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  1. Thinkin of hoppin over to trade on this one…

  2. this is oddest book. I have no clue where the story is going. I am enjoying it though.

  3. yeah, I was hooked with issues #1 & #2, then by #5 I nealy dropped it but #6 brought it back home for me. I feel like this one would read better if you read the arc in one sitting than waiting 6 months to complete it. The longer you have to wait to care about these characters the more you don’t care about the book, thank god for Sadie.

  4. The fucked up thing i predict for this issue is clown coma rape.

    In all seriousness this is one of those books I have no clue what will happen making it so much fun to read in issues. 

  5. who’s genitals will be mutilated in this issue?

  6. This book is messed up, confusing, challenging and a complete headfuck! For all those reasons, and more, I LOVE IT!

  7. F’d up.

  8. Oh me dear sweet Christmas, I was going to drop this if nothing changed in this issue and then, Oh my. This series has become something completely different. It’s going somewhere I totally didn’t see coming. I’m totally on board and I look foreward to the ride.

  9. Talk about a left turn. Holy crap.

    I really loved the first arc and this has got me wondering what the hell is really going on. Man this issue rocked.

  10. Silly dream/coma/fantasy issue.  I really hope the rest of the arc is not like this.  At least Lapham’s art was great.

  11. I’m thinking that this has to be along the lines of his Amy Racecar issues when he was doing Stray Bullets?  We hang with our heroes for a while and then spend some time in another universe with Amy, and then back to reality?  Maybe?

     That Lapham guy really needs a good therapist.

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