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Pick of the Week #269 – Fantastic Four #587

Show Notes

It’s the 10th Anniversary party at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, and a whole hell of a lot of people turned up. Join us as we search for the credit box, and even welcome a few special guests. It’s a big show, and there are a whole lot of comics to get through.

Running Time: 01:15:16

Pick of the Week:
00:02:16 – Despite hype and spoilers, Ron says Fantastic Four #587 was fantastic. Over and over.

00:10:39 – It was a close second for The New York Five #1.
00:13:20 – Josh keeps traveling with Conan: Road of Kings #2, with money bin swimmin’!
00:15:55 – Top Cow’s Pilot Season produces a winner with The Twilight Guardian #1.
00:18:30 – All bunched up again, there’s a lot happening in The Avengers #9 and The New Avengers #8.
00:22:16 – Josh pays no attention to the conversation about Age of X: Alpha.
00:23:50 – The Joker and Lex Luthor in a room? That’s Action Comics #897.
00:26:18 – Josh and Conor are running out of things to say about Scalped #45. So they say SHUNKA!
00:27:52 – Paul Montgomery shows up to talk about Thunderbolts #152, and his power to marry you.
00:32:55 – How do you talk about Detective Comics #873 when the writer is sitting right there?
00:39:58 – It’s wacky Remender for Punisher: In the Blood #3 and more wacky Remender in Uncanny X-Force #4.
00:41:50 – Ghostbusters, Star Trek, G.I. Joe, and The Transformers cross over in Infestation #1. Really.
00:43:40 – Fables #101. And that other thing is still happening.
00:44:56 – Find out why Magneto is really upset with humanity in Magneto One Shot.
00:47:00 – And so, we bid a fond farewell to X-Men Forever 2 #16. The end?
00:47:45 – Teen Titans #91 has some good stuff going on. Forget that cat swinging thing.

Audience Questions:
00:50:41 – Ryan is looking for essential Fantastic Four stories, outside of Stan and Jack.
00:51:45 – Ed wants to know where to find the villains win.
00:53:12 – Jacob wonders if we could go back to the old cheap paper.
00:55:21 – Patrick is looking for alternate Superman.
00:56:10 – Andrew digs for behind the scenes stories.
00:57:58 – Marques asks what the most memorable comic book event for each of us in the last decade.
00:59:48 – John wants to know our favorite visual interpretation of the Joker is. Difficulty: in any medium.
01:01:33 – Matt takes a poll for who should be the new Fantastic Fourth.
01:02:56 – Mike asks what the most whacked out comic we ever read was.
01:04:29 – Simon asks where Batman gets all those wonderful toys and how he pays for it.
01:06:45 – Soa (?) asks if we think the big superheroes will ever fall out of favor.
01:10:23 – Gordon the Intern has no question.

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“Ten in 2010”
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  1. What is the over/under on not being spoiled on who died in FF?  I’m reading in trade and so far have stayed away from who it is.

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @roadcrew1  They talk about it. But only during that opening section. 

  3. @roadcrew1 You’re going to have to stop reading the Internet. FF death spoilers are now fair game, at least they are here. We definitely talk about it in the show.

  4. I’m sorry but I don’t want to sound ungrateful here….I mean you guys were uber-nice that night and gave me a crap load of free comics…..But how come I was cut from the show?

  5. heh 

  6. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TheNextChampion  You’re in there at 1:02:56

  7. aww

  8. @Paul Am I? Hooray!

  9. iFanboy: A Place for Inside Kids

  10. @Heroville  i think most of us are inside kids.

  11. There was a tonne of great books this week, and this is a great episode. Congrats, iFanboy – you’ve made my week of comic book fandom just that little bit better!

  12. @TheNextChampion  Just an error. I did the show notes in a super hurry. It’s fixed now.

  13. @roadcrew1 – It’s also mentioned later in the podcast during one of the audience member questions at 1:01:33.

    I’d also agree with Conor. It’s going to be really hard. It’s quite the feat to have made it this far. But given how it’s pretty much common knowledge amongst even the spoiler concerned crowd. The odds that you’ll stumble at the least expected time are way up.

  14. Great show, guys! And thanks much for mentioning Twilight Guardian. I could almost hear the crowd thinking “what the hell is that?” I’ll see what I can do to remedy that…

  15. @TroyH  — Twilight Guardian is wonderful!  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  16. @Josh Its alright man, stupid me I would’ve figured out eventually while listening to it. I was rushing judgment for a sec.

