turn my crank) You got into all sorts of interesting conversations and discussions! Copyright, Ian Banks vs. Garth Ennis, culture and roots, outside perceptions of our hobby, the moral issues surrounding cheesecake art, the merits of having kids read Kirby! You CAN NOT GET THIS AT ANY OTHER COMICS PODCAST!!! (except maybe John Siuntres) GO IFANBOY!!! This is the sort of thing that make it worth becoming a member. Gimme more of this stuff! It’s the funnest thing! More substance! Superlative and resplendent show! So awesome! Give me more of these and I’m a member. Promised. Pow!

    In other news: Oddly enough I didn’t find Secret Warriors complicated. But like you said, there’s lots there. Had lots of layers but an accessible top layer so I got sucked in and I’m hooked. And yes it goes very well with Invincible Iron Man. I have been reading Invincible Iron Man since the beginning so, score for me! I too, confused Hill and Daisy. The colors don’t do it for me either.

    3.50$ FTW!

    Ha ha! Lesion! 😀

  33. But they’ll never think of dressing up their hamsters like superheroes and having them fight to the death. They still got a long way to go.

  34. I think after litsening to this episode Josh is going to have to hand over the title of the ifanperson that doesn’t like fun.

  35. Ha, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confusing Daisy with Maria Hill (and now I’m thinking Daisy Hill Puppy Farm . . .). Oh well, not a problem, as I’m not bothering with this after issue 1, the best Marvel first issue since New Warriors.

    Darkhawk had a reprint of the first origin in the back? Let me guess – a ‘bonus’ at $3.99. As they’d say on Father Ted, ‘Down with this sort of thing’. How about iFanboy campaigns against Marvel’s recent habit of stealth increases?

    Get well, Conor, though Sonia was great value as ever. Can’t we have a regular four way? As it were. It was brilliant to hear the proper Americans faced with genuine European bemusement at people’s desire to identify as Irish or Latverian or whatever (which, I suppose, led to an awful Daredevil story by Denny O’Neil in which our hero fell for a woman named Glorianna O’Breen, an IRA sympathiser). I agree, be proud of what you’ve achieved yourself, or what Grandma and Grandad did in building a life in the ‘new country’. Me, I’m British mongrel – loads or Irish in me, but I never give it a second thought . . . except when I fear ginger babies.

  36. I would love a fourth-spot rotating guest panelist from the contributing writers, even if only once a month or something for the shows.  A dissenting opinion is highly welcomed to my listening ears and made the justifications that much more interesting to listen to.  I didn’t think ASM was all that hot either and can’t help but see the pros of the pick better now since someone really expressed the cons on this episode.    

  37. I feel foolish from not praising Sonia last night. Sonia, you totally were the highlight of the podcast and it was nice to hear a very different opinion on the show for once…..Although I dont wanna sound like the podcasts are bad without her, but clearly she deserves to be on the podcast more after her appearence last night….Or maybe I just like the soothing sounds of a British Woman…who can say?

  38. You are awesome Sonia!  haha, telling Josh to not be such a pussy!  Classic

    Totally agree with Josh about Dodson and that type of art that perpetuates the comic book nerd stereotype.  I don’t know if I would put Caselli in with Dodson, but thats another thing all together.

    And Paul Cornell pulled out a gun!?!?!?  Oh those Brits get crazy when you give them booze.

    P.S. I loved Iron Fist and Secret Warriors

  39. I have to agree with Josh re: The Boys 27, the pacing is really dragging. I understand why a lot of comics are written for the trade. But I don’t like trade-waiting! Plus there hasn’t been a lot of action in this arc, with two more issues to go in the story I hope something happens.

    The redeeming part of the issue was definitely all of the St. Patrick’s Day stuff. I was born in Russia and when I was younger I was always confused by people identifying themselves as half German or Italian or 1/4 whatever. But as I got older I started to understand that if you’re going to grow up with certain cultural traditions you’re going to identify with them, even if you weren’t born in that country. However, it still drives me nuts when people can’t understand that I don’t like the cold even though I’m Russian. Okay, I’m going to stop before this turns in to a completely off subject rant.

    Oh yeah… Sonia should be on the podcast more often.

  40. Great podcast but Ron (I’m assuming it was Ron) sounded like Tony Soprano getting a lapdance at the Bing. That was some pretty impressive nostril power Ronnie!

