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Pick of the Week #218 – Power Girl #8

Show Notes

This week on the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast: Conor Kilpatrick gushes about his favorite book of the week, an innocuous e-mail leads to a long and wide ranging discussion about hoarding media, and hey, hide the booze and the porn and cancel the strippers — who let the kid in here?

Running Time: 00:56:25

Pick of the Week:
00:02:03 – If only Conor could be more emphatic about Power Girl #8.

00:10:21 – Joe the Barbarian #1 impressed everyone.
00:14:45 – If you like The Sentry there was more of the same in Dark Avengers #13.
00:16:23 – Something important happened in Dark Wolverine #82. Or did it?
00:18:29 – Josh was devastated that he couldn’t make Starman #81 the Pick of the Week.
00:21:34 – Captain America #602 disappoints two and delights one.
00:25:23 – Hey! Has it been three months? It’s RASL #6!
00:26:45 – Nova #33 was infused with old school Marvel Comics action.
00:27:33 – Ron is surprised that Josh didn’t read War of Kings: Inhumans #3.
00:29:00 – Geoff Johns is great but Scott Kolins was the star of Blackest Night: The Flash #2.
00:29:51 – In Fables #92, Josh found himself wishing the story was somewhere else.

User Reviews:
00:31:06 – zombox says Cowboy Ninja Viking #3 brought him back around.
00:33:23 – xebix is over the Mogo for Green Lantern Corps #44.

00:35:36 – Sam F. needs comics with strong female superheroes for his girlfriend.
00:37:32 – Elliot from Vallejo, CA asks about keeping the same book in different formats.

00:43:33 – powerdaughter from Seattle, WA wants to know which superhero is the most popular.
00:46:47 – Jeff from Texas has come to a shocking realization.

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  1. Wow! This is up early. Thank you guys! Keep up the awesomeness.

  2. Awesome I have a good reason to avoid studying for another hour!

  3. I wouldn’t call Tesla a meme but geeks sure as hell have adopted him as a patron saint. "He’s was a mad scientist but for real!"

  4. That Comics Should Be Good review of JtB #1 made me angry.

  5. Seriously, can someone actually explain what Leno did? I keep hearing about it but can only form a vague idea from all the second hand comments. We get Letterman on free to air here but no Leno or Conan, so, you know, i’m completely clueless

    Also, good show iFanboys

  6. To elaborate. If you are going to take the time to critique a piece of art you should take the time to read up on what the artist was trying to accomplish. I think if the reviewer would have done that his review would have read much differently.

  7. How does Josh dump his issues? Who does he give them to? The troops? A charity? A lucky iFanboy member?

  8. @edward: You can read up on it here. It’s also going to be one of the main topics on this week’s Murmur podcast.

  9. Also it’s a tie between Batman/Superman for most popular superhero. I’d give the edge to Batman currently based on the movie performance. 

    Fact: I may or may not sell Batman and Superman dime bags at work.

    Fact: I do not sell any other superhero logos on dime bags if I sell any at all. 

  10. @Conor: but how is that Leno’s fault?

  11. In regard to that CSBG review of Joe of the Barbarian, I’ve honestly never seen a reviewer so completely fail to understand the medium he is reviewing in my life. "There were no words, so there was no characterization." 

    @edward This more or less sums it up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ9m1an-pQ8 (The guy in the grey suit patting Conan on the shoulder is Letterman, the guy in the black suit throwing things at Leno is Jimmy Kimmel host of similar late night show on a third major network.) 

  12. I liked DA 13, not loved but liked. But glad we agreed on dedatos b/w art omg gourgeous. I am not a fan of his but damn that was beautiful.

  13. @edward: I didn’t say anything about it either way. Just pointing you towards the information.

  14. Cowboy Ninja Viking = Deadpool ?

  15. this will be my last comment on this

    It seems like Leno’s been vilified by the media

  16. Did anyone read the Nomad mini?  I actually thought it was surpringly good

  17. If Tom Katers joined the iFanboy team, he’d already have his "thing" (like Josh is the "indie guy" and Connor is the "Batman guy" and Ron is the "X-men guy") — he’d probably be the "flash guy." or the "old school comics guy." In any case, good show. Keep it up! 

