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Zatanna has been taken captive by the demon who intends to steal her soul – and it’s up to her playboy gadabout of a cousin, Zach Zatara, to free her!

Written by PAUL DINI
Variant cover by BRIAN BOLLAND

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.3%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Anyone know when/if Roux is coming back? That said, Saiz has been really good.

  2. This cover looks a little strange, but I’m digging the story quite a bit. As long as Dini stays on this, I’m with it too.

  3. Ah-Ha! So that’s where Saiz went!

  4. I got issue 1 and loved it. Think i’m going to trade wait it though. HURRY UP DC!

  5. @Fvckstick:  Good luck on that wait.  DC takes forever to come out in trade.  First, there’s the hardcover.  THEN, the trade a few months later.  Looks like the trade is out March 15, 2011.

  6. yeah DC is the worst for that, but i’ll probably grab the hardcover, or mayber just grab the issues if i see them cheap enough.

  7. This series has been great Dini has been awesome.  Isn’t this the title that Cliff Chiang will be doing art duties for starting in a couple issues?

  8. I’ll agree this series has been a lot of fun to read so far and I’m enjoying it a lot…but good luck trade waiting this one.  I can’t imagine the series has garnered enough sales that DC would put this out in a trade.  I’d be really surprised if this book is still around a year from now.

  9. Art is a mix but the story was really exciting.  All in all I,ve liked this arc a lot.

  10. Neb, I went and looked on Cliff Chiang’s website, and it says he’ll be doing issues 7 & 8 of this book.  Color me excited.  I was eagerly awaiting Roux’s return, but a couple of issues with Chiang will make the wait worth while.   Hopefully with all this extra time Roux will have built up a healthy head start.

  11. I loved this issue. It was my favorite. Saiz was good in the book and I cant wait for Chiang and Roux!!

  12. This was just ok to me, Saiz is good, his stuff on Checkmate was better, would love to see Cliff Chiang on this as well.

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