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Pick of the Week #267 – Batgirl #17

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan may be on his own with his one man comedy show, but Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick hang in there as the guys talk comics, bolo ties and western fashion, outing unwitting listener’s awkward social situations and Moby Dick.

Running Time: 01:02:26

Pick of the Week:
00:02:00 – Conor celebrates the under the radar goodness of Batgirl #17 as his Pick of the Week.

00:09:24 – Everyone raved about the latest from Nick Spencer and Christian Ward, The Infinite Vacation #1.
00:17:15 – We mourn the passing of Thor: The Mighty Avenger with issue #8.
00:19:35 – Ron was ecstatic about the finale of the current arc with Savage Dragon #168.
00:21:47 – Better sit down, because Conor’s got 1 star issues with Superman #707.
00:28:27 – Ron wondered about the facial hair in Daredevil: Reborn #1.
00:30:47 – Starborn #2 continues to be the best of the Stan Lee/ Boom! books.
00:32:14 – The double combo of Batman and Robin #19 and Knight and Squire #4 makes for a fun Paul Cornell filled week.
00:34:56 – Josh gets a bit of an English lesson with The Unwritten #21.
00:37:42 – The meaningless death continues in X-Men Forever 2 #15.

User Reviews:
00:39:19 – Legend is totally digging The Amazing Spider-Man #651.
00:42:36 – odare77 is a huge fan of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #3.

00:47:28 – Mike has got a sticky social situation between two comic book stores.
00:50:30 – Bob enjoyed Walt Simonson’s Thor and is curious if it came out on time and does that even matter?
00:54:03 – Christian from Los Angeles, CA wonders if there’s a flaw in hero/younger hero training?
00:55:35 – Chris from Newark, DE is sentimental for the gimmicks of the 1990s.

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  1. I have that situation at my LCSs, too.

  2. What?! no Spawn 200 review?!?!

  3. @skrewzlewz  None of us read it.

  4. @conor  When it comes out on trade you guys should pick up Halcyon from Image, written by Marc Guggenheim and drawn by Ryan Bodenheim. It is a five issue mini and its fantastic. Its currently on issue three. Its about a group of superheroes in a world where all crime and violence suddenly stops.

  5. That songs beautiful.

  6. Can this be posted on iTunes?

  7. @TheBatLantern  It can and is.

  8. Thanks for responding my Thor question guys, thoughtful answers as always.  To further comment, I think it actually did effect the other books coming out; we all know what a cohesive place the Marvel U was back then.  I definately remember the Casket of Winter spilling into an issue of Uncanny

  9. @Suicidalkangarooz  I’m reading Halycon in issues and really enjoying it so far

  10. Can’t sleep, so I went for a walk and listened to this episode at 12:30 pm. Almost sure I walked past a drug deal haha. Great episode as always, guys.

  11. @josh  Thanks

  12. conner that woman you have never seen before is the school teacher in Superman #703

    they even made sure her name was really obvious. she was also in hanuting his dreams.

  13. Wy would anyone travel to alternate realities?

    Why do people do drugs? Play video games? Read comic books?

    Escape. That’s the theme of the book. The Infinite Vacation.

  14. Iowa: The Scum hole of America in the DCU.

  15. @ron, oh cool, I don’t remember seeing it on your pull list, glad you’re enjoying it. You should talk about it. @conor, I think I remember that in the infinite vacation mark is able to choose between becoming other versions and just watching and taking to them.

  16. @Suicidalkangarooz  It’s only a mini?!. OH COME ON IMAGE, anyways good show as usual guys and I totally with conor on the Superman issue.

  17. @bigben2012 I know I’m disappointed too, and the image press release announced it as an ongoing, but its only five issues.

  18. The “Infinite vacation” problem you’ve been having it’s because your are mixing diferent styles of vacation. There’s a part where he explains that, there’s a body swaping type of option, and there’s the “lifeshare” option. Wich he describes as “multiversal couch-surfing”

  19. @cutty  That Simonson run on Thor was just CLASSIC! As a monthly buyer back then, I remember running to the spinner rack to pick up the Surtur Saga- that was just EPIC! I don’t recall any delays at all and the artwork had me drooling back then. I have ’em in issues but might get the trades also!
    Finally, Moby Dick? Nope, me neither. I always felt kind of dumb when I tell people I never read Farenheit 451 either

  20. Great answer to the sub-sub-sub question.  Events need to be on time & certain artists can take their time.

  21. Ahhh…Savage Dragon. It’s a good sign it’s talked about in the POTW podcast again after such a short while, isn’t it?

  22. This podcast isn’t showing up on iTunes. Can’t find it in iTunes on my laptop or itouch. Any ideas?

  23. @ChrisG  It downloaded from iTunes for me just fine, but I’m subscribed.  Sometimes it takes longer to show up in the iTunes listings if you’re not. Nothing we can control from here.