  18. Batman’s definitely more popular than Superman now, especially if you consider whether or not people actually know anything at all about the character. Superman MIGHT have a slight edge in terms of name recognition. Batman’s just outperformed Superman on all fronts for DECADES now, though: movies, cartoons, video games, AND his comics usually outsell Superman’s too. Spider-Man’s probably more popular than Superman too, IF popularity means some knowledge of the character.

    Regarding the Joe the Barbarian review on that other site, I thought the reviewer did a real disservice to the dissenting opinion by taking the tone that he did. I actually agree with a fair amount of the points that he made (I only thought the issue was average), but the way he made the points was really nasty. And, yeah, his view about what the issue was (or was not) doing was pretty myopic.

    However, I don’t think the problem was that the reviewer didn’t read up on what the "artist was trying to do". Sure that would have given him "window dressing" understanding, but what’s under review is the actual art…not the intention. Put it this way: I defended some of Final Crisis, but I don’t think that all dissenting opinions of the work are invalid unless you read all of Grant Morrison’s interviews about what he thinks he was doing with the project.

    I just thought Joe the Barbarian was a really hum-drum issue. It was all set-up, and that was apparently the point. Fair enough, but to me that doesn’t excuse its degree of initial blandness. Within the issue Morrison even includes a bit of acknowledgement about the predictable set-up: he has the character ask rhetorically what sort of a stereotype HE is. So there IS characterization, but it’s kind of undercutting as yet. The diabetes touch might prove interesting, though. The art was nice, but, honestly, what it depicts wasn’t that interesting. Suburban life? A pretty typical house? Hey, I’m sure a great artist could draw a neat picture of a person’s hand, a pile of sneakers, a McDonald’s sign, a football, or some plain floor tiling–but the point is that these are things I see all the time. I’ve seen the interiors of a lot of houses, so there wasn’t enough in the art to impress me all THAT much. So far even the "toys-coming-to-life" theme is too unformed. Maybe Morrison will do something neat or different with it, but I don’t see how people can give the writing in this a "5" or a "4" when it’s so skimpy and empty. "It’s good because it gets out of the way of the art"? Okay, then give it a "2" or a "3".I wouldn’t say it’s bad writing–or a bad comic–but it’s just such typical set-up that I don’t know how anyone can be too positive. Or too negative, either. In terms of content, I found it worth about a buck. 🙂 (I guess I could have written the above as a review–but, hey, they never read my reviews on here anymore anyway, so…)

    @edward: You are lucky not to know about the politics of American pop culture. Treasure your ignorance of this particular media landscape; do not approach it; avoid it like a field of quicksand.

  19. I was hoping it would be Gordon the intern for this week’s "dont miss" but I guess Tom Katers is cool too… Anyways solid show as always and whens the next ustream one? I missed last weeks 

  20. That CBR review of Joe the Barbarian got me so pissed off. Clearly that man had no idea what Morrison and Murphy was trying to accomplish in that sequence of the issue. I mean if you can’t tell that it’s setting up as the house as a character, and showing us what areas of the house will be important later on, then you’ve completely missed the point of the issue.

    But then Brian Cronin review later made the world bright again.

    Actually, no joke, I just noticed that the same man who did that bad review of the issue just mate a rebuttal on his feelings of the book on a 2nd re-read. Here it is:


  21. Who said it was actually Tom Katers?

  22. Is it Joe Casey?

  23. Who care if someone wrote a review you don’t agree with?

    every week i read reviews on this site and think to myself what the fingers is wrong with these people…. then i move on with my life 

  24. @josh I said "if." But now I think you’re being coy.

    You guys bagged Geoff Johns, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?!?

  25. It’d make sense if it was Gordon, b/c he was on maternity leave and soon Josh will need one 

  26. If that’s the case, Gordon started his paternity leave well over a year before he knew he was having a baby.

  27. they don’t even list him as staff in the new comics thread anymore

  28. Well, you see Josh promised 5 years ago to step down from iFanboy to allow Tom Katers to take over his spot on the show. Josh will headline a new podcast right before this one called "Josh’s Comic Book Fun Time Half-Hour". It was Conor’s idea to keep him from going to another competing podcast. 

