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Pick of the Week #318 – Batman #5

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan has somewhere to be. He was ready, and just wants to get to the damn show! So let’s get on with it. It’s a twisty-turny Pick of the Week, and you shouldn’t drink the water. Eventually the talk turns to how to pass the time in solitary, and everyone gets along again. Plus we talk about gifts we got!

Total Running Time: 00:57:16

00:01:24 – Upside down, back and forth, and over and over again, Batman #5 was Conor’s and pretty much everyone else’s Pick of the Week.
00:09:13 – Except for Ron, who would have gone with Prophet #21, which you should have bought.
00:14:53 – Time travel gets heavy with The Amazing Spider-Man #678.
00:16:30 – Hopes were dashed with The Avengers #21.
00:19:11 – Switch things around, fill-in, do whatever, but Daredevil #8 is still Mark Waid’s book, and that is all kinds of okay.
00:22:49 – Speaking of fill-ins, how did Wonder Woman #5 do without Cliff Chiang?
00:24:48 – We’re joining Marvel in celebrating 24 years with Venom #12.
00:26:03 – Ron is the last man standing on Batman: Odyssey #4.
00:27:22 – Chris Samnee’s filling in shoes (and lots of other panels on Ultimate Spider-Man #6.
00:29:45 – Chew #23 is STILL VERY GOOD!

User Reviews:
00:32:49 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:33:46 – JoseRivera83 isn’t whistling Dixie about Nightwing #5.
00:34:53 – boomergirl says that folks need to give Catwoman #5 another look.

Book of the Month:
00:36:17 – Ron pick for the January Book of the Month is X-Statix Omnibus, from one of the brightest times for Marvel.

00:44:55 – Desaun wants to know if superhero comics will ever grow up, age, and move along.
00:47:57 – Wes would like to know what was under the iFanboy Christmas tree.

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“Cheap Reward”
Elvis Costello


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  1. wow early

  2. You guys missed the Journey Into Mystery hard cover in the top 5 picks of the week! the hardcover made the too 3 this week!

  3. Agreed with Ron -Phophet 21 was mind blowing good. I Hope Glory is just as good

  4. Just read Prophet. So awesome!!! Almost a shame they didn’t renumber cause readers are so trained to pick up #1s.

  5. I have to agree with Conor on his assessments of Nightwing and Catwomen. I had originally only picked up the #1s, but recently went back and caught up. Now I’ve shed some lesser DC titles to make room for them in my stack. Two quality series.

  6. See, my problem with Catwoman right now isn’t the sex in the first issue, in fact I’d find it hard to believe if Selina and Bruce had never done the deed before. My biggest criticism is the way Selina is being portrayed, she used to be a cool and collected professional thief, now she seems like a reckless wisecracking amateur. And I just cant get past the art which is the epitome of cheesecake art where is just tons of cleavage and raunchy imagery on every page.

    This just isn’t the same Catwoman I loved in Ed Brubakers run.

    • good point

    • I love how Selina is portrayed in this series and find it a return to form. It’s more in line with how she’s portrayed outside of Brubaker’s run. More fun like she used to be, more sultry, but yes reckless and vulnerable while still being fierce and strong, lotta layers and just a really likable portrayal of Catwoman, how she’s meant to be I’d say.

  7. Now that I’ve seen the Venom cover I cannot stop laughing.

    Ron is totally right: No clearer way a book is going to be cancelled then having that desperate ploy of celebration before.

    • You guys might be reading too much into that. If their twitter accounts are to be believed, the “Venom 24th Anniversary” thing is literally just a joke Stephen Wacker got through, as opposed to using the Spider-man 50th thing the other books have.

      Jan 12th
      @Remender: “When @StephenWacker told me he was planning a 24th anniversary promo for Venom I thought he was joking – yfrog.com/odalfxzj”

      @StephenWacker: “@Remender I can’t believe that exists! I love Marvel.”

    • Yes. Even without being on Twitter I recognized it as a joke playing off the 50 years of Spider-Man icon.

  8. I like it when Josh can barely hide his contempt.

    Contempt of what? Everything

  9. It was a couple of years ago, but I ran into Stephen Platt at a life drawing workshop, he had moved into directing commercialsand things ( I think, it was that, it was long ago), because of the up and down nature of comics

  10. points for the elvis costello selection! imagination is a powerful deceiver also probably would’ve been appropriate, given the pick of the week.

  11. Yeah, Ron I think you are looking way to much into on that 24th anniversary of Venom thing.

  12. Groovy episode dude-o’s. Also, a few weeks back, but thank you for reminding us about Mike and Town Eat Snacks, holy hell that podcast is amazing, I’ve been blasting through them, compelling, epic stuff.

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