    I mean, I thought that bribe that night was for nothing so I’m glad it all works out. 🙂

  17. I’m with Conor, try Twilight Guardian. Great book!

  18. Glad to hear that TWILIGHT GUARDIAN was a fun read. I actually own the original mini-comics that Troy Hickman wrote back in the mid-90s and love them. If these new comics are anything like those comics, it really is as fun a read as Conor claims. Here’s hoping that this new GUARDIAN gets collected in trade so I can pick it up.

  19. @conor  @josh  regarding the question about the story where villains win, does Wanted count?

  20. You could really hear the sexual tension in TNC’s voice

  21. It really was inappropriate to where such revealing clothing that night.

  22. wear

  23. @JeffR  I’m fortunate to won those mini comics as well. They’re awsome but I think this series exceeds it so far.

    You’re doing exclusively trades?

  24. How do the mini comics relate to the Twilight Guardian series?  

  25. @excalipoor Yeah, I guess it does. But except for the art, I can’t say I’d recommend it. Lots of people like it though.

  26. @JNewcomb I missed the pre-order through DCBS so I’m SOL unless a trade is produced or I get lucky at a con.

  27. @ohcaroline  From Conor’s description, the mini-comics appear to be essentially the same story as this mini-series. I’m assuming this series is a remake with better production techniques, but I can’t be sure unless I read the new series.

  28. @JeffR – What’s up with trade waiting? If the book is as great as you say, why not give it the support it needs in single issue? Pretty sure it needs all the help it can get.

    *Note* If it’s a matter of cost, I can’t fault anyone.

    Still though. If it’s a book that isn’t getting big time Marvel/DC mainstream support, I can’t see how any fan of a fledgling series could in good conscience not support the book in issues. Sadly, it’s the only way you can hope to help it make it until it finds a larger audience.

  29. You know I just realized that Ed (from the viewer questions) goes to my college!

    Rowan Represent!

    (Also, sorry that I didn’t recognize you at that meet up lol) 

  30. @j206. It’s not the fan’s job to sell the book or keep it alive. That’s the publisher’s job. That’s the creator’s job. The fan’s only job is to consume the product in the manner and in the format that they prefer.

    It’s the company’s responsibility to meet the needs of the customer, not the other way around.

  31. @JeffR If you’re referring to “Tales Of The Pathetic Club” and the Twilight Guardian one-shot off-shoot that came from it, this Top Cow mini series is actually not the same story but a new Twilight Guardian story. As far as I know, this series is brand new never-before-seen material. It’s the same premise as the one which was self-published in mini-comic form but we’re getting a lot more development in plot and character this time around.

  32. @conor – I totally agree. In theory and principle. Sadly, the way things work is a bit differently.

    If you love a book or tv show that doesn’t get a lot of following, not supporting it is the worst thing you can do. Not saying that’s right, or the way it should be. But given the economics of big business today, sadly the way of the land. Take tv shows like Arrested Development or Pushing Daises for example. Both were pure genius. Yet they didn’t get the ratings to make Fox or ABC take notice or consider them worthy of continuing to back. In a world where quality trumps ratings or sales, we as consumers wouldn’t need worry or be concerned with such trivia. But that isn’t the world we live in.

    Now whether or not you on your own, or even a group of like-minded individuals, can make a difference and combat the mindless masses. The people who’d rather watch Two and a Half Men or read Deadpool. Now that’s an entirely different argument.

  33. God, i wish i could invite time-travel just to go back in time and save Pushing Daisies or The Mighty Thor. It’s that important to my life. 

  34. invent

  35. I read Twilight Guardian #1 and then went back and read the pilot season that was published on line; the structure was pretty similar but the new version seems to flow better (which would make sense if the earlier version started out as minicomics) and has a sort of underlying sense of menace that I didn’t get from the earlier book.  Basically, I thought the new one was similar but better, and that suggests Hickman is growing as a creator.  Really cool to see.  I certainly hope this will keep coming out and there will be a trade.