  41. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The mental image of Paul Cornell pulling out a gun at Stitch had me in hysterics.  Paul Cornell FTW

  42. I loved the addition of Sonia, especially when she called bullsh*t on the girlfriend!

    Josh is right The Boys have been dragging forever and should be getting to the war with the Justice League, isn’t this the goal of this book? Ennis tends to stretch things out.

    I hated those X-men reprints, they had new parts added to the story and became revisionist! I hate revisionism in comics!!! Damn you Sentry!

    I have zero interest in Buffy or firefly products not actually written by whedon, the characters just don’t have the right flow. Maybe if whedon edited the other writers with a heavy hand I might like them more.

    I disagree with Josh, my kids love Kirby comics. They don’t have the patience to figure out some of the new books.

    It would be nice if you guys had an appreciation for anything that happened before 1980 at marvel and DC. There is so much stuff from there that should be in trades!!

    I love Connor so I look forward to his return, but I would love to hear Sonia on a regular basis!






  43. Sonia strikes me as one of those people who has over-the-top hatred for everything mainstream because somehow she was rejected by the mainstream in her own life somewhere along the line.  Simply put, she’s the type of person who really wants to be accepted by the masses, but because she’s rejected (for whatever reason), she opts to reject out of hand things that are made for mass consumption.  What the hell is she expecting from a Spider-Man comic book?  Proust?  That sort of contrived criticism ultimately feels really predictable to me.  I would stear clear of her next time there’s an absence as I don’t think she brings a whole lot to the show. 

  44. Wow.

  45. @Francis: Lighten up

  46. Chill pills work wonders.

  47. It’s weird how taste is a subjective thing. It’s also weird how people take someone not liking someone personally.

    man, you crazy interweb peeps.

  48. Its fine to not like someone, but his post is more of a personal attack.  That sort of stuff is not cool sir.  Needs to chill

  49. sorry typo. that second someone should’ve been a something. bah. i’m retarded.

  50. speeking of comics that shouldn’t be read on the public transportation.I nominate chronicles of wormwood. it’s sunday morning people are going to or coming from church. I open up the 2nd or 3rd issue and what do i see?  a full page of the pope having a three way with a couple of nuns. i immediatly lol and close the book before anyone sees what i’m laughing at. i had nothing else to read the rest of the trip.

  51. I can’t help but agree a bit with ComicsAreCool

    Now I won’t speak to Sonia’s personal life because I have no idea what it’s like nor is it my place to do so, but on the two shows she’s been on she I recall her not liking a any of the DC or Marvel properties talked about. I got the feeling that mainstream=bad. Which is fine, some people are perfectly allowed to have a different taste and like or not like something for whatever reason. But on a show where the majority of conversation falls on mainstream comics it can become tedias to hear "I didn’t like it" for (seemingly) having a DC/Marvel tag on the front. I love indie, it doesn’t mean all main stream is crap. This is just my observation, I’m not attacking her as a person or her taste, they are what they are, I’m just commenting on the show.

  52. Cable is building towards ridiculous, gut wrenching tragedy. 

    That guy does not get to be happy. 

    He’s Mad Max with a crazy robot arm.  The more sweet the interactions between him and that little girl get, the more I realize it’s going to really, REALLY hurt when this story ends. 

    As for the St. Patty’s day bit in The Boys, it’s really just a matter of tradition.  In the one hundred year span in which most of the current population’s ancestors showed up (1850-1950), remembering where you came from and staying with people "like you" was a matter of respect, sentimentality, and mutual protection. 

    America was about opportunity and the frontier, not joining a new culture.  Who needed a new culture to join?  You already had one.  In the intervening years, acculturation has just dilluted this into the mostly harmless point of pride we know today.  (Ocasionally mean-spirited racism.  Whoopsie daisy.)  Anyway, it’s born out of a sense of America being "not home" and "new", which is something Sonia deftly illustrated when she was elaborating on the weirdness of it all. 

     That said, it’s not like it’s a completely one sided sentiment.  Ireland’s Aras an Uachtarain always has a candle lit in one of it’s windows to symbolically welcome home anyone who’s emigrated over the years. 

    While it may seem silly sometimes, and for a lot of people it’s just an excuse to act the fool, it’s really born out of a pretty sweet sense of global family.  

    I’d say it’d be gone in another hundred years or so, but ironically enough, identifying with one’s national lineage has become just as much a part of American culture as being loud, over confident, and being embroiled in a hilarious two party system, so it will probably stick around.  

