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A pesky visitor from Limbo Town comes calling on Zatanna – but is our sorceress ready for an apprentice?

And when Uriah starts poking around in Shadowcrest Mansion’s many rooms, will he stumble on more than he bargained for?


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  1. Hmm… Considering the Dini written issues that were solicited but then disappeared, I have a glimmer of unrealistic hope this title might be coming back at some point in the future. Hopefully with Hughes still doing amazing covers.

    I didn’t love Beechen’s last fill-in issue, but I’ll give it a shot.

  2. Sad this series is ending because I’ve enjoyed every issue but we’re getting Zatanna in Justice League Dark as well as several other supernatural series so I consider that an upgrade.

  3. I’ve really been loving Z’s own series. The covers and the stories are fun. I even like her interaction with her cousin. Let’s hope she does get her own series should JLD take off.

  4. I like your positive attitude stasisbal, but her title being canceled is a definite downgrade. I think this series has been wonderful and will sorely miss it. I was not a Shadowpact fan, and worry JLDark will be like that. Hoping this issue will be as good as the others!

  5. Can Adam Hughes draw Zatanna all the time? I will miss these covers so much come September.

  6. I’ll definitely miss this one. It was a really great run

  7. This was a fun story, but all the cocoa butter stuff was kind of weird, right? Not that cocoa butter and sexy time is weird, but more that it just kept coming up. Art was killer, though.

  8. Z loves her cocoa butter. and just like others will miss Powergirl and Batgirl, I shall miss Zatanna just as much 🙁

  9. Yea, I thought the cocoa butter sounded a little bit too much like a male writer. Totally great issue, again, so was this the final issue?

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