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Pick of the Week #165 – Justice Society of America #22

Show Notes

It’s a new year, and Ron Richards is nowhere to be seen. Luckily we have the discussion stylings of Jim Mroczkowski to fill in. There are lecherous blind superheroes and ridiculous chairs in comics this week, and we don’t miss any of them.

Running time: 00:59:54

Pick of the Week:
00:02:35 – From a week of very strong books, Conor’s Pick of the Week was Justice Society of America #22, because an old man smirk will get him every time.

00:11:35 – Does Brubaker and Phillips’ Incognito #1 live up to the hype?
00:16:28 – It’s hard to “enjoy” Magneto Testament #4, but it sure is good.
00:20:21 – Scalped #24 once again asks if Lincoln Red Crow is the best character in all of comics.
00:22:55 – Josh should probably take back what he said about Black Widow when talking about Captain America #45.
00:28:38 – There’s plenty of hope in Green Lantern #36 as we meet the Blue Lanterns.
00:30:53 – Kick-Ass #5 is still kinda weird.
00:32:05 – Back to Brooklyn #3 steams ahead, but the great part is the essay about Palmiotti’s childhood.
00:34:09 – We are fine with Steve McNiven taking all the time he needs to draw Wolverine #70.
00:37:49 – It appears that Jim is still reading Avengers: The Initiative #20, which he still likes, surprising even himself.

User Reviews:
00:41:55 – BC1 was none too pleased with Batman #684, and we are with him.
00:43:25 – TheNextChampion will be pleased to know that he’s not the only one liking The Incredible Hercules #124.

00:47:30 – MarvelZombie is curious about what we think when the costume gets passed on to a new wearer. How long will we call him Bucky, and not Captain America?

“I Bombed Korea”


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  1. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    You know who doesn’t look at the prices on books anymore?  


    "……..RIIIIICH PEOPLE!!!!" 

  2. If his name is exactly like the biblical one than it’s "Mugog" U as in ‘ah’ and not ‘oo’.

    Here is someone saying the name in the beginning:


    Either way, it’s not important, but Maigog sounds like an awful name…. 

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Bill Willingham has been announced as the new writer for Justice Society.  


  4. I see the announcement was made on Christmas Eve.  That’s not smart PR.

  5. Incognito is a what if story of American Splendor? mmm….

  6. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Listening now.  Does….Does Josh go to the beach at 27:48?  Not a complaint.  I like the ambience.  It’s peaceful.  

  7. All it would take is 40 dollars a month..Nice! , wait did that get creepy?

  8. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Haha, "Flash"  "Also ran."  

    Because he runs… 

  9. Yay I’m on the podcast again, load itunes load!

    Plus Paul is on the podcast? It must be my birthday.

  10. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TNC – Paul and Jimski, both.    

    Gotta give props to Jim for being so quick on his feet.  Sometimes it takes a bit to get into the groove of the show and loosen up (J-Flan, Connie, and Ronstoppable are pros and used to it by now).  But Jim is just as eloquent live as he is in print, and that’s pretty impressive.  Good show once again, man.  

  11. Doh! Sorry Jim I didnt read the fine print on this page.

    I dont have time to read these things, I got things to do….stuff to see….people to talk too….Yes I’m lonely -_-;

  12. Great show this week guys. I love having guest hosts to provide a different take on things.

  13. Great episode guys.  About Magneto Testament, if memory serves the first time Mags was shown really using his powers was when his daughter was stuck in and/or died in a fire I think, it was a back-up story in Classic X-men, but I remember him being just as surprised by them as Magda in that one so I make a gentleman’s bet that they’ll show the Allies liberating them instead of him using his powers. 

  14. Dick as Batman and Bruce as Robin is possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever heard on the show.  Can you guys do a radio show version of that?  It’d be comedy cold.

  15. "Is that?  Oh god Bruce!  You didn’t shave your legs?"

    "I don’t normally have to."

    "Oh god. It looks like Slash’s head in a green yarmulke!"

  16. I cant wait for the macaroni & cheese lantern.

  17. The starving lantern will be the most powerful. The lantern that always leaves food in his room so he’s starving when he wakes up because he smelled the food all the time. He’s probably worse than Sinestro.