    But yeah, I agree with Josh.  It was Garth Ennis taking a minute to meander.  As rough and raunchy as that man gets sometimes, he can hammer together a pretty touching sentiment when the spirit moves him.  I enjoyed it.

    Great podcast, folks.  


  53. Yes. Those damn X-Men and Batman reading brits are really stuck up! Just listen to her! All smug reading Daredevil and Fables. How dare she?

    New X-Men, All-Star Superman, The Punisher MAX, Preacher, Hellblazer, Incognito, Final Crisis, X-Men Noir, Kick-Ass.

    All high-brow concepts, all books we never heard of, from publishers no one knows. She really does hate everything mainstream.

    She probably read the punching the wall of reality part and  thought she’s too high for this, that combined by having seen too many operas when she was a kid.

    I mean, I never met her, but I’m sure she snores! I could check her weekly pull list in the "New Comics" article, and her goodreads link in the "about us", but why should I bother?

  54. @ chlop

    Merely commenting on the show as I heard it knight in shing armor. Calm down.

  55. That was for ComicAreCool. I’m always calmed down 🙂

    As for you thinking that she thinkg mainstream = bad, you can always ask her (twitter) or look at her pull list or goodreads link and figure it out – check an assumption before posting it.

    She bought the books they talked about, because they were going to talk about them, using her money and her time, and she gave legitimate reasons for not liking them. Jumping from that to "she hates it because of the publisher" is a long leap to take.

  56. Fair enough, if she didn’t like what they happend to be talking about that’s fine. It just seemed to me that there was a pattern. Also the remark of X-men First Class being terrible seemed a bit much to me at least. Pleanty of people I respect love that series, but it’s so bad that people reading it "won’t know a good x-men story" really?

  57. Well, I can’t say what she meant, but it seems she meant people won’t read the earlier X-Men stories which she thinks are great, but you can always go to the "About" page and to her bio and to the "Twitter" link and ask her yourself…

  58. Honestly guys, i don’t get what the deal is. She actually gave the reasons why she didn’t like certain books andit was it pretty clear what she didn’t like about it and somehow i doubt that it had anything to do with wether DC or Marvel was on the cover. Not to get all Final Crisis on your ass, but i really have to ask wether or not you guys were paying attention to the show or not.

    She has different taste than you. Get over it. 

  59. @comicsarecool – lay off Sonia and especially lay off the cod psychology or I’ll suspect you’ve been rejected by gorgeous smart women who sound a bit like Alex Kingston. As mulletpeep says. it’s just a matter of different tastes – and that’s what I want from a comics podcast.

  60. "Ach, see you, pussycat, scunner that y’are!’ he yelled. ‘Here’s a giftie from the t’ wee burdies, yah schemie!"

    It reminded me if The Wee Free Men 

  61. @comicsarecool- Yeah! How dare you have a differing opinion then that of the masses! Don’t you know how the internet works? It’s not for throwing out your views. Either step in line or get off the ride sir. Tsk tsk.

    And just saying people shouldn’t go pick up X-men First Class because young X-men stories have been done (despite these being new stories) is like saying "Don’t go see Dark Knight, that kind of movie’s been done, Batman fought the Joker in 89" "But that’s a different film, different story, different era of film making" "Nah! It’s been done"

  62. This discussion is getting silly real fast.

  63. It is getting silly, it is indeed.

  64. @17islucky – different opinions are welcomed, but assumptions are not. He based an opinion on Sonia’s life from a one hour podcast about comics that she was in for part of the time. She gave reasons as to why she didn’t like the books. ComicsAreCool gave his opinion, and we expressed our opinion.

    If you want a less joking response as to why his assumptions are wrong or stupid, here:

    Sonia gave reasons to not liking the books she didn’t like, she has a twitter account where you can ask her questions, she has an email account that is publicized in this website, she has a weekly pull list and a goodreads account where you can look (and it won’t take you long) if an assumption based on one hour of a comics podcast is true – is her dislike (or lack of enjoyment) of certain comics are because of their status or the  publisher of those comics.

    ComicsAreCool could have said "She didn’t give sufficient reasons for not liking those comics" and send her an email to respond to those claims – after all, this is a one hour podcast with a lot that the ifanboys shove into and there isn’t enough time to discuss everything. He decided to attack her life instead, without even knowing her.

    And I see no problem with seeing – why not reprint the good and old x-man issues instead of creating a new series that is lower in quality (in her opinion). Why see a good movie about a subject when you can see a great one about the same subject?

