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Pick of the Week #316 – Peanuts #1

Show Notes

The holidays are over and the guys are back! Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Ron Richards are back to discuss the week in comics, the feminist propaganda in Peanuts, the difficulty of superheroes getting branded gear… and is that a whiff of Cthulhu?

Running Time: 00:57:15

Pick of the Week:
00:01:51 – Good grief! Josh chose Peanuts #1 as the Pick of the Week.

00:10:24 – Fatale #1 produces mixed reactions.
00:16:15 – Ron is fully on-board with The Defenders #2.
00:20:30 – Swamp Thing #5 was one of the best issues yet.
00:22:45 – The Punisher #7 reunited (part of) the Gotham Central creative team.
00:28:19 – Not even Ron can defend Avengers: X-Sanction #2.
00:30:48 – Was there supposed to be a new origin in Action Comics #2? Because…
00:32:04 – O.M.A.C. #5 brings in Frankenstein and Jeff Lemire and it was awesome.
00:33:26 – Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega #1 is not a typo.

User Reviews:
00:36:13 – The Top 5 Community Picks of the Week.
00:37:14 – grifter78, not surprisingly, loved Stormwatch #5.
00:39:30 – STanley got a kick out of The Avengers Annual #1.

00:41:17 – Mitch has some questions about the state of The New 52.
00:46:55 – Elizabeth from Santa Rosa, CA wants to go to Image Expo.

00:48:50 – Jake from Peoria, IL wants to give war comics as a gift.
00:51:07 – Ben from Brooklyn, NY has got the itch to read more Hulk comics.

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  1. Glad to have you guys back.

  2. woot, happy 2012:)

  3. If you guys ever decide to another one of the Top 10 iFanboy moments of 2012, the Cthulhu/HP Lovecraft discussion should be there.

  4. Wait I’m confused. (not the first time)

    You LOVED Loeb writing Red Hulk originally. One of the best titles no one was talking about, I believe was one of the statements used for it. Sooo…..now you’re saying it’s terrible?

    • I’m not.

    • Well it’s more towards Ron then….but it sounds like he said Loeb’s Red Hulk is now terrible.

    • He did not say that. He said:

      (After reading Parker/Hardman’s take on Red Hulk.)

      “I kinda don’t like the Loeb/McGuinness Red Hulk. Like, he’s kinda mean.”

      He’s talking about the character not the book.

    • Pretty much everything that makes Red Hulk great is contingent upon him being General Ross. His quest for redemption, the unfortunate irony that he became his greatest enemy, etc. The problem with the character during Loeb’s run was that ALL of that had to be kept a secret for pretty much 80% of that run. Because of that, there was virtually nothing to Red Hulk’s character. I get that it was necessary to keep the mystery going (and it made that reveal issue where you see all the subtle hints THAT much more sweeter), but the unfortunate side effect was that it cause the character to really suffer. This is why the tail end of Loeb’s Hulk series was so great: a huge plot point focused around Ross becoming the Red Hulk.

  5. Never got on with Peanuts, even as a kid (I’m the same age as you guys) – I don’t know if it’s cuz I’m from the UK, it always seemed a very US-centric thing.

  6. Hey, Mitch here. Thanks for the answer guys. I think I should of worded my last question a bit better, which I tried to word as ‘In your dealings with the new 52, have you come across mostly new readers, old readers etc etc’

    Thanks again though guys, I share the same opinion with the Wrong/Right debate.

  7. On H.P. Lovecraft: there actually was a piece on him as part of the back matter for Fatale this month. It was a pretty good examination of the types of stories he wrote.

    There wasn’t much about Cthulu though.

  8. A very Lovecraftian episode.

  9. great show, thanks

  10. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Pufnstuf L’vng Islnd wgah’nagl fhtagn!

    I figured at least one of you guys would be in to Lovecraft. There have been comics, stories, short films, movies, board games, card games, all kinds of stuff using the property. The Cthulhu mythos are intriguing, to me at least. There’s a silent film from 2004 that I LOVED. I got a kick out of that segment though, I’ll never look at H.R. Pufnstuf the same way again.

    • I have seen that silent film as well, loved it. I was kinda surprised actually to hear Josh had not heard of Lovecraft, since he’s into theHellboy stuff. Hey to each his/her own, I do find it enriching to be able to have a deeper insight into when a writer or artist is playing around in a sand box.

  11. Oh, speaking of; On my Facebook profile, under religion I put “Cthulhu Cultist” as a joke. My boss’s wife wondered what it was, Googled it, and took it seriously. Hilarity ensued when she freaked out over it.

  12. I never bought the speculation that DC was changing the origin because of the lawsuit. That seemed like a guess made by fans with little understanding of the law in general or the case in particular. Much of what is considered supermans origin was created after the 1938 action #1. “rocket escapes a dying planet, found by humans taken to orphanage” is pretty much it, no jor-el, no krypton, no kents, no costume from blankets etc. none of those elements are part of the original 1 page origin, and therefore not part of the lawsuit.

    That being said i think the changes have to do with undoing the man of steel, birthright and secret origins versions. This is an updated version of the pre-crisis origin, complete with a jor-el that looks pretty much like kal, with red and green clothes and a headband. He even has a ringed planet on his chest like the golden age Jor-L, again showing the connection to the earliest of superman interpretations. I have recently reread many if not most of the published origins of superman as research for a podcast. and they are all very similar until man of steel.

    Also this gives us the new more bad ass krypto and a more logical origin for him than they test the first prototype ship by using their sons dog (“sorry son instead of using any number of animals a leading scientist would have access to, i instead used your dog, and the ship was accidentally lost, but on the bright side your dog will now survive the explosion that kill us”), and it happens to land on the same planet years later.

  13. Great war comic: The Other Side, by Jason Aaron and Cameron Stewart.

  14. I’d suggest picking up some of those collected additions of the Peanuts old strip, they were brilliant.

  15. The cover price on the Peanuts comic is interesting. Granted Boom! Studios is a small publisher but I wonder had they skipped the issues and went straight to trade, would it sell more? Time will tell but it seems like new Peanuts content would have greater crossover appeal than your average comic book audience.

  16. I started buying comics weekly and joined this site due to the new 52.

    I’ve been a fan of DC animation for years. The overall focus of DC comics seemed stale when I checked in on them sporadically over the last few years. Seeing DC put more effort into their line sparked my interest.

  17. So you don’t care about Lovecraft, but you love Peanuts? Down with the intellectuals!

  18. I was catching up on these podcasts, and I can’t believe none of you liked Action! I just read it again after hearing the critique, and I was blown away a second time.

    Superman’s space-pod creating the new world of superheroes (in essence, the New 52) isn’t a good enough spin on the origin? That shit is planetary in scope. It even has a mini-twist before that when you learn the captions are the thoughts of the space-pod itself! Huge stuff…

    Best of the year so far (and I don’t even like the other Action issues).

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