  18. It’s a shame you dont want to read josh.

    Far be it from me to push something on someone (rim shot) but you should at least give the first trade a try. I know I dont know you personally; but from watching/listening to your podcasts to reading your articles…..The humor in this book just screams ‘you’. Maybe this could be a gift idea for next X-Mas….

  19. Edit: I ment ‘shame you dont want to read Incredible Herc josh.

    (damn no edit button!)

  20. I don’t particularly like my superhero books funny.  I like a joke now and then I suppose, but most of the time, it doesn’t take that much for people say a book is funny, and most of the time, it’s not.

  21. Steve McNiven – A) Great penciller, or B) Greatest penciller?


    Note: choice A is false.

  22. Good show guys, great to hear Jim’s voice!!

    Agree about Incognito.  It was good, but didn’t hook.  I don’t agree with people that don’t want to check out any more Bru books because of this.  Thats just silly.

    hahaha, just who IS the slut of the Marvel U??  I agree with Black Widow, and I also love her.  I think she was trying to have a Spidey moment.

    Kick-Ass was fun, better than issue #4.  Loved the silly team-up.  I can see Conor’s point that the point of this book can be difficult to pin down.

    I too can put up with McNivening and Millaring.  Poor dead Gambit… 🙁

    Agreed, Slott is slowling taking his place at Marvel.  He and Fraction shall rule it all in a few years.

    GL Corps. is great.  Awsome home for Raynor and Gardner.  Everyone should check out an issue of it. 

    Ohhh, Secret Invasion show!!  Should be fun, I will make sure to catch up on it again before the show.  Although the though of re-reading it so soon gives me a headache.

  23. Well the last couple of issues for Incredible Herc have been more focused on the plot and action. But I guess I can see why humor in a superhero book shouldnt be the main grab for a person.

    But I am willing to pay my own money to let you read this josh. The shot of Ares and Herc flinging missiles at each other is well alone the price of admission.

  24. Is Bob Ross doing the art on the Thalo Blue Lantern Book?

  25. Hey, what happened to the minis?

  26. I’m the guy Jim is talking about that loves the Scarlet Spider since he’s what got me into comics when I was stuck in an airport during a family trip. I also liked Azrael so apparently I have a thing for replacements.

  27. I like Azrael too!

  28. @Paul: thanks! I was mostly just sort of tap dancing. Talk enough, and something decent will come out.

    I am extremely glad Josh mentioned they were doing a Secret Invasion reread show before I started on that article.

  29. If you’re reading Green Lantern, there is almost no reason to not be reading Green Lantern Corps as well.  It’s a fantastic book that compliments the main series perfectly while creating it’s own independant narrative.  Not only that, but it’s also got one of the greatest new villains in it.  Kryb is just amazing!

  30. Conversely, and I’m not trying to convince people NOT to read the book, but if you don’t, you’re also not missing any of the story.  Just saying.  If money’s tight and all.  But from what I hear GLC is better than a lot of books, so perhaps a trade might be in order.

  31. Dr. Vucelich was Ron Rifkin’s character on ER.

    Also, I knew Jim hated America.

  32. Yeah, i figured that out while I was editing. 

    Good stuff…

  33. by which he means he figured out that I hate America.

  34. @Jimski: That’s the title for your autobiography right?

  35. I should be careful with that stuff. Nobody can take a joke on the web, and I might want to run for state rep one day.

  36. I know it was a joke….no one knows what my jokes are

    *walks away with a soft piano tune playing, puts thumb out to hitchhike*

  37. I was just amused because I know you all are ER-junkies and I haven’t seen an episode since 1999.  Of course, that’s probably why I remembered.  It’s funny the things that stick in your memory, though.

    And now I want to play the game: "What statement have I made on the Internet that would be most damaging should it surface when I run for the legislature?"  Incidentally, one of the current Senators from my state was attacked by a smear add that referred to him as a ‘fiction writer’ in approximately the tone one would expect someone to say ‘child abuser.’  Disraeli would be proud.   

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