    And Ron…hmmm….and Ron…. (Well, Ron has to be Letterman in this case, but I just can’t think how that makes sense. Ron could be "Jimmy Falon" in this case, but that also feel wrong. Oh well.)

  29. My daughter and I had a great time listening to the voicemail.  What a blast! 

    It was a real whim to call in. I was making dinner, and we were talking about comics, and then she asked me who the most popular superhero was. I thought about it for a bit, said I wasn’t sure, then I said I knew some guys who might be able to answer that question for us.

    Thanks again! It was cool to hear it on the podcast. And you guys were so nice with your comments about her.

  30. @praxjarvis & tnc: The "review" you linked to is the reason I read this website and not ones like that.  I completely respect that some people like hyperbolic blather and chest puffing, and that’s fine.  I don’t.  I love that the iFanboy staff rarely does that, and when they do, it’s actually funny.  No disrespect to that reviewer at all, it just seems very antithetical to this site.  I’d be surprised if there was a vast audience at the center of the iFanboy/Mark Andrew Venn diagram.


    As for this week’s pick, thanks for hyping this Conor. I read the whole run last week, mainly on your repeated recommendation.  I’m not a fun silver agey fan.  Not a huge lover of Superman related characters, but this title has just been a joy to read.

  31. @Akamuu: you’re not into hyperbole and then thank conor for hyping something?

    Just nit-picking, mate, i thought that was funny

  32. hyping = suggesting vociferously.

  33. Hyperbole = an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally

    Your point = what was it? 

  34. @edward: You’re kidding, right?

  35. @edward: I’m also vociferously against hypertension, but really miss Hypercolor shirts.  😉

    Don’t get me started on  Hyperbaric Chambers.

  36. am I ever going to stop hearing Daken as Dokken? It’s really aggravating.

  37. @Conor: Yup. i’m just trying to get a rise out of josh. if he crys than i would be happy.

    @Akamuu: hy-five!

  38. oh, and not to be too mean, Josh, i read your new story at Topshelve 2.0 this morning. It was really good. very funny. alex robinson did a great job as well

  39. So Green Lantern is the Lady GaGa of comic books?

  40. Lady GaGa uses her super p-p-p-p-p-poker face to fight crime!

    (Only Lady GaGa song I know.)

  41. it seems to me that Conor and Ron have their mind made up about the Sentry. So much for the "there are no bad characters" theory. Dark Avengers was my POW, i thought the payoff was great in this issue even though i felt the whole Sentry build up was drawn out and repetitive. Also, if you look at the cover to issue 2 of Seige (which was shown in issue 1 i believe, and plastered all over this months Marvel comics) the Sentry seems to be set to play a big role as one of the main bad guys of the series. I think you two should just give up on reading Sentry stories because obviously nothing going to change your mind on the character.

    Also, the scene where the Sentry dies and comes back to life was a flashback to an earlier issue. He wasn’t killed again like was implied in the podcast

  42. Some perspective on the comic scene in MA. There really is no comic scene. There are not that many stores in the state and most of the stores are weak at best. I never knew what a real comic shop was supposed to be until I moved to Tucson, Arizona a couple of years ago for law school. When I move back to MA after law school, I will definitely be using dcbservice.com for my comic needs and all of my comic buddies back home already do the same. 

  43. @glwarm

     I think it depends on where you are in the state. I’ve found a ton of great shops in and around the Boston area. New England Comics and Comcopia spring to mind as to places folks should check out

  44. Just read the CBR review of Joe The Barbarian. It can’t be serious right? The writer is being sarcastic isn’t he? No actual self-respecting review writes like that…

  45. Piscespaul, I agree that there are a few good shops around the Boston area but I would not say a ton. At most there are a handful of shops that are worth checking out and most are clustered in the Boston area but in AZ there are great shops all over the place. Most of the shops in MA if you don’t put an issue on your pull list there is little chance that the shop will have it, especially with the less mainstream books. At the comics shops I have been to in AZ the selection is amazing and a pull list is barely needed. 