    For example: why see  The Pink Panther 2 when you can see the Peter Sellers Pink Panther films, etc. I gave as an example something critics said is god awful, but it can work for both a good and very good movies/comic-books and even great movies/comic-books.

    *gets off pedestal*

  65. "And I see no problem with seeing" should be "And I see no problem with saying"

  66. Or why see Pink Panther 2 when a movie like Taken is in theaters, and kicks ass.

  67. …..Where? Where is the love for Sonia?

    She says ‘Arse’ instead of ass! Classic 🙂

  68. As you kvetch about Sonia’s insightful, unblinking critical eye, that sound you hear carried on the wind is my Black Bolt-decibel-laughter, because for a while it looked like I might be guesting on this podcast. If I had, the whole thing would have been

    "Marvel Marvel Marvel! These books were all made of awesome!"

    "I agree wholeheartedly! What was your favorite thing about them?"

    "Oh, it’s too hard to choose. Let’s just send Joe Quesada flowers."

    and today, you would have all been here wailing at the bias and beating me with a bicycle chain. There is no filling this bottomless pit of dissatisfaction!

  69. I’m not getting into the fray, but wanted to say that I loved Sonia’s presence on the show. Her interests, perspective and gender added a different viewpoint on things that was both interesting and entertaining. Plus, the combination of her and Ron’s giggles kept making me laugh.

  70. hahaha, "boner for Elektra"  oh JJ, you so crazy 🙂

  71. @jimski: A bicycle chain couldnt have done the job. How about a rusty chain from my swing set and it’s been covered in some type of mildew for 10 years?

  72. You lot are AMAZING! Thank you both for the props and the erroneous analyzing. Love it!

    @Jimski I’ve always wanted to marry Black Bolt – those strong, silent types are fantastic – and be Medusa with the crazy red, alive hair.

  73. Ha Ha, and just think……the British were the greatest empire from 1583-1945. If there was an ifanboy site (let alone an internet) in those days; we would have to bow down to sonia. Also eat Steak and Kidney Pie, watch TV series that only last 8 episodes, and work in industrail parks.

    Oh you and your culture is priceless Sonia.

  74. mmm… opium dens showing Only Fools and Horses and Are You Being Served?. That’s the good life.

  75. @Jimski and Sonia – You two kill me. Every post, every guest spot, every column. You guys produce great stuff. Also, thanks for using kvetch, Jimski. That word just makes things better.

  76. Sonia should be on more podcasts. That was awesome.

  77. Is Sonia now the Grant Morrison of iFanboy?

  78. Sonia Rules….i like that Brit accent!

  79. @TheNextChampion Ah but better eight episodes, knowing that every week there’s a new one, is better than 22 episodes spread over about 40 weeks. I like our 6, eight or 13-parters; it would drive me mad having repeats in the middle of new episodes of a serial drame.

    And I think BBC1’s Casualty run – now 48×60 minutes every year, no commercial breaks – can beat any non-soap US run. (Casualty is Britain’s answer to ER if ER were a very stupid question. It came first, mind.)

  80. MORE Sonia! –Brutally honest, not afraid to dissent and do it forcefully(all that and a cute laugh)

    take ur time Connor(tongue in cheek)


  81. @Mart: True, True. If anything the British has proved that a series doesnt need hundreds of episodes to be considered a classic. Spaced, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, and others only lasted 2-3 years.

    If I can say josh, I totally disagree with the Punisher review. It felt like every other Punisher story (sans the MAX line) and nothing really worthwhile to make it a good issue. It was okay, or medicore at best.

  82. every time a punisher comes out josh tells us " I don’t like the punisher but like this" get over it josh you like the punisher.

  83. I bought and enjoyed issues 1 and 2 of the current Rick Remender series.  I also read an enjoyed, for the most part, the first of Duane Swierczynski’s Punisher MAX, but I didn’t keep buying the series.

    And no, I don’t like Punisher titles, generally, or historically.  But I like Remender more than I don’t like buying Punisher books, for the time being.

  84. Has there been more than one issue of Swierczy’s Punisher?

    Anyway, nice show. . .it’s always interesting to see a different dynamic with one of the guest hosts, mixing things up a little.

    I don’t really agree with the notion that series like ‘X-men: First Class’ are trying to replace or dumb down the older stories.  It’s just an opportunity to tell new stories with the same set of characters; if anything, the series has raised awareness of the original X-Men team and made people more likely to seek out the older issues. 

