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Pick of the Week #319 – The Unwritten #33.5

Show Notes

We introduce you to Pepper, Cap’n, and Ron this week on the Pick of the Week Podcast. We also find out how little the guys know about 1800s Europe and wonder how they even graduated high school in the first place.

Running Time: 01:00:01

Pick of the Week:
00:02:26 – Despite the numbering, Pepper is a big fan of The Unwritten #33.5, enough to make it pick of the week

00:12:07 – There’s something lacking in Justice League #5, in both art and story for everyone.
00:16:01 – And while the story is solid, the art works against The Ultimates #6.
00:17:49 – Even though the comic book trope was present, B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth #5 was the runner up to the pick.
00:21:00 – Ron is surprised at how much he’s enjoying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #6.
00:23:20 – The Sixth Gun #18 is shaping up to be a solid, month in and month out quality read. Plus: Mud Golem!
00:26:30 – Cap’n really enjoyed the self contained story in Aquaman #5.
00:27:51 – The latest in the “continually good” category, The Walking Dead #93 has still got Pepper’s attention with a surprise.
00:29:18 – The jumping on point with Secret Avengers #21.1 gets the job done to bridge to the new creative team, but isn’t required reading.
00:30:42 – Witchblade #152 has the series new creative team going in an interesting direction.

User Reviews:
00:33:02 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:33:51 – dix is having a hard time with the inconsistency of Voodoo #5
00:35:42 – Epic is actually enjoying  Batman: The Dark Knight #5. Who knew?

00:37:42 – Russ has got questions about digital and how it affects trades.
00:43:33 – Adam wonders how long is too long for a creator on a book?

00:48:11 – Luke wants to know how much creators get paid.

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  1. IFanboy Video better be back for The Ghost Ride film, at the very latest! Getting sick of reruns

  2. I’m no rabbi but aren’t all golems, mud golems?

  3. Hey guys thanks for reading my review of Dark Knight! Definitely not a book for everyone but I always get a kick out of it. Thanks again.

  4. Though it doesn’t answer the exact question that was asked here, about page rates at major comic book companies, Faith Erin Hicks made a really interesting post, with real numbers about her actual income, regarding making a living as an indie creator. This has already been linked around a bit, in case you missed it:


  5. Crosshatchapalooza = me LOL IRL.

    k thnx

  6. BPRD was my pick.

    It actually crossed my mind to completely drop everything else I’m reading (well, almost everything) and spend that money on getting caught up with BPRD and Hellboy.

  7. BPRD and Hellboy are consistently the most enjoyable and impressive comics that ive been reading over the last 5 years or so. I tracked down back issues about 5 years ago and got caught up. Toughest (non magazine size) back issues ive ever tried to find. People like these and dont want to sell them i guess (unless your offering body parts). Of course theres Tpb’s. Anyway either way… its definitely not a bad plan. Enjoy.

  8. FINALLY, Witchblade made it onto the podcast :).

  9. I’m really glad you guys are enjoying TMNT. I recommend Ghostbusters for some more awesome nostalgia.

  10. The rural juror

  11. Good to see them taking Aquaman out of his element, as you guys said. Batman is still Batman even out of Gotham, yet characters like Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter always feel shackled by their surroundings.

  12. Groovy show gents, and nice to see Witchblade and Turtle Power mentioned.

  13. c’mon guys…..Austria was its own empire. Prussia was the rest of northern Europe…wikipedia during the show! ha

    I agree with you about Justice League…i’m not feeling the “League” part yet…i dunno..kinda lukewarm on this.

    Great show overall, but study your geography history, its fun!

    • Austria is a gorgeous place. I dont know why they ever wanted to have an empire. If i was living there i would just make snow angels, pick daisies, and bake apple strudels all day long.

  14. I think Carey’s Japanese horror book was called Crossing Midnight. I haven’t read it, anyone know if it’s good?

  15. Great answers to Adam’s e-mail. I’ve been thinking about this a lot because I’ve read the entirety of Bru and Bendis’s Cap and Avengers books up until last year. When you like a comic for years and then it starts to stink it up, it is initially confusing. Sometimes you’ve had enough and just need to move on. “What else ya got?” is exactly where I’m at with those two series. Good to hear others thinking the same thing.

  16. Thanks for the pay rate breakdown guys. I am going to refer people to that when they start screeching about $3.99 books. Marvel doesn’t get $4.00 for that book. My store pays $2.00 for them, Diamond gets their cut. The creators get paid. Profits per copy have to be rather low. So please, please stop calling Marvel “greedy” for having $4.00 books. Bendis and Brubaker gotta get paid.

  17. First mention of we got this?

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