  24. @josh
    I just tried to find it again in iTunes on my laptop. While I was looking for it, the podcast downloaded on it’s own, I’m subscribed, but it’s still not showing up if I look manually. The Green Hornet podcast isn’t showing up either. I guess it’ll download eventually because Steve Jobs DOES work in mysterious ways.

  25. @josh
    Oh, yeah thanks for looking checking it out.

  26. Just listened to the episode, thanks for answering my question on the 90’s comic covers (Rub the Blood) classic. To answer your question…..I use to buy two copies of each poly-bagged comic. One to read and one to keep in the bag. I know I’m a total nerd!!!

  27. Also to Connor’s infinite vacation problem, I’d have to say I spend a lot of time watching TV on vacations.  With alternate-mes I might be marginally more invested.  Marginally.

  28. @conor, I always found the appeal of you and Ron had been the fact that you guys read so many books. I have learned a lot about different books to consider as a result of your large list. I hope the limited number doesn’t last, it’s one of the reasons I put my money down to support the website.

  29. @OliverTwist  Well, beside the fact that I think the last two weeks were abnormally slow for most people — I’m up to 15 books this week — we try to practice what we preach. We tell you guys to only read the stuff you think is good, and we try to abide by that too. Comics are cyclical and I think that right now we’re on a bit of a downward trajectory — there isn’t a ton to be super excited about. Is there good stuff? Sure. But I think we’re in a bit of a lull period. It happens. We’ve been doing this for 10 years and the excitement level with comics tends to wax and wane on a fairly regular schedule.

  30. Hey sweet, my question got answered! And I feel less bad about it now! Thanks iFanboy!

  31. I think the identity of the Big Bad in Thor: The Mighty Adventure is obvious.

    We have, essentially, Bunsen and Beaker working for “Mr. K”?

    It’s Kermit.

  32. A couple of thoughts-

    Everyone seems to understand that the Silver Surfer can’t sustain his own book but people seem suprised that Thor can’t.  Why?

    – A little really good Spider-Man is better than a Lot of bad Spider-Man.
    The Spider-Man brain trust did a great job of exploring his environment and- in my opinion
    a sub par job of exploring the actual character.
    Slott is getting right to the character of both Spider and Peter and incorporating some long negelcted essential components.  Give the man some time I think he’s going to pull it together.

    And Lastly- @josh  There are “less of you” and “more of me out there”  ??

    Some people hold on to their comics it’s true- some people see it as art to keep-
    And in this case the particular person writing in – was just saying he was being bit nostalgic.
    Not the a crazy comic book guy collector.
    There seems to be a lot of condescension in your voice if your going to say “no there is anything wrong with it” line – You should actually mean it.

  33. When Simonson’s Thor was coming out, there was ABSOLUTELY a recognition that it was and would be classic.  In fact, as I remember it, there was a sort of universal astonishment that a creator could actually make Thor be good, similar to the astonishment with Frank Miller’s Dark Knight that Batman didn’t have to be a lame joke.

    Another great episode, Ifanboys.  I admire the professionalism with how you run the ‘cast, you indulge some sidetracks to keep things loose and fun, but then always get back to the books.  The mix is perfect.  I was in NYC over Xmas, and found myself in a bus lane too…luckily the machine gun jammed and I escaped down a sidestreet.

  34. I have no idea why Josh would say “So he’s a conservative” in relation to Superman intimidating Lois physically. Seriously. I’m as liberal as they come, but you should really re-examine your news and media intake if you equate conservativism with wife-beating. Maybe sexism is more skewed that way (although I’m pretty sure Bill Clinton and John Edwards are prominent non-conservatives who treated women horribly too), but to say so matter-of-factly that someone’s a conservative if they intimidate women? If you cast aspersions against any other group like that, you’d realize how unfair that comparison is. Maybe you think this annoying for me to call you out like this, Josh, but rethinking your own prejudices can really benefit YOU in the long run and give you a clearer view of reality.

    Other than that, great show as usual, guys.

  35. @froggulper  Or maybe it was a joke about protecting business over the environment?

  36. @conor  That is exactly what it was.

  37. That is what I got out of it as well.

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