  85. @josh: Well with Fear Agent cancelled…..I mean ‘on hitaus’ (yeah we’ll go with that) your gonna need your Remender fix somewhere.

  86. That hiatus joke still isn’t funny.  Dark Horse doesn’t make enough to keep publishing the book, so they have nowhere to publish the book or pay the artists.  You make it sound like he’s being disingenuous, and they don’t deserve it.  But honestly, you’ve said it like 30 times at this point, and we get your point.  Please move on.

  87. Ron’s heavy breathing and Sonia’s accent made this an especially erotic episode of iFanboy.  I haven’t been into aural porn for some time and it was a nice reminder of the 1-900 era or smut. 

  88. I meant "of smut".  Crap.

  89. TNCs favorite past time: beating up dead horses

  90. @drake: How did you know!?

    *cleans blood off of bat* Now I cant sneak into Mr. Morrison’s farm at night….

  91. I missed Connor this week for one reason: Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds.  Ron went and picked the most negative review of all and judged it based on that without actually reading it.  I’m sure they would’ve been interested to know that Johns brought back a certain somebody at the end of the issue, but without Connor there, they didn’t give it a chance. 🙁

  92. @superchuck – that is exactly the reason there is a comments section, so you can talk about the books we don’t get to talk about.  So instead of spending time talking about what we did or didn’t talk about, make your voice heard, and talk about the books you want.  Or do it in the comments for that issue.

    Also, there’s going to be a Final Crisis show coming up, and it’s mentioned in there.

  93. me-OW!

  94. I honestly don’t have a lot to say about FINAL CRISIS: LEGION OF 3 WORLDS.  I’m enjoying it (or at least this issue more than the last), but it’s a wild ride I’m barely holding onto by my fingers tips.

  95. @josh: Your right, cancellation/hitaus isnt funny for a series like that. I dont know why I’m joking on it anyways; I love the series as much as you do. I was making fun of the way Remender annouced the news on twitter more then anything else.

    This wont happen again, I wont beat a dead horse on it any longer….well at least for this topic anyways.

  96. @ultimatehoratio – it’s just isn’t the same without me wearing the iFanboy Member t-shirt. That fantasy has yet to be fulfilled. Blow-Up dolls are only half the fun.

  97. I just wanted to bring up your point about reading comics in public (on the subway) and the "image of people who read comics"… We all know a good portion of comic readers are weird, unclean (just smell those con attendees), a mess, and socially inept. But the thing is, if all the "normal" comic readers keep their comic reading at home and in the closet, so to speak, the poor image of comic readers will never change. Be proud that you read comics, and go against the norm. Look professional, classy, and sophisticated in the public eye while reading a graphic novel, then you will start to change the minds of people’s opinions of the populace of comic readers. Don’t be afraid about being pegged as a greasy, gross, comic geek; because if you exemplify something different, you will change the general opinion.

  98. @nomadikk I couldn’t agree more! Watch this, Eddie Izzard has beautifully explained dealing with the same kind of assumptions in a slightly different area of life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6npfjWoBCRM

  99. @sonia – I just picked up the current issue of Amazing Spider-Man.  If it’s anything like the previous issue (discussed on the show) I think I’m in your camp.  It was really, really disappointing. 

  100. The issue that came out this week was a differently-artisted "interlude" that explained the backstory of a subplot that has been brewing for 40 issues. I can see how it might not have been the meal to hit the spot.

  101. I guess the "fuck them" school of mentality isn’t catching on…shame.

    You don’t need to try to look smart. Just read and enjoy and screw the rest of the population. All six billion of them. 

    And any Eddie Izzard plug is a welcomed one. 

  102. Have any of you concerned about reading on the subway considered taking a bus?

  103. Just wanted to say I think Sonia is the best thing I’ve heard on ifanboy for a while.  Don’t want rid of Connor, or anyone else for that matter just give us more Sonia.

  104. Sonia is great, have her back on the show repeatedly.  She adds an intelligent contrast to an already great podcast.  I have been enjoying John Romita Jr’s art on Spidey overall.  I loved the broad shots of Spidey swinging and I also think that he does some really intelligent framing and transitioning between scenes, so much that it has a very cinematic feel to its flow.  But I found myself nodding at Sonia’s comments about it as well.  But at the end of the day, I gotta say I’m a fan of his art.  I wish I could draw like that!

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