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  1. I’m thrilled to see this book receive as many pulls as it is getting!

  2. I’ve been waiting for this since we saw that random poster in San Diego last year…I think that was right before we decided to buy the Wii.

  3. We made a lot of good decision that day.

  4. LOL

  5. Seriously looking forward to this. 

  6. Matt Wagner’s website (more specifically his message boards) have some nice character designs and other preview kinda stuff that’s worht checking out.  From what I’ve seen the artist on the book has a very nice pulp feel to it.

  7. I have been loving The Lone Ranger and when I saw Wagner was doing Zorro I could not resist even though I should be cutting back on the amount I buy. To be honest, I enjoy stuff like Lone Ranger, Zorro, Usagi Yojimbo then I do all of the event/cross overs from the big two.

  8. I’ve been really excited for this one for a while as well.

    I loves me Matt Wagner.

  9. I am getting this book for my dad he loves Zorro. As much as Conor loves Batman. I am sure I am going to read it also.

  10. I will get this if my shop has ordered it. If not I will ask them to order it and get it eventually.  Hopefully this will be the new Lone Ranger and I won’t miss out this time.

  11. Dynamite seems to be doing pretty well for themselves.  Between Zorro, The Lone Ranger, Project Superpowers, and The Boys, they seem to have quite the stable of high(ish) quality books that people are talking about.  Good job Dynamite.

  12. Definitely my pick ‘o’ the week also ! That last page was killer, I just love that Zorro is a ninja now 🙂

  13. Dynamite is nailing the classic characters. The lone Ranger was great. This looks to be every bit as good. I have been waiting for this since I saw the promo in Comic Shop News and it was worth the wait.

     Nice pick of the week!

  14. First time I bought a book because it was POW. Glad I did. Great book. Great review, Conor. 

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