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  1. Matt Fraction + Alan Davis = best of the bunch (I hope) for this series of one-shots.

  2. I agree with torippu’s sentiments. Fraction + Davis means this could end up being the best book this week.

  3. this has been a fun mini but I really hope marvel pulls them out of their holding pattern.  Give up on volume II happening with the original writter and lets move on.

  4. So excited for this, not much else to say

  5. @capcool  Fraction hinted at a Heroes Con panel that Alan Heinberg is working on something involving Wanda Maximoff, which I assume could be a Young Avengers story — though Heinberg being Heinberg, who knows when we’ll see it, if that’s even true.

    In any case, I’m much looking forward to this. 

  6. Heinburg is working on a New Avengers thing.  This was the best of the 6, imho. 

  7. This was SO good! best issue of the mini series. if heinberg dosen’t ever come back to write these character’s,  fraction has my vote to take them.

  8. @Jasonmatthew  At this point, I’d be totally cool with ‘Matt Fraction’s Marvel Universe.’  We could keep Brubaker around to write Cap, and forbid Fraction from writing storylines that involve Fantomex (which he apparently wants to do, but Bru won’t let him).

  9. . . .oh, and of course Bendis can write everybody who’s a skrull.  And Warren Ellis can write crazy Norman Osborn.  And Joss Whedon & John Cassaday can just pop in now and again with a random surprise issue of whatever they want.  Since you wouldn’t know when to expect it, it wouldn’t be like a delay.  I am liking this plan.

  10. I detest Young Avengers.  The way the team was assembels as an answer to Teen Titans is laughable.  It would have more credence if existing younger characters came together and did their thing, but the ones here were just thrown togther by Heinberg, and the big revale at the close of the first mini was that two of them were gay.  Throwing that in now for shock value was to me an attempt to pander on the publicity that occurred when Northstar came out as gay.  And for the younger version of Hawkeye, it makes zero sense that a normal teenage girl has the strength to pull Hawkeye’s 250lb. bow?  I remember in his fisrt mini where this giant guard couldn’t pull it, but this teen girl can? And then have almost the same accuracy under fire? A bit much to swallow for such a new character.  Had they built her ability over time like with the new Speedy I could see it, but the way that it was done in YA is too unbelievable.

  11. Fun, solid, simple, self contained, good character development, Matt Fraction and Alan Davis. Who could ask for more?

  12. Alan Davis looked great here, but I hate solidifying this character under the name "Hawkeye." We all know that Clint will be Hawkeye again one day, so it’s kind of denying something to this character. Even "Hawkingbird" as hokey as it was, would’ve been better as a short term solution.

     Marvel is really missing out holding up this concept for Heinberg. They could be telling some really fun stories here. The first run was way better than 90% of current TT run (due to all the Infinite Crisis derailing).

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