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Pick of the Week #367 – All-New X-Men #5

Show Notes

It’s the first podcast of the year and the guys are a little but rusty, but they get their act together in time to deliver a stellar entry into the new year along with BONUS material at the end of the show. Happy New Year!

Running Time: 01:03:03

Pick of the Week:
00:01:47 – All-New X-Men #5

00:11:11 – The New Avengers #1
00:14:20 – Morbius, The Living Vampire #1
00:15:47 – Daredevil: End of Days #4
00:17:46 – The Amazing Spider-Man #700
00:23:03 – Avenging Spider-Man #15.1
00:23:59 – Justice League #15
00:26:06 – Aquaman #15
00:28:06 – Invincible #99
00:29:57 – The Flash #15
00:31:56 – American Vampire #34
00:32:49 – Hellboy In Hell #2
00:34:18 – Glory #31
00:35:23 – Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm #5
00:36:40 – Punk Rock Jesus #6

User Reviews:
00:40:17 – The Top Five Community Picks of the Week.
00:41:28 – CaseyJustice  gets poetic about Batman, Incorporated #6.
00:43:24 – nindustrial liked the idea of, but not the look of Mara #1.

00:45:09 – Josh F. is curious if Marvel can take risks?
00:50:39 – Andrew H. clarifies Australian Animated Wolverine.

00:51:55 – Ian from Crete, NB (???) has the ol’ marriage in comics question.



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  1. You were right, the iFanboy media minutes in the end were super good. It should happen every once in a while.

    All day, Ron. All day.

  2. If I may ask, what are you actually expecting in this new story in Hellboy? Were you expecting Hellboy to just beat the living snot out of all these demons AND Satan? Or is the overall tone of the book, being bleak as…well hell, not doing it for you?

    • I don’t really get the complaint that he’s doing nothing. The whole point as I get it from reading Hellboy all these years is that he was fated to do certain things. Now he’s meeting all these things in hell but is refusing to be a victim of fate and taking control himself. Inaction in this situation is action. It’s a much better level of character development than simply punching Satan.

  3. Iván Hays. Say it like this and you will be saying it correctly.
    And not Aivan, Ivan, like E-van.

  4. Fun show as always guys. Thanks!

  5. I’m a trade-waiter and not into Spider-Man anyway, so I was ignorant as to why everyone was making such a fuss over ASM 700. When you guys were talking about it in the podcast, I was like, “THAT’S IT?”

    It is disappointingly hilarious that so much negativity came from this.

  6. I am the Ian from Crete. Just so it’s clear, I’m from Crete, Nebraska. Not as exciting, but also not as potentially dangerous, apparently.

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