  36. If I may clear up the question, I wrote the Twilight Guardian mini-comics in 1993 and 1995. When Top Cow asked me about using her in the 2008 Pilot Season competition, I took the story from those minis, merged it together, added some new material (mainly the insert pages that show TG reading old comics), and voila, the Pilot Season one-shot was born. This new mini-series is a continuation of that. So TG has been around for eighteen years now…you’ve gotta love the funnybook biz…

  37. HATED Marvel’s screwing over of the fans, that’s what it was and that’s what it is, but I do agree that this series has been an almost consistantly good read since I started collecting it with #489 and while #587 got a lot of attention, I really think the REAL issue to read will be #588: the fall out/reaction issue. That should be some powerful stuff.

    Beyond that, I love the podcast, guys, you do a great job except for not really knowing what IDW’s Infestation is about. It’s alright though, I overlook that because you’re podcasts are more often than not VERY informative and it’s nice to hear about books I normally don’t pay attention to. Keep up the great work and thanks for what you do!

  38. Awesome show, love the live ones

  39. Nice to have Scott Snyder come over to talk of his own book. I love his stuff.

    I have a question about the American Vampire Trades. I bought the first one and want to jump on to the single issues. Before I do that, does anyone know which issues are going to be collected in the second trade?

  40. @Cedric  Issues 6-11 are in volume 2.

  41. @ComicBookGuy37  Thanks, now I can jump on issue 12

  42. Ten years and iFanboy finally stoops to cheesy guest appearances by comics creators…

    (That was actually awesome! Great show, great decade!)

  43. Sounds like all kinds of fun.  I’m sorry I missed it.  Perhaps I can attend the 20 year party??

  44. @TroyH  Thanks for the clarification! 🙂

  45. Best line from the podcast: “You dick!” – Josh

  46. P.S:
    – I do enjoy the pulpy paper. I like the feel of it and there’s no glare when reading.
    – No Man’s Land is awesome. The Novelization is also brilliant!
    – Please please please get Gordon back on the show!

  47. @stuclach  how about just come for this year’s nycc?
    @TroyH  i didn’t get the issue at the show, but now i’m interested. gonna get it this wednesday.

  48. Whoo! That was a great show and a great after-party, guys! Thanks for answering my question and thanks for doing a great podcast! You’ve enriched my comic book life and introduced me to so many great series!

  49. wish i could of been there you should come to leeds 

  50. Great show as always.

    Why not recommend BOMB QUEEN to Ed, the guy who wants to see the villain win?  It is a great book that is often over-looked, and for sure, the villain always wins.  I’m a big fan of Jimmie Robinson’s hilarious series that doesn’t get nearly the amount of love it deserves.

  51. @Urthona  We don’t read it.

  52. another good villain wins story would be X-Men: Emperor Vulcan by Chris Yost and Paco Diaz.

  53. Can’t wait to listen to this. So so so so so so (x100) bummed that I wasn’t there.

  54. Thanks for the kind words about Twilight Guardian #1! We just sent issue #2 to press last week and I think each issue is better than the last. As it should be, right? 

    Filip Sablik
    Publisher Guy, Top Cow Productions

  55. Good episode guys.

  56. Another cool story in which a villain wins is ‘Riddle Me That’ by Shane McCarthy, starting in Legends of the Dark Knight 185. Don’t want to spoil the ending too much but I’d have loved to have seen this revamp of the Riddler used by others. 

  57. fab episode, congrats on a decad

  58. (Sorry, computer playing up)

    Fab episode, congrats on a decade of fun.

    Perhaps a change of name would give Vertigo’s college drama New York Five a better chance of  becoming ongoing. How about Semester Corps?

  59. wonderful! wonderful! wonderful episode!

    can’t you do more episodes that’s taped in front of live audience?


  60. I realize I didn’t remember to make this comment here, but even considering your usual high level, this was an outstanding show.  The audience really adds something, and it was great to hear from Scott Snyder & from Paul.

  61. God, Ron’s “i’m an inside kid” was hilarious. My favorite moment of the podcast.

  62. i like your shows a lot–happy anniversary, best wishes to one and all

  63. Outstanding show !

  64. Hey, you can hear me shout out CUMBERBUND from the back of the room in the chairs of adequate comfort. Great live show guys. 

  65. I feel like the live audience and their laughter really detracted from the show.

  66. at the 37:18 – 37:19 mark, someone says: “Dick dealing…” Yeah, I know my humor is sophmoric; it’s still funny! Ha ha ha ha…

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