  46. @glwarm: There are at least fifteen comic book stores in the Boston area alone, and I’m not cou ting Newbury Comics since they don’t actually carry any more than a bare minimum of comics.  If that’s where you were shopping for comics, I understand your frustration.  But there’s eight New England Comics stores, Comicopia, a couple of Comikazes, Million Year Picnic, Hub Comics, some comic book store that has the word "Dragon" in it, and quite a few others.  I can’t speak for all the stores, but NEC and Million Year Picnic tend to have tons of back issues from old school stuff, to those titles you forgot to pick up a couple of weeks ago.  Sorry you missed us and them.

    As for AZ stores, I must have missed them when I lived there, which is a damned shame.  If I’d had an LCS while I was down there, I might have enjoyed my experience a bit more.  Are you talking about the tri-city area, or Northern AZ?

  47. @mikegraham: I don’t believe that anyone implied that The Sentry was killed again this week.

  48. @Conor no one outright stated it, but it was implied by Ron when he said "How many times are they going to kill the Sentry" in reference to his "death" in this issue, but it wasn’t another death, it was a flashback to issue 9 i believe

  49. Sam F. should check out Huntress: Year One.

  50. I agree New England Comics is by far the best place to shop and I may be mistaken but I don’t think all of those New England Comic stores have been open for very long. I have actually visited many of the shops you mentioned but none of them have even come close to the shops I frequent in AZ, especially Fantasy Comics in Tucson. I may have overstated my point but I still feel that the comic scene in Boston isn’t as big as it should be for a big city and was just frustrated with the comicshops in MA for my whole life so its has been such a nice change in AZ. 

  51. @mikegraham: Right. It was shown again. Not that it’s happening again because he’s off in Siege.

  52. @glwarm:  We’ve been open for 27 years now.  All but one of our stores has been around for at least fifteen years.  And, in the last seven or eight years there’s been a bit of a boom in comic interest in the Boston area, with a semi-annual comic con that draws big names and a sizable crowd (in addition to that horrible little monthly flea market con that’s been plaguing this city forever, and is now owned by Wizard).  There’s also a group of writers and artists who meet on a weekly basis called The Boston Round Table who put out a great quarterly series called Inbound.  Though, sadly, there’s been a sharp decline in random artists dropping into the store with their homedrawn comics.


    Anyhow, glad to hear things are awesome in AZ.  Were I ever to go back there (which is admittedly unlikely), I’d do a better job keeping an eye out for stores.

  53. @mikrgraham: no, you’re right. Totally right

    @Conor:I don’t even know where to start. At 15:51 in the podcast ron says "how many times are they going to kill the Sentry in a book and bring him back to life in the same issue though" You didn’t disagree so the listener has to assume to agree

    It might be nice if you discussed the things said in the podcast instead of immediately dismissing someone’s completely valid comment.

  54. @edward: We were speaking to the same even being shown over and over again (just like the fly way screaming "nooo!").

  55. @conor: i’m not being rude but i don’t know what you are talking about

  56. I’m from the Philippines and I’m with Coco

  57. Just catching up with this podcast — I don’t know if any of you tried out the Nomad miniseries but I really enjoyed it.  Whatever you think of the genealogy of the character, it was both a good high school story (a little Veronica Mars-ish in tone) and a nice use of Captain America mythology.  I don’t know if the backups in ‘Cap’ are the best way to market the character, but I do hope some people who get curious about it via the backups will give the mini a shot.  (This could also be a good answer for the guy who was asking about books for his girlfriend; I also agree with Conor about Batgirl and Josh about Preacher — and I think a Ms Marvel fan would probably like the Spider-Woman book as well!)

    Nice show!



  58. "I don’t believe that anyone implied that The Sentry was killed again this week."

  59. I’m a big fan of strong female characters that kick-ass(pun fully intended). I can’t wait to see Hit girl demolish bad guys, or Black widow use tough techo tricks to get her way and don’t get me started on how freaking excited I am at the potential of seeing the queen, Helen Mirren, with a machine gun.

    With a new decade dawning I have hope that hollywood is going to have more diversity in, not just the way they tell stories about women, but everybody.

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  60. Thanks for recommending Power Girl, guys! I was undecided on buying the trade or not, but now I’m definitely gonna!

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