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  1. that Sadie’s one hard-core chick


    this book reminds of what my life is like… ALL the time 

  2. Love the Sadie!

  3. @edward: I’d like to party with you.:)

  4. hmmm… just so you know, my subwoofer is so powerful it has caused testicles to explode

  5. The personality of Sade overall reminds me of a girl I knew.

    *sighs* Being single sucks

    Is this any good? Cause I am interested in picking up the first trade.

  6. @TNC: Yeah, its really good and like nothing else coming out right now. There’s one issue, number seven i believe, that had a whole bunch of people complaining cuz it was very surreal. but it all gets explained around issue nine. 

  7. @TNC:  This book is a crazy, over-the-top, blast.  Highly recommended.  Violent and sexy.

  8. @Champ – Get the trade dude. As the above, cool peeps have said, it’s like nothing else out there and it’s a helluva ride 🙂

  9. Well I flipped at this in my LCS….and I got to a page where a midget is zipping his pants…..

    Guess I need to try this. 🙂 lol

  10. Yeah, can’t really explain that issue without spoiling it… You should buy the trade.

  11. The midget and Mr.Johnson 🙂

  12. wow i am still confused by this series. its a good thing that Ron explains it for me

  13. By the way, being on massive amounts of drugs helps with this one.

  14. what in the f*ck just happened in this issue?  Still enjoyable, but we’re definitely being taken for a ride, and it’s a bit annoying.

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