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Pick of the Week #370 – Young Avengers #1

Show Notes

It’s Ron Richards’ last Pick of the Week as he makes his exit from the show to go to Image Comics and the publishing side of the industry, so the guys thought it would be a good time to a live broadcast of the show. And you know what that means? Extra long podcast filled with booze, some arguing and a little bit of emotion. Oh, and stick with it through the end for some added bonus material.

Running Time: 01:44:30

Pick of the Week:
00:02:51 – Young Avengers #1

00:14:53 – Uncanny X-Force #1
00:18:13 – Justice League #16
00:21:10 – Wolverine and The X-Men #24
00:25:25 – Hellblazer #299
00:28:52 – Uncanny Avengers #3
00:32:40 – Before Watchmen: Minutemen #6
00:37:35 – Avengers #3
00:40:20 – FF #3
00:41:45 – Deadpool #4
00:43:27 – Cobra #21
00:46:44 – Stumptown #5
00:47:55 – Winter Soldier #14
00:50:20 – The Answer #1

User Reviews:
00:52:27 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:53:39 – harpier is a big fan of Bedlam #3
00:55:06 – MarkWahlbergOk sings the praises of Prophet #33

00:58:03 – Several years worth of X-Men related questions

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  1. goodbye sweet prince

  2. Thanks for everything Ron.

  3. Begin Phase 2

  4. It’s hard to believe this is actually happening. Thanks for the show and good luck with all your endeavors! .

  5. So long Ron, you will be greatly missed. But bring on Paul!!! Shall we begin our initiation process?

  6. It’s just not fair damn it!


  7. Best wishes on all that’s coming, Ron!

  8. Wait so Paul doesn’t start this week? Let me know when he’s on the show finally…the sweet sound of his voice is the only reason I will be tuning in. Just Kidding! I think it’s fitting for Ron to go out with a nice Young Avengers swan song. We all know we’ve been waiting for the GOOD Marvel NOW! book by Kieron Gillen.

  9. I think next week the episode count should start over at #1, but revert to the old numbering in 30 episodes when it hits 400 and Ron comes back.

  10. Well, that was actually pretty bitter-sweet and emotional listening to that last 20 mins.

    I kind of dropped out of the comics thing in the late 90s as girls, beer and dancing in nightclubs took precedence. The start of iFanboy podcast coincided with my rediscovery of comics (and podcasts!) in 2005-6 as life settled down and I found the time to read again. Ron, Josh and Connor instantly became my favourite ‘comic books guys’. Charismatic and funny and always with best taste in comics, you guys have inadvertently and single-handedly shaped my buying habits within this hobby that I hold so dear.

    You’ve been a constant in my life for these last 7 years and even as I’ve dropped out of listening for weeks, sometimes months, at a time as I got married or had children, I always come back when I needed the comic chat void filling. Always there with the knowledge and as great as the other staff are, the chemistry you three had (have!) always made me turn my nose in disappointment when one of you wasn’t there.

    I know it’s not ending but it won’t be same so big ups from the UK and best of luck at Image.

  11. @Ron you mentioned that you wondered why nobody ever made a ruby quartz shield or something to fight Cyclops. Cameron Hodge actually made a suit of ruby quartz armor back in X-Factor. It was completely ridiculous, yet awesome.

  12. great show, and sad to see this era end. I’ve been listening for over 5 years and i think i’ve caught just about every episode since i’ve started, and the one thing that always came through, was the authenticity of 3 really good friends having a really great time talking about stuff they really care about. Hands down this show is the main thing that pushed me back into comics That’s why i kept coming back.

    You guys have definitely helped get me through long nights at school, aggravating commutes and work days, so thanks for that.

    Looking forward to the next era, and best of luck going forward for all!

  13. I watched the live show and knew it was coming but the end still made me tear up.

  14. Ron is sick of Justice League heroes fighting each other? That’s all Marvel is!
    Civil War, Secret invasion, Avengers vs. X Men? All Marvel is is heroes fighting each other!

  15. I’ve been listening to you guys since 2007, and just want to say that I will miss Ron for his wit and exuberance, while my wife (who never listens to podcasts and doesn’t care about comics) will miss Ron’s infectious laugh that she heard as background noise to whatever she was doing whenever I listened to the podcast. Take it easy, Ron, and all the best for the future.

  16. I thought for sure one of the bonuses would be Ron’s pronunciation of Symbiote.

  17. Thanks Ron. : )

  18. The PotW podcast is the #1 reason I returned to comics after many a year. One third of that reason is leaving with this show. Someone nefarious in the corporate world is behind this.

    I blame Middle Management Red Skull!

    It all makes sense now…

    Thanks for the memories, Ron.

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