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Pick of the Week #368 – Star Wars #1

Show Notes

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away–” “WHAT?!” “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Ron Richards, Josh Flanagan, and Conor Kilpatrick sat down to ta–” “WHAT?!” “I said, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Ron Richards, Josh Flanagan, and Conor Kilpatrick sat down to talk about the week in comics, as well as oth–” “WHAT?!” “Sigh.”

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:41 – Star Wars #1

Star Wars_100:13:08 – The Superior Spider-Man #1
00:17:46 – Avengers Arena #3
00:20:23 – Sweet Tooth #40
00:23:33 – Thor: God of Thunder #4
00:26:18 – Earth 2 #8
00:28:34 – The Walking Dead #106
00:29:33 – Action Comics #16
00:30:26 – The End Times of Bram and Ben #1
00:31:46 – Punisher: War Zone #3
00:33:16 – Wolverine & The X-Men #23
00:34:16 – The Phantom Stranger #4

User Reviews:
00:35:47 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:37:09 – Khan2112 reviews Animal Man #16.
00:38:51 – petevaldez reviews B.P.R.D.: The Abyss of Time #1.

00:40:38 – Justin asks a familiar question.
00:43:45 – Shaun wants to make the switch to digital.

Book of the Month:
00:49:30 – Fear Agent Library Edition, Vol. 1

“Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner (Medley)”
John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra


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  1. No matter how many years go by, or how cynical you may become, you hear that music and ya just get happy.

  2. I’m about to embark on Fear Agent. Ordered the first trade the other day. Long overdue for me. Hope i enjoy it half as mich as you guys.

    Good show, fellas. Entertaining as always.


  3. Great Show. I really enjoyed The Superior Spider-Man.

  4. I just started listening to this episode and it’s cracking me up that Josh and Conor haven’t listened to the Don’t Miss podcast on Star Wars #1 and Ron is having to tell them what’s going on in an iFanboy podcast. (Yes, yes, I know, everyone is busy. It’s still funny.) It’s just making me laugh that I know more about the making of Star Wars #1 because of iFanboy (Don’t Miss), than Josh and Conor. I feel like a big shot — or at least making me feel like Ron (who has listened to Don’t Miss this last week).

    Mind you, any other day I would have been in a the same boat. This is just a rare moment in which I’m caugh up on Don’t Miss.

  5. @ 48:30 I’m really happy that Ron was willing to come forth and admit that he doesn’t put as much value on digital comics as physical comics. I’ve been a digital comics creator since 2009 after a decade of self publishing physical comics and i spent a long time trying to figure out why it was such a hard sell. it’s a shame really, but I suppose I can understand. i enjoy the smell, the tactile sensation, the idea of this curiously delightful, physical thing. but so many people have other excuses as to why they don’t want to buy digital comics, and i feel like the true reason is not being able to apply any inherent value to intangible goods. the collector aspect of humanity is an interesting one, especially overlaid with the aversion to progress, evolution and or change. humans. am i right?

  6. Comixology can read marvel’s $3.99 free digital titles. I use it on my kindle fire and love it. I have no problem with the double page spreads. Also reddit recently started a community (r/comiccodes) to trade the codes from those issues so you can use your codes to tr out other titles.

  7. My first starwars comic, and damn was it good

  8. Erik Larsen is ending his run on SUPREME. l Liked a lot . It was difficult to follow the steps of A.M. In my oppinion he succeded. I would like you to dedicate a little of your time to this run. Part of Image´s incredible year is due to Liefeld’s Extreme management( I didn’t know he had this superpower).

    I’m also interested in you to talk about Public Domain comic Characters

    thanks for your work.

  9. As far as the digital discussion goes I got an Ipad2 for christmas and I absolutely love it for reading comics. Comixology and DC’s and Marvel’s own apps are incredibly well designed and offer a few different ways for you to read the comic for your preference.

    And I love having my comics digitally just in general. If I want to read the last issue of Thor or Batman before I read the new issue I just have to open up the program instead of go and find the individual issue in a stack. I have stopped by single issues entirely.

    Oh, and this comic also reminded me of 2001 era WWF. With Steve Austin starting the never ending What? chant.

    • Totally agree. I moved to digital once I got out of college/got an apartment/left my old shop. All publishers except for Dark Horse use the Comixology app. There are parts of the dark horse app that I like but ultimately that app can be unstable and takes some getting used too in order to avoid crashes. That said downloading my comics over lunch at work and then reading them on the way home on the bus is a fantastic experience.

  10. A few podcasts ago it was mentioned that the trio didn’t understand how sales could be up thanks to digital comics. Well, My nearest comic shop is an hour away. Thanks to digital I never miss an issue and don’t have to drive an hour. When you only get to the shop three to four times a year you’re not going to be picking up an ongoing storyline if you don’t know what’s going on. Reasons why digital is better than physical.

    1. Easier to introduce new readers to comics because they swipe to next panel instead of people taught how a comic “reads”.

    2. When living abroad all you need for english comics is a wifi connection.

    3. When visiting Spain this February, new comic day is still wednesday, not the week after I get back.

    4. When looking for an issue I want to read it’s three clicks away not four miles away buried in a storage locker… somewhere…

    5. When renovations are done on my house moving my comic collection back in will require lifting one pound of weight instead of four hundred.

    6. Beautiful art is backlit and can be zoomed in on. Especially useful for old guys like me who like their panels to be huge.

    • “A few podcasts ago it was mentioned that the trio didn’t understand how sales could be up thanks to digital comics. ”

      I would love to hear a quote from us on that because that’s not something we have trouble understanding. We’ve been around the comics game for a while and we’ve worked for a digital conversion company for a while so we know how the relationship between print and digital works.

  11. I wasn’t really clear on my first point. With the shop an hour away I spent about twenty bucks a year on comics. With digital I spend twenty or thirty bucks a week and have caught up on all back issues.

  12. Great show, guys. I’m saving this one for friends who ask for comic podcast suggestions.

    Regarding the mysterious Cammi from Avengers Arena #3: Wasn’t she the little girl who leaves Earth with Drax the Destroyer in his Annihilation prelude mini? I think he left her in somewhere in space before/during Annihilation